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Chapter 6

I was falling or at least that's what it felt like. Falling into an oblivion of darkness. I could hear people around me, but I couldn't escape. I, for a while thought I was dying, or dead. After hearing the conversation between Barkus, Clay, and General Staghard I knew I was alive, but I might've been in a lot of trouble.

What felt like an eternity in what I deemed oblivion, it really was like two weeks, I finally awoke. It was too bright and I finally figured out I was in the hospital. I tried to sit up but my head was spinning. Groaning I fell back to the pillow, which was a mistake my body screamed in protest. Looking around I noticed white pasty colored walls and the annoying beeping machine that monitored if you were alive or not. To my right there sat Clay. To my left sat Roque. I was just as confused as ever. I pulled off the heart monitor and watched it scream in protest. Clay and Roque both sat up quickly. I just stared trying super hard not to laugh.

"Fox, you are in a lot of trouble kid." Clay growled. Clearly being out and near death didn't help me none. "Do you know what kind of trouble you're in?" I shook my head but I only could imagine. "A lot! Barkus wants you off my team and out and if you leave apparently you go to jail. I don't think you realize how irresponsible you were. How you jeopardized the entire mission and the team!"

"I'm sorry Colonel I was trying to do what I felt was best I should have said something but those girls and that horrible man I just…." I felt horrible I didn't know how to explain it to Clay about my friend Megan. I started to cry and I knew that it was going to help me but all I could do was cry. Clay sighed and ran his hand over his face.

"Kailan, look you're not leaving the team but next time you endanger us I will have you out understood." I looked at him and nodded. "Good you get to go home hopefully tomorrow then well get you cleared. We're going on another mission."

"Colonel are you serious? She just put our team endanger and you're allowing her back on the team and on a mission!" Roque asked he wasn't too happy and I didn't blame him.

"It's decided Roque come on and let's let fox sleep." Roque stormed out and Clay shook his head and followed.

I laid there in shock trying to figure out what had happened just now but in my hazy brain I felt myself drifting back into the darkness of oblivion.

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