Author's note

This is a minor re-write of the original, just better quality and detail. Might add some extra events and hopefully keep it going this time. Its Warhammer so expect violence, gore, swearing, long lessons about morality and fair treatment of others. I'll chuck down a new chapter every now and then, the re-writes being quickest of course.


I don't own really anything especially Warhammer 40000 or Blood Ravens, only my original storyline and characters that aren't worth anything anyway. This goes to Games Workshop and Relic.

Trouble Among the Emperor's Chosen

Chapter 1 – Marines, Rhino's and Ponderation

Gadonis was not a beautiful world, being covered in Orks and such. Generally the planet was boggy and smelt like feet. No golden beaches or majestic forest. Just Swamp, even at the poles it was just cold swamp. The endless fog that covered the ground made night and day indistinguishable. The screams of bleeding Orks could be heard long before seen, even to infra-red systems. It is crap holes like these that the Astartes thrive.

Brother Sergeant Arovian Peral was not a standard Space Marine of the Blood Raven's chapter. He had the training, the strength and the skill of any worthy battle-brother. Yet he lacked the fury and zeal of the average Emperor's chosen. For an Asartes, he seemed to be average in build, height and he even looked average. It was his mind that made him truly unique. While he sat on a sturdy log in the swamp he had the pleasure being in, his mind wandered away from the battle several hundred metres away to ancient memories.

Arovian wasn't the example of a model marine. Although not incompetent or unable to kill he was respectfully described as taken a few to many to the head. He was once an exemplary marine for several hundred years. While he was still dutiful and loyal, his battle lust was slowly fading away. This came about in a battle against chaos a couple of decades back. In fact this was the very thought he was remembering.

23 Years ago, former Imperial Ag-planet Eridos

The battle was coming to a close, most of the pitiful Chaos forces were fleeing in fear. The fearless Space Marines and Imperial Guard forces eradicating the poorly led army. Unfortunately the Space Marines had been spread thin and their luck was about to change. Emerging from the scrambling horde like monsters came a squad of towering Chaos Marines of Khorne.

While it was borderline heretical to say so, the Pre-Heresy and Heresy Marines were far larger, faster and generally more powerful than the current Astartes. As if this weren't enough, their weapons and armour were imbued with the twisted power of Chaos and had thousands of years of battle experience. And here they were, advancing on Arovian's squad and another. In their haste to cleanse, the Space Marines had left the Guardsmen far behind. That had been a mistake, Arovian almost face palmed.

The Chaos marines broke from their calm and intimidating march when the Astartes were spotted. They reacted scarily fast and fired their weapons before many of the Space Marines had a solid aim. It was incredibly accurate and half a squad was lost in moments. Almost immediately they had covered fifteen of the thirty metres distance (The horde was thick, and those crazy marines are bloody speedy.) and drew chainswords and power weapons. Some Space Marines kept firing their bolters instead of drawing their chainswords. A traitor was killed, but those marines had no chance in the second later. The equivalent of one squad remained. Brother Seron fumbled with his chainsword, by accident he clipped a Melta grenade switch. It managed to kill not only him, but the Khornate fighting him and the one very indecently jumping on his battle-brother. (They are quite insane and depraved remember?) The two remaining Chaos Marines each killed another battle-brother. This left Arovian alone. He slowly was pushed back from the heavy blows, but managed to catch one off guard and stabbed him right in the fugly un-helmeted face. The other Chaos Marine would have surely killed Arovian, if he didn't trip on a dead (And very 'heavy') cultist and messily impale himself with his own powersword.

While it was kind of disappointing, Arovian was grateful to the Emperor for his life. Until the Guardsmen showed up he was the only one standing, that is until a Rhino Transport parked on top of him immediately after. Not only was he no longer standing but his brilliant mind was never the same.

Present Day, Gadonis

After much reflection he heard the approach of a fellow marine. Arovian turned his head to see an Delvious, the newest Apothecary and also his friend.

"Why are you not amidst the battle Arovian?" he asked, quite perplexed.

"I am in deep ponderation," came the answer, unaware of his horribly flawed High-Gothic.

"Tell me brother, how can you think with that grating scream in your ears?"

"I apologize brothernatus I had not noticed," he replied, "There apears to be a small xeno stuck under my powerboot."

Arovian's powerboots looked like bulkier standard boots. Only he claimed they also had red racing stripes. However since the actual boots were also red, people just took his word for it. They were different but they had proven to be effective weapons.

He reactivated his boots then coldly finished crushing the pitiful creature. The remains of it were left in a small, smoking crater. Delvious almost shuddered at the thought of him joining the chapter's soccer team. He then actually shuddered as he remembered why he was here.

"Arovian, I have most grave news." said Delvios with concern.

"News of what brothernatus," he replied, still butchering the language.

"You are to be reassigned after this fight, outside the chapter," he looked down. "I'm sorry brother."

"...Why? And where to?" The news hit him like a speeding Rhino Transport.

"You are considered a hindrance to the chapter, they're sending you to a Cadian guardsmen regiment as a sergeant." That hit him like a rampaging Baneblade with the entire Cadian 8th marching behind it.

Arovian simply couldn't find any words to express himself, he could hardly breathe. What a strange way to get rid of him. Delvious apologised again and left him to his thoughts. What in insult, a Space Marine being called a hindrance. He sat heavily back on the log to wait for transport in silence Unfortunately the poor, weightily armoured Arovian, found the log wasn't quite up to it.

After the Battle, Gadonis

A Thunderhawk had picked him up several minutes ago for his return. His journey back to the Battlebarge was a solemn one, after serving the blood ravens for centuries (He didn't truly know how long but it was really long.) only to be kicked out for being incompetent was a deep insult. The Chapter-Master had wasted no time and had left him information about his new assignment. It was placed on a data-pad aboard the Thunderhawk.

It seemed that he would be leading a squad from the 137th Cadian "Timekillazs n Bloodspillaz". Also on the pad was some information about the people he would be commanding and strangely, a recipe for a 'hella tight' Emperor's salad. From the brief description of his mission (The Chapter-Master loves his Emperor's salad, it was several pages long and meticulously detailed.) he gathered he was going to a world called Gerada, infested by Orks, He hated Orks. Opening up the file about the people he would commanding he promptly asked the Emperor for forgiveness.

End of Chapter 1