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Chapter One: Excitement?

For once, there was no crisis to go to. For once, a small blue police box flew along the corridors of space and time with little or no direction. The last remnant of Gallifrey, a type-40 TARDIS, meandered along close to the Kurgon Wonder, a distortion in time.

Aboard the transdimensional craft, a pair of humans by the names of Amy Pond and Rory Williams-Pond swam around in the pool. Amy glided up to her husband and splashed him, giggling all the while. "Come on, then!" she shouted, flashing her love a toothy grin.

Rory splashed back, moving closer to Amy. "And what would the spunky Misses Pond have her centurion be doing to her?" he asked, holding his arms out and enveloping her in a hug. He leaned in for a kiss...

"Excuse me, are you two busy?" A tongue was clicked. "I've got some good news for the both of you-a vacation!"

Both Amy and Rory drifted apart slightly and groaned, looking up as the eleventh incarnation of the Doctor skipped in. He stood over the pool and grinned. "I've got a perfect place for us to head off to," he said. He turned and walked away, waving over his shoulder. "Well, come on then!"

Amy leaned over the pool's edge. "Well, give us a few minutes to dry off and change!" she shouted after him.

The Doctor paused and turned around. "Why? Do you really think some water is going to harm anything in the control room?"

Rory spoke up. "You mean around the exposed wiring and other electrical stuff?" He sniffed slightly. "Oh, yeah. Perfectly safe."

A sigh escaped the Time Lord. "Okay, get dressed and dried up. But not in that order, since it would defeat the purpose of drying up." He spun around on his heel and marched out of the pool room.

Amy planted her hands on the tiled edge of the pool and pushed herself up and out of the pool, Rory following. She held her hand out to him and they followed the Doctor out and eventually to the control center. Amy let go of Rory's hand and circled around the Doctor's flank, leaning over one of the consoles. "So, where to Doctor? Back to Earth, Barcelona, Skaro?" She waggled her eyebrows as he turned to her and shrugged. "What? Might be a nice little jaunt."

The Doctor gave her a wall-eyed stare before returning to the controls. He pulled down a lever and pulled back on a plunger. "I was thinking of something with a little less radiation. Well, less lethal radiation." He looked to Amy, then to Rory who had settled on the opposite side. "I was thinking of the Eye of Orion, actually." The image of a tranquil glen appeared on several of the monitors. "Positive ions bombarding the entire surface of the planet," he exclaimed, suddenly jumping back. He spun around on his heel and ran off around the outer perimeter of the control center. "Peaceful, tranquil, and will lift your spirits to the outer edges of the universe!"

The Scottish redhead crossed her arms and snorted. "Boring, you mean."

Rory nodded in her direction. "We're not exactly looking for certain death, but something that won't put us to sleep." He made eye contact with Amy. "Well, a bit exciting, right? Not too much."

Amy nodded. "Yeah, just a little." She held up her hand brought her thumb and index fingers together. "Just a little bit of excitement?" She stuck her lower lip out. "Please, Doctor?"

A sigh escaped the Doctor as he walked around to another part of the console. "I suppose-" He was interrupted as the entire deck tilted, sending him spinning away from the console. "Well, this is fun!" he shouted, tumbling to the wall and one of the roundels.

Amy and Rory grabbed onto the console, Rory inching over to Amy. "What the hell's going on?" he half-shouted over a very loud screech.

A large sphere of translucent energy suddenly flashed into existence in one of the open areas, fifty-six golden hemispheres dotting the surface. As the sphere contracted, the hemispheres following and concentrating on the lower half of an object in the center. The sphere 'boiled' away, disappearing and leaving an object.

It was almost two meters tall, conical with a rounded dome on top. A metal tube capped by a blue-tinted optic sensor and two lights topped the dome. Right below was collared grating, and below that was a midsection with a tubular weapon and a rounded manipulator arm. The fifty-six hemispheres latched onto a burnished hoverskirt as the Dalek suddenly sprang to life, moving about. The eyestalk waved around, looking up, down and all around. "Where am I?" it screeched out, words harsh and machine-like. "This is a TARDIS! Why am I on a TARDIS?"

Rory stepped forward and pushed Amy behind him. "Stay behind me," he breathed out. "I'll cover-"

"Not a chance," Amy said, taking his hand. She glanced over at the Doctor, on the other side of the control pedestal. "Doctor, what is-" She stopped as he ducked down and rolled. "Okay, that's just great." She looked back at the Dalek as it rolled around, spinning about. "Why isn't it firing?" she asked, nose scrunched slightly.

Rory took a step forward, hand held out. "You're on the Doctor's TARDIS," he said in low tones. "My name is Rory and this is my wife Amy. We don't mean you any harm, Dalek. We're not sure how you got here, but-" He backed up as the Dalek advanced. "Whoa, whoa! Okay, plan B?'

Amy cleared her throat. She briefly grabbed onto the console edge to prevent her knees from giving way. "He's not shooting. That's good, right?" She looked to Rory. "Right?" She looked to the Dalek and let go of the console, kicking lightly at it as it moved forward. "Hey, hey! Personal space, mate. Look it up!"

The Dalek's eyestalk swiveled to her, backing up slightly. "Daleks have no CONCEPT of personal space."

Amy snorted and nodded. "Really? Could never have told," she said, waving her hands around. She looked to Rory. "He would've shot by now, right?"

Rory shrugged. "Not a clue." He swallowed. "Where and or when did you come from?"

