Author Notes: This FanFic is a crossover of Twilight and the Vampire Diaries (The Series). It is set after Edward leaves in New Moon and Bella is left; all on her own. To get her out of the depressive state, Charlie sends Bella to Mystic Falls; where Bella meets Elena and the gang.

In this story Bella is not what she seems... Read and find out.


Rain was dripping slowly down Bella's windscreen.


Just another typical day in Forks, and also, Bella's last day.

As Bella drove home for what would be the last time coming back from the old small building, known as school, she couldn't help but look miserably out towards the spiralling road that led to her home and think of the argument with Charlie to send her away.


"That's it Bella!" Charlie exclaimed, dropping his spoon into his breakfast bowl and pushing it away, "I'm sending you home."

Bella had looked up at him with a confused expression, the first sign of emotion she had had in months of...him leaving.

Charlie had sighed understanding her confused expression "Home... to Jacksonville, with your Mom."

Bella continued to look confused, she had been on her best behaviour and had done really well at school and had continued to cook dinner for Charlie.

"Bella this" Charlie motioned with his hand towards her "it's... just not...good for you Bells"

Bella sighed finally understanding what he meant.

"He's not coming back Bells"

Those single five words had made Bella jump into action. Standing up so abruptly that the chair she had been sitting on fell backwards onto the floor.

Anger was spread all over Bella's face, this was proven by her blatant red face and eyes glistened with fresh tears and fists clenched at her sides.

"I know HE isn't coming back DAD" she had said through gritted teeth "Why would he? I'm just a plain boring, the one who trips over air, clumsy, shy and ever so dull girl; from FORKS!"

"Bells I'm..."

"I have to go to school" Bella interjected picking up the chair and her bag before making a swift exit out the door, to her truck.


Bella let out a heavy sigh and pulled into the driveway of Charlie's home, getting out and making her way to the door to prepare her belongings for the ever looming Sunday.

Bella had remembered coming home that day after her short argument with Charlie, hoping he would have let go of the whole ordeal; he had. Till three days later when she had overheard Charlie on the phone to Renee.


Bella opened the door to her room ready to go downstairs and prepare Charlie's meal for the evening that was until she heard his voice floating up the stairs.

"Are you defiantly sure about this Renee, I mean, a few days ago sending Bella away wasn't the best idea"

Bella, at these words, had frozen with her foot ready to leave the ground for the decent down the stairs. She had listened as Charlie continued.

"But to Mystic Falls? She doesn't know anyone there, I mean; who is she going to stay with?"

There was a short silence that seemed to stretch long for Bella as she stood waiting for Charlie's response.

"Cousins? I'm not so sure about that, she hardly knows them and she will be so far away"

Bella silently hoped that Charlie would hold her ground and waited eagerly for the response to be words of negativity.

But all was heard was the defeated sigh that escaped the lips of her father.

"I guess your right; they do seem like nice people... I will talk to her... But not today I will let you know the answer by the end of the week... Okay"

Bella had unfrozen at that point and made a slow defeated retreat back to her room, shutting the door silently behind her. Moving towards her bed she sat down with a thump and weighed the pros and cons in her head, silently coming to the decision that a new life might give her a chance to do what... Edward... Always wanted her to do, and move on. A silent tear fell down Bella's cheek, roughly swiping it away Bella squared her shoulders, got up and headed towards the door in order to fix Charlie's dinner before coming up with a plan for her new life in Mystic Falls.


Author Notes: This was my first ever FanFic so please be nice but try and be honest at the same time. And ideas aren't that bad either