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Trouble Among the Emperor's Chosen

Chapter – 8 Awkwardness, Heroic Posing and Revelations

Where we left off – The Necron has done something to Horus, In Lucky's panic he screamed out Horus's name. Now its seems that almost everyone is now looking for answers from him. Will Lucky be killed? What is this quest? Does the Imperium have crash insurance? Will there be Ork slash? Lets find out!

"Did I miss something again?" asked Lucky

He was of course now aware that he was in a cavern packed full of killing machines with an enormous Battlebarge hanging out. With all their guns aimed at him.

"What!" started Arovian.

"Did!" he continued literally throwing Space Marine and Guardsmen alike from his path.

"You!" he yelled, shaking the ground and emitting a golden aura marching relentlessly.

"SAY!" he concluded, spiky golden hair bursting from the top of his helmet, lightning and the ground itself trying to escape his presence.

Arovian wasn't the only one. The Chapter-Master also began powering up.

"Aaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrggggggghh hhhhhhhhhhh!" he yelled, his already muscle bound pointing finger now the envy of Hercules. The Chapter-Master stood above him like a giant god of judgement, finger pointing down upon Lucky as if he were an ant. Even colour seemed to be warped and almost non existent around him.

Yet there was more to come. Commissar Barrick was mid-air, had the wide open eyes of a madman and a serious angry face. More importantly held a grenade in each hand above his head.

"Fukken Chaos!" (Extra 10 points if you can find the pic this is derived from)

The red shirt Guardsmen connected together to form a Ultra Guardmech, The 1000 Space Marines were also gathered ready to destroy and look damn fine. Arovian's squad regrouped and prepared to fire. Even a moderately sized choir emerged to provide epic music for the upcoming showdown.

Before Lucky was already in an admittedly bad situation, but then it got even worse. The Chaos forces decided to make a glorious and expensive appearance on behalf of Lucky. When the fireworks and light show subsided some of the Warp's finest daemons stood protectively around him, ready to battle.

Then shit got real.

The Imperium forces charged in, within seconds severed limbs and internal organs were flying. Had the poorly parked Battlebarge not already been red, it most certainly would be now. Arovian's ki blasts blasts tore daemons in half, the Chapter-Master exploded enemies with his finger and Commissar Barrick was force feeding the monsters to each other. However the daemons had some success, they managed to damage the Guardmech and killed many Space Marines.

After less than a minute, all of the weak daemons had been horribly killed. Their mountains of mangled bodies were only good for cover. The Imperial forces now found themselves facing daemons with not only ample swag but some of the galaxy's most enormous and shiny pants. If this weren't bad enough, they also wore gratuitous amounts of bling.

Meanwhile at the Imperial Guard base

General Robin sat on her red leather chair, sipping tea and watching the cave. She could hear the sounds of battle and hundreds of terrified screams emerging from the caves skeletal mouth. Every now and again flashes of light and puffs of smoke emerging from the orifices(Of a cave?). She decided to wait and do nothing.

"An excellent strategy," she mused.

Then the holo-display started shaking, as some sort of green mass poured into the cave.

"Oh shit," she said to herself.

She promptly grabbed her vox-communicator

"I'm going to need snacks!"


"Yeah Gik?"

"Wats dis 'ere smelly tree ting, dis Pie-frezzner?"

"Dunno waz iz a Chikken n why iz I werin' it?"

Back in the cave

Silver cocked his head up.

"Hey Sarge? Is it just me, or does it sound like impending doom and horror is coming this way?"

"Care for an explanatus?" asked Arovian not one to be left without details.

"It's either that or an earthquake that smells like feet," Silver replied removing his sunglasses only to reveal another pair underneath.

"Spare me your detailation," returned Arovian, contradicting my previous description.

"Hey guys, I think we should leave," offered Lucky.

Arovian jumped around and let loose a manly squeal. Fireworks dropped her detonator in shock.

"How did you get here?" shouted Flames, having thought he would be in the centre of the carnage.

"I walked over," he said earning a squad full of confused looks.

They had no time to sweat drop however as a truly enormous Ork horde began to reach the battle and clog the entrance.

"Follow me," said Lucky.

End of Chapter 8

Emperor's comments

Its really coming together now, but will they all survive this seemingly ridiculously impossible battle? All I can say is that is some epic foreshadowing right there my good chum!

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