The Dalek's optic sensor irised shut for a moment. "Last location was-"

The Doctor suddenly appeared behind the Dalek, brandishing a gladius. He lifted the short sword and swung it at the Dalek's dome. "DIE!" he shouted, mouth frothing. He kept on swinging, sliding on the deck plating all the while. "WHY!" clang "DON'T!" clang "YOU!" clang "DIE!"

The Dalek's sections turned to face him. First his sensor dome, then his midsection and finally his hoverskirt. "Cease attacking me!" it screeched. "Why am I here, Doctor? You KNEW I wished to die!"

The last Time Lord dropped the sword with a clatter, louder in the ensuing silence. He panted a bit and looked over the Dalek. "You-Daleks don't wish to die! It's..." he trailed off as he looked the Dalek over. "Oh, no. O no!" He slapped his forehead with the palm of his hand. "Oh, I am very stupid!" he leaned over and glanced to Rory and Amy. "Rory, Amy, I'm stupid!"

Rory opened his mouth, then shut it. "Too easy," he muttered, earning a swat from Amy. "Hey!" He looked back at the Doctor. "Okay, why are you stupid?"

The Doctor focused on the Dalek's casing. "This is high-density delakanium. Not pretty but the densest armor they've ever or ever will have." He patted the manipulator arm and gunstick. "Rotating midsection, with 360 degree targeting..." He stood up and looked the Dalek right in the eyestalk. "Advanced targeting sensors with telescoping vision. Oh, you'd exterminate the new Dalek Paradigm by the thousands!"

He let out a sigh. "Dalek, where and when were you last?"

The Dalek backed up slightly. "I was in the uppermost level of Van Statten's torture chamber. It was 2012 AD, Earth calendar. You pointed a weapon at me and Rose Tyler stopped you." The eyestalk swiveled around, taking in the entire control center. "Where is Rose Tyler?"

The Doctor's shoulder sagged. "Safe in an alternate reality," he mumbled, his eyes taking on a distant look even for him. "Been a while since I thought of her," he sighed. He looked the Dalek over. "I thought you killed yourself. How did you get here?"

Amy spoke up. "Doctor, is it safe to be... talking to the psychotic pepperpot?"

The Doctor made brief eye contact with her. "He's all right, Amy. He's not a pure Dalek anymore." He patted the Dalek on the dome. "Isn't that right?" His face straightened. "So, like I asked. How'd you get here?"

The Dalek's eyestalk lowered. "Internal diagnostic commencing. Self-destruct mechanism has been crossed with emergency temporal shift!" The eyestalk jutted up. "I can NEVER self-terminate!"

The Doctor smiled. "Right, you can't. And all those human emotions are now rolling around in your blobby little... blob." He sighed and motioned to Amy and Rory. "Come on. He won't kill you."

Amy's eyes widened. "And how are we supposed to believe that?"

The Doctor knelt down and looked directly into the optic sensor. "Last time we met, you told me and Rose and Van Statten you needed orders. Well, here's an order for you. A nice simple order for you." He stood up, jumped back and spun around on his heel. "No more killing for the Dalek! No more killing for you," he shouted, grabbing the dome of the Dalek on the apex of his spin. "No more, Dalek. No more killing. Now you live for life, understand? You live for life and you. Don't. Kill!"

The Dalek backed up. "No killing? No exterminating? But what would I-"

"OBEY!" the Doctor shouted. "You wanted orders, Dalek. Now I'm giving you orders! So take them!"

There was a pause before the Dalek's dome spun around. "You mentioned a new Dalek Paradigm. Perhaps I would go and serve them?"

"Oh, no you won't," the Doctor said. He turned to the control console and flipped several switches. Every screen lit up with images of multicolored Daleks with altered midsections and pronged eyestalks. "Here's the new Dalek paradigm," he said, sneering. "Ready to serve them?" He looked back to the Dalek. "They exterminated the ones who gave birth to them. Although you they might use as cannon fodder."

The Dalek backed up, bumping into Rory and Amy. "THESE ARE THE NEW DALEKS?" it screeched out. "IMPOSSIBLE!"

Amy's mouth opened slightly. "Is it that bad?"

The Doctor nodded. "Even like this, the Dalek can't stand anything off from the ideal." He looked down at the Dalek, shaking his head. "I'm sorry."

The Dalek looked to the Doctor. "I shall do what you ask. Whatever you wish, I will do it without question. Please... just let me kill these things when we encounter them." The manipulator arm waved about.

Rory tilted his head to the side. "Might as well, Doctor. Not like we'll be looking to run into the Daleks any time soon." He looked to the Dalek. "I... almost feel sorry for it. It's scared."

The Doctor shook his head. "Oh, Rory. Sometimes too big a heart." He paced a bit. "All right, Dalek. If we get rid of you, bad news for the rest of the universe. Really, really bad news." He clapped his hands together. "All right, Dalek! From now on, unless you're facing down one of the Dalek skittles, no killing." He paused. "Skittles, now I'm hungry." He waved his hand. "Also, all of my orders must be obeyed. Just to avoid any confusion. Now, got it?"

The Dalek's eyestalk bobbed up and down. "I obey!"

Rory's jaw canted slightly. "Oh... this isn't going to end well, is it."

Amy shrugged. "Oh, it won't be that bad." She looked at the Doctor as he patted the Dalek and grabbed at the manipulator arm. "Or we're gonna die horrible deaths. Then come back to life and reboot the universe. Either one. Or both."

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