Hey everyone, I'm here to inform you that this author profile is no longer active, and I am now a different user…person. However, this story in particular will be re-uploaded and new chapters will progress under the new account, so please go review, and subscribe to my new account now! The story will be up within the hour, and the new chapters will be up within the day, so be patient please!

New Account Penname: 'THE CR0WING'. It may be 'The Unforgiven' if the new penname hasn't taken effect yet, but my new story, 'The Suffering', is on the 1st list of new stories, so I'm easy to find! 'The Suffering' is a Sly/Penelope story if anybody's interested…

Anywhore, I'll be updating 'Of Fur and Feathers', yada yada, but on that new user. Thanks for reading and reviewing, and I hope you enjoy the rest of this story!

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