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The End in the Beginning?

Natalie stared straight ahead as her three most trusted detectives walked back into the Court Room. Out of all of them it was Angie that looked the most worried. She smiled slightly at the younger woman, she knew how much Angie thought of Ronnie and Matt and she had been terrified when she had heard Ronnie had gone missing. Now all they could do was wait for the verdict.

"Ron?" Alesha smiled. "You alright?"

"Yeah, luv." He returned the smile. "I'm fine. Look Matty boy told me about, well you know the baby."

"Ah, he asked you then?" She whispered as she glanced at her fiance who was deep in conversation with Natalie and Angie.

"About being Godfather to the nipper? Yeah he did."

"And?" Alesha smiled. It was the first day in weeks that she had allowed herself to get exited about the fact she was becomming a mother.

"And I'm over the moon. Thanks, I mean it. Thanks for having faith in me."

"Ronnie." She squeezed his hand. "There isn't anyone else I could think of apart from you and James that I would want to be my baby's godfathers."

"It means alot." He sighed. "I just wish other people had the same faith in me you do." He glanced towards Liz who just looked straight ahead. It was then he realised it had only been a matter of time until she accused him of being back on the booze. It was only her that had believed it so readily. He closed his eyes and faced the front of the court as he realised she had made a conscious decision not to even sit with him when the verdict on the man accused of trying to kill him was announced. Instead he was sat with his mate and his girlfriend. He smiled sadly. It seemed he really couldn't go back.


Patrick Jones stood in the dock and smirked. He could see the police in the court room were scared of him. Whatever happened he would be the man that had caused them to be scared. He watched as the dark haired girl squeezed Ronnie's hand. It was clear he was upset about something. He smiled at the police officers as Natalie narrowed her eyes.

"ALL RISE." The court clerk walked in a few seconds ahead of Judge Laura Seldon who sat and quietly looked around the court. She could feel the tension in the room and almost felt sorry for the Chairman of the Jury. It wasn't often people were called for Jury service but it was even rarer that people were called to consider evidence on such a high profile case. She focused her attention on the Crown Prosecution Staff who were staring straight ahead. She had to admit George Castle and James Steel looked stoic and determined whereas the defence team looked a little scared and apprehensive.

"Chairman of the Jury." She turned her attention to the young man with John Lennon style glasses. "Have you reached a verdict upon which you are all agreed?"

"Yes, your Honor."

"In the matter of the Crown verses Patrick Jones in relation to the murders and kidnapping of four men between Feburary and April 2011 namely Steven Houghton-Langley, James Day, Robert Morgan, Lee Smith and Joseph Andrew Davies?"

"Yes Your Honor."

"And have you reached a verdict in the case of the abduction,false imprisonment and attempted murder of DS Ronald Brooks?"

"Yes Your Honor."

"What say you on all three counts?"


There was a sharp intake of breath from the public gallery as Joe's widow could be heard sobbing. The relatives of the other victims either sobbed or swore quietly as the judge ordered the court room to be silent. Ronnie watched as Matt looked at him and nodded once. It was over. Patrick Jones was going to prison for a very long time.

"Patrick Jones, you have been found guilty of the murder of four men and the abduction and attempted murder of a police officer. I hereby sentance you to life in prison." She stared at the man in the dock and frowned as he smiled at her. It was then she realised exactly how evil the man in her courtroom had been.


"Am I glad that's over." Natalie smiled with relief as Angie approched her accompanied by James and George.

"I never want to work another case like that." The younger detective smiled.

"No." George sighed. "It has been unusual to say the least."

"Have you seen Alesha and the boys?" James looked around. He hadn't seen the others since the court had been dismissed. He wanted to get away as quickly as possible, Bea had agreed he could take Andy to the football. He wanted to see his friends before he left.

"Alesha was exhausted so Matt took her home." Natalie explained. "Ronnie walked off on his own. I think he needs a bit of time."

"Yeah." Angie sighed. "Before any of you say anything. I don't care what Liz says he isn't drinking."

"I know." Natalie sighed slightly. "But after that in there, I could do with a drink."

"I have to get back. My mum can only have Justine until 5." Angie sighed.

"Me too." James sighed. "Football."

"C'mon then." George smiled. "I think I could do with a gin."

Natalie sighed and let George lead her to the pub across the road from the Old Bailey. She just hoped her team were going to be able to recover from the stress the case had placed on them.


Ronnie rested his elbows on the concrete ledge as he stared in the water. He was starving but felt sick. There was no way he was going to be able to eat anything. Sighing heavily he stared into the water. The case had ruined everything. He knew Liz thought he was a drunk. He knew she was just waiting for him to slip up. Of everyone he knew he thought she would be the one that would believe him.

"Ron." He stared at the water as he heard his name.

"Don't luv. I know."

"I talked to Chloe. I know that bottle of vodka didn't belong to you." Liz spoke quietly. "Her boyfriend, he brought it into the house."

"Right." Ron finally turned to face her.

"Ron, I am sorry." She stepped towards him as he nodded.

"Me too luv. But that's just it."


"I told you that I was sober. You never saw me drinking but you still thought the worst. If you don't trust me, there really isn't any point is there? You should have talked to Chloe before you went off on one. We both know that boyfriend of 'ers is a plank but you still thought the worst of me." Ronnie watched as tears filled her eyes.

"I'm sorry."

"Yeah, me too." Ronnie walked past her as she stared towards the water. When she turned around he had been swallowed in a sea of commuters. It was only then she realised what she had done.


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