Me: I think if John ever did meet Castiel, there'd be a lot of power plays... but in the end, I believe that John would (grudgingly) understand that Cass is socially awkward but cares about Dean deeply… and just doesn't understand human references and isn't being funny… or at least, not trying to be funny but he comes across that way. That doesn't mean he won't try and give Castiel a hard time about it.

Notes: There is a reference to my story, Baby, Baby, Baby but it doesn't need to be read to understand this story. I know the boys and John aren't always on good terms, but in this story, they are. This is what I think would happen if John were to meet Castiel. AU.

Pairings: main Dean/Castiel, eventually Sam/Gabriel

And yes, I'm going to have a story or chapter about John meeting Gabriel!

Disclaimer: I do not own Supernatural.

Chapter 1: Meeting Castiel

The angel had been there when John had returned to his boys- actually, he had appeared in front of Bobby's house when John was parking the truck. The angel had stared at him with unrelenting eyes and hadn't even flinched when John pulled his gun out. In fact, the angel rolled his eyes when he pulled out the gun- a very Dean like gesture, John would realize later and said "Hello, John." John felt the hair on the back of his neck stand up.

"Who the hell are you and how do you know my name?" John demanded.

"I am an angel of the lord. My name is Castiel," Castiel said. He stared at John, not at the gun and his gaze burned deep, making John uncomfortable. He felt like the man could see into his soul by the way he was looking at him with such intensity.

"There's no such thing," John said but his voice didn't have the same conviction Dean's had had when they had met for the first time, Castiel noted. He was skeptical. He knew there were things out there that he didn't know about. He just wasn't very accepting of the idea that there were angels.

"Dean said the same thing," Castiel said. John hesitated before he switched he safety off the gun. The two stared at each other and John took aim for the shot as the door slammed open.

"Dad, don't shoot him!" Dean shouted, running out to stop his dad. "That's Cass!" John stared at his son, wondering what the hell kind of friends his sons had made in his absence. Castiel titled his head calmly as Dean put his body in front of Castiel's, blocking any hope of John taking a shot.

"Cass, what the hell man?" Dean groaned. "Why didn't you mojo yourself inside?"

"You said you didn't want me 'mojo-ing' in your bubble-"

"I meant I wanted you to appear more than two inches away from me, Cass!" Dean said, muttering something about socially inept angels. Castiel just continued to stare at Dean until Dean looked away, but not at John. Just away from the intensity. "And I know you can do it! You've done it before." Dean insisted.

"I cannot always control the exact inch of where I end up Dean," Castiel said but something had changed in the trench coat man's tone, as if he was teasing Dean and if the easygoing look on Dean's face was anything to go by, he was. John couldn't really tell because Castiel's facial expression had pretty much remained the same since he first appeared.

"Dean," John said, reminding the other two that he was present.

"Dad," Dean grinned, walking over to him to hug him. "Uh, you're not going to shoot Cass, are you?" John eyed the man suspiciously.

"Not unless he gives me reason too," John smiled and then lowered his voice. "Dean, I think you're friend's missing a few screws in the head."

"Yeah, he's socially inept, I know," Dean groaned. "I'm trying to work on him but-"

"No, Dean, I mean he thinks he's an angel," John said.

"Yeah, he is," Dean said.

"An angel? Are you a little loose in the head too? Dean, there's no such thing," John insisted.

"I said the same thing. Then I stabbed him," Dean said.


"Dad, I did every test imaginable on him. Trust me; he's an angel," Dean said, "Right Cass?"

"Right, Dean," Castiel said, head still titled but with warm affection in his eyes. The last setnece the "angel" said didn't sound as if it belonged on his tongue. It sounded awkward, as if he was trying it out for the first time.

"Hey, Dean, Cass- dad?" Sam stopped.

"Hey, Sam," John smiled. Sam grinned and walked over to hug his old man and even with the angel intruder, John felt like his family was back together. He watched as Dean walked over to Castiel, slinging an arm around him with ease, talking about the Impala while Castiel just tilted his head further and listened. Maybe they were even more of the family they used to be, because the smile on Dean's face was genuine. Then Sam saw the gun.

