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The Never-Ending Ever After.

The darkness spills in, blinding the young man's navy blue eyes and making him hiss, shivering in the cold, though knowing it wouldn't do him any good. He had been freezing the whole time, being trapped in this god-forsaken place ever since that…that human had attacked him. Not so sure whether Ever had anticipated this from the beginning, or had actually been screaming no for him, and not the elixir that shattered along with him, or both.

"Drina…" He calls out faintly, though knowing he would receive no reply. In this world, in this…this Shadowland, as Ever had named it, everyone is isolated. With a faint sigh, he shivers again and hugs himself with his arms, lying on the ground and muttering British swears, having already given up.

Light…ah, he didn't even know what that was anymore. Everything was cloaked in darkness, and he couldn't see his own hand, let alone what was in front of him. If he tried to get up and walk, the ground underneath him would shatter, and he would fall for an endless amount of minutes until he hit more ground. It seemed as though every sense had been stripped from him, and all he had to do was suffer.

It seems Roman was unable to escape his fate as an immortal. With a silent thump, he lay on his back, giving in to the coldness and letting it wrap its icy fingers around his body like a blanket. He had no will to even try leaving this world anymore.

He was a prisoner, and in this prison, there was no escaping.

Afterall, cheating death was impossible.

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