Title: Le Petit Prince

Rating: M
Pairing: Delic x Hibiya
Prompt from the Drrr Kink Meme: Hibiya was born late. Angst happens.

Disclaimer: I own none of these characters!


Delic closed the door shut with his foot as he walked in, carrying his sleeping prince in his arm in bridal style. Hibiya was wearing Delic's several-sizes-too-large clothes as they hung loosely. In his sleep, he was clinging onto Delic's shirt with his hands still tucked inside his long sleeves.

"Good morning. Did you have a nice sleep?"

Delic glared at the informant who was still awake, typing away on his computer without looking up at them. Without a word, he walked quietly to Hibiya's room and placed him gently on his bed. He pulled the covers, tucked his prince to bed and closed the door behind him before he spoke to Izaya.

"The mechanic told me this morning that someone must have tampered with my engine to break down at a certain time with a clock." Delic stood in front of Izaya who sat behind his desk.

"Hmmm~ Funny that. Wonder who would do such a malicious act to your precious baby doll~" the informant played it off with a cat-like smile as one eye turned to smirk at the host before going back to focusing on his 'work'.

Delic's eyes twitched in anger.

"I was driving on a highway Izaya. You could have gotten us killed."

Izaya shrugged off the cold tone of the host's voice as he continued to type away. "I am quite aware of your ability and skills as a driver."

"Iiiii-zaaaa-yaaa…." He growled.

"Please, please. I get enough of that every day from certain someone with the same face and voice as you. I seriously don't need it." He waved his hand at the host.

That was when Delic caught a glimmer of Izaya's ring. Not the silver rings on his two forefingers but a titanium ring with a small sapphire on his ring finger. Delic's anger ebbed a bit as his eyes softened.

"So… he finally asked?"

Izaya smiled, finally turning his full body to face him. "Yes. Took him almost twenty years I suppose but I guess it was worth the wait. Sort of. Maybe."

"Are you happy?" Delic scoffed, looking away. Somehow the topic was sort of embarrassing.

"I am." Izaya's smile was genuine. Even Delic could see that.

"Are you? Happy with Hibiya that is." Izaya asked Delic.

The host fidgeted a bit. "Yeah… I mean…. Yes." He coughed, trying to hide the flush that was slowly creeping up on his face. Nothing escaped Izaya's eyes but he decided to let it go.

"See it wasn't so bad. Now you'll have a lover who's forever young and beautiful, always few years younger and in his primes just for you."

Delic rolled his eyes. "That's exaaaactly what I'm afraid of."

"Afraid he'll be taken away?"

Delic shifted the weight of his legs and Izaya duly noted the act as his display of discomfort.

"Then you'll just have to work extra hard for your chibi-chan hmm? It's a decent price for having a forever young lover don't you think?" Izaya giggled lightly.

Delic sighed. "Are you done teasing us now?"

"I guess the experiment was a success." Izaya nodded, now his eyes focused on his paperwork in front of him. "Time and love are the two things I couldn't control… I wanted to see how much I could control them if I had a closed environment."

"And somehow this was useful in order to squeeze a confession from your dumb blond lover, how exactly?" Delic rolled his eyes. "We don't appreciate being your toys, Izaya."

Izaya smiled almost fondly in his memory as he stared at nothing in particular. "Perhaps I also needed to realize, that's all."

Delic did not understand the meaning behind Izaya's words. He did not understand that Izaya too didn't realize how much in denial he was until he felt jealous at seeing them so blissfully in love, or how intensely they suffered due to love. Or why he had specifically used his own face as well as a certain debt collector's face in order to proceed with this experiment of his.

"What will you do now?" Izaya decided to switch the subject in order to cut the silence. He didn't want Delic to read his thoughts, even if he was pretty sure that the host was incapable of doing so.

"I guess… I'll move back…permanently…" Delic looked away again, still uncertain about how to bridge the gap he had built with everyone. But he knew that he wanted to stay by Hibiya's side. He needed to make up for all those times he didn't spend with the young boy.

"Good. Then I'll let everyone know. I'm sure Psyche will be thrilled with the news." Izaya swirled around in his chair once before he jumped off with his arms in the air and stretched like a cat.

Delic smiled almost sadly at those words. But he no longer felt the same towards his older brother finally. Rather it was replaced with just a loving respect. His heart was now filled with someone else, a prince who had braved through the years to find him and bring him back home.

And Delic was content.

Once Upon a time in a kingdom of concrete called Ikebukuro, there lived a Prince and a Knight who went on a quest for the Magical Rose that granted all wishes for his beloved Prince. On his journey, the Knight fell under a curse and he failed to return to his beloved Prince.

Many years passed. With the help of the wise words from the Prophet, the Prince went on a journey to find his cursed but beloved Knight. Accompanied by his two trusted advisers and with the help of the unlikely creature, the Snake, the Prince was able to find his Knight and lift the curse from him. And he asked him to come back to his side.

The Knight said with a shameful sigh, "I can not return until I finish my quest for the Rose that grants all wishes, Your Highness. I wish for your everlasting happiness."

The Prince told his Knight, "My wish is to have you by my side forever, Sir Knight. So please come back to me."

Upon hearing those words, the Knight gladly returned to be at his Prince's side, forever accompanying him in his long and peaceful reign. During this journey home, each and everyone were able to find the secret rose that everyone had hidden deep inside them, finding love and happiness within the company of their significant others. They found out that in the end, there was no need for a Magical Rose that granted all their wishes but that everyone had a small invisible flower that bloomed ever so quietly within them that had a magical power stronger than even that of the Magical Rose.

The Prince was happy with his Knight and he too was happy to be with his beloved Prince.

And everyone lived happily ever after.

- the end -

Thank you for reading.