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Over my head.


What happened to you You've played the victim

for so long now in this game What i thought was true It's made of fiction and i'm following the same

My name is Kailan Morgan aka Fox, and I work for the CIA. I was on a team called the Elites (yes I know a ridiculous name). It consisted of all men with the exception of me. It was run by a very horrible man named Colonel John Barkus, he was brutal and hated any sort of weakness. His team was just as ruthless. About four months later I was yanked off his team for failing to listen to an order. I tried to tell any of his superiors that the reason I didn't listen was because this kid got in the way of the person I was suppose to take out, and of course Barkus and anyone else I tried to convince blew me off as being a failure. That's all I was a failure in life.

But if I try to make sense of this mess

I'm in I'm not sure where I should begin

I'm falling, I'm falling

I grew up in Los Angelus, California and ended up in the wrong crowd. My childhood wasn't so happy either. My parents divorced when I was ten, and my father left my mother with no money and no place to live. Finally we, meaning my mother, me, and my three other siblings, found a place to stay on the crappy side of town. I went to school so I wouldn't end up like my parents and tried to do well but then I met him. Cameron Blake. He's the reason I ended up in the military in the first place. I did almost everything I could to please that kid. I broke into school and graffitied the lockers, I learned how to hot wire cars, and I learned how to pick locks. By my senior year I had lost credit in almost all my classes except English, art, and history. Everything else was f's.

now I'm in over my head with something

I said Completely misread, I'm better off dead. And now I can see, how fake you can be This hypocracy's beginning to get to me.

My mother was disappointed in me and I knew she was waiting for me to just move out of her apartment. Just right before school ended the authorities caught me, Cameron, this kid John, and Zach breaking into the school one last time. We decided to destroy the school banner inside the gym and to put paint in a huge buckets and hung them from the rafters of the gymnasium. As we were exiting the authorities caught us. We were all underage at the time so the take us to a juvenile detention facility to hold us until they called our parents. By six o'clock the next night it was just Zach and me left. Zach's parents thought it would be funny to make him stay a whole day there, and my mother didn't have time to come get me. When she finally did show up she had a suitcase and duffle bag of my stuff, and she just dropped it off. The police called my father and he told them to either send me to juvi until I turned eighteen or just let me live off the streets.

It's none of my concern Why look to me because I don't believe in fameI guess you never heard I've met our makers They don't even know your name

They kept me in juvi. I had to stand trial for my sentencing as did Cameron, Zach, and John. The judge sentenced the three boys to Juvi and then thirty days in prison. For me he asked me if I wanted to stay in juvi or join the military. Seeing as I hated juvi I reluctantly agreed to go into the military. I passed basic, barely, and proceeded on then I caught Commander Staghard's eye and he sent me to Barkus, which leads me back to the beginning of the story.

But if I had to say goodbye to leave this hell I'd say my time has served me well I'm falling I'm falling

"Kaiylan!" I turned towards Commander Staghard. He looked beyond pissed and I just tried to smile. "Do you know Colonel Barkus wants you to be thrown out of the military."

"Yes sir, I was aware of that." I replied. He rubbed his face and looked over my head.

"Kailan, you are an amazing fighter and to say the least if we kick you out we would be losing something valuable. So I'm going to transfer you to another team. A team where you will fit." He pointed behind me and I turned. I watch a guy who was wearing a suit without a tie and the collar wasn't buttoned up heading in our direction. He had a cigar in his mouth and moved like he knew what he was doing. I looked at his outfit and back at Staghards hoping I could make sense of everything.

Now I'm in over my head, with something i said Completely misread, I'm better off dead And now I can see, how fake you can be This hypocracy's beginning to get to This came long before those who suffer more I'm too awake for this to be a nightmare What's with my disgrace I lost the human race No one plans for it to blow up in their face

"Colonel Clay! Its good to see you." Staghard said with a smile. I just looked in between the two looking as confused as ever. "this is Kailan Morgan, and she's the new addition to your team."

"Thanks Bill I'm sure we have use for her." then he turned to me. "Kailan Morgan right got a nick name I should know about?"

Who said it was easy to put back all these pieces Who said it was so easy to put back all of these pieces Now I'm in over my head, with something I said Completely misread, I'm better off dead And now I can see, how fake you can be This hypocracy's beginning to get to me

"It's Fox sir." I replied hoping to stay on his good side without being sarcastic or a smart mouth.

"Well Fox grab your stuff and lets go meet the rest of the Losers."

Over my head, better off dead Over my head, better off dead

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