"What's with the gun?" Sam asked.

"That's-" John said, looking nervously at the angel and his son.

"Dad tried to shoot Cass. Thought he was a demon," Dean said.

"Oh, okay," Sam said. "You, uh, didn't shoot him, did you?"

"No," Castiel answered. "But he was willing too." Dean groaned and their attentions turned to him.

"Cass, we talked about this too. TMI, remember?" Dean asked.

"I do not understand why you don't just say Too Much Information," Castiel frowned. Dean groaned again.

"Cass… do you understand anything I do? Don't answer that," Dean snapped and Castiel responded with a smirk. John had the feeling Castiel understood Dean a lot better than most people due to the smirk he was wearing. There was a moment of silence and John turned back to Sam, about to ask him something, thinking Castiel wasn't going to respond to Dean.

"I understand that you believe you have given birth to the Impala," Castiel said. Dean glared at the angel who disappeared.

"Cass!" he shouted.

"Do they have a few screws loose?" John asked.

"That's how they usually are, so yeah," Sam nodded.

"You sure I'm not in a djinn's world or something?" John asked.

"If you are, then so am I," Sam said.

"How often does he come by?" John asked.

"Cass?" Sam asked. "Uh, whenever he needs something or we need help."

"How often is that?" John asked.

"Every few weeks or so," Sam shrugged. "Don't really keep track. He's visiting a bit more though." John nodded, keeping a close eye on the way his son was casually keeping his arm around the angel's shoulders and how Castiel was watching Dean as if he were the most interesting thing since sliced bread.

"Hey, Cass, what did you stop by for?" Sam asked, throwing himself into the conversation. Dean looked at his brother, a little annoyed at being interrupted but removed his arm from Castiel's shoulders. Castiel looked almost surprised at the interruption himself but he recovered before Dean did.

If you weren't looking for emotions or information on Castiel's face, John noted, then you wouldn't find anything.

"Can't he just stop by, Sam?" Dean asked.

"I did come for a purpose, Dean," Castiel said.

"And that purpose was…?" Dean prodded. Castiel met his gaze and they stared at each other until Sam cleared his throat. Castiel took out a cell phone and held it out to Dean. Dean took the cell phone, one eye brow raised.

"Did you forget how to use it again, Cass?" Dean asked.

"No. The voice says I'm out of minutes," Castiel said.

"We'll get you some more," Dean promised.

"Thank you, Dean. Sam," Castiel nodded and his eyes passed over each Winchester as he said their name. "John." And then he disappeared.

"So... that's an angel?" John asked.

"Yep, that's Cass," Dean said, sounding as if he were proud. It was a foreign note in his eldest son's voice unless he was talking about his brother, his latest conquest in bed, or the Impala. John wasn't quite sure how he felt about his son fawning- because, yes, Dean was fawning- over an angel. An angel. In a man's body.

"You know, I thought angels would be taller," John commented.

"That's just a vessel. His true form is the size of the Chrysler building," Dean said.

"And I tried to shoot an angel? I'm going to Hell. Again," John said.

"Hey, Dean stabbed the guy," Sam shrugged. "Somehow, I think you're okay."

"Boys, why the hell're you outside? Ya idjits, it's freezing!" Bobby said, stepping outside. "John?"

"Hey, Bobby," John smiled, waving at his old friend. Bobby stared at John before he went back inside. The Winchesters looked at each other, confused, but they all had a pretty good idea of what Bobby was doing. They were just hoping he wouldn't... Bobby was more forgiving than that, right? The Winchester's hopes were in vain however, when Bobby stormed out of the house, holding what was more than likely, a loaded gun.

"You damned idjit!" Bobby shouted. "The hell is wrong with you?"

"Bobby, don't shoot!" Dean and Sam shouted while John hid his snickers and hid behind his truck. He felt a breeze play through his hair and he looked around. He saw no one but he felt a familiar presence. He looked up at the sky and smiled. You were right, Mary. Angels are watching over our boys.

But that didn't mean John was ready to accept him yet...

And there was really no time to think about Castiel's relationship with Dean when Bobby was pointing a gun at him and threatening to shoot.