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2 Days Later...

Isabella stood on a high cliff, eyes closed, as the ocean breeze blew across her face and through her hair, making it sway gently in the wind and her scent in waves spreading throughout the area. She let out a tired sigh and opened her eyes looking wearily out into the distance, a tear trailing silently down her cheek. She was in La Push, Forks, 'the last place I should be,' Isabella thought bitterly. A strand of hair blew across her face, which she quickly pushed away from her face, and shifted her feet to move away.

"You chose the wrong place to be... Vampire"

Isabella stiffened at the voice, it sounded like a deep growl... like an animal. She took a slow deep breath, tasting the air around her and the corner of her lips tilted up a little bit, into a half smile. It smelled like a dog.

"And what are you going to do about it pup?" she replied, she turned quickly, looking into his eyes her expression turning into a half smirk.

"Bella?" the voice said, shocked,

"Jacob?" she shot back, allowing her gaze to roam his body. No more was Jacob the awkward teenager; instead he had grown tall and gained a few pounds of muscle making him look older. Jacob was speechless; he couldn't think he just stared at the woman before him.

Bella, no, this wasn't Bella, as he checked her over from head to toe, she was different,

A Vampire

Isabella smiled; "I actually go by Isabella now though" she casually brushed past him heading down the beaten track, away from the cliffs.

"I'm not the same scared pathetic girl you used to know" she sneered

Jacob spun quickly at the scornful tone her voice had turned into. He watched her slowly trudge down from the cliff, before coming to his senses and arranging his expression that meant business, and running after. He roughly grabbed her shoulder, forcefully turning her to face him.

"What is your business here bloodsucker!" he spat.

Isabella smirked before giving a pout, "Oh, can't a girl visit some old friends," Jacob just glared at her waiting for an explanation.

"Oh fine," Isabella sighed "you're no fun" she turned away before plopping herself promptly on the ground, her long hair flapping wildly in the wind. She looked up at Jacob, her chocolate coloured eyes melting as she met his eyes.

"I have come for your help" she stated simply, Jacob repositioned himself so that he faced her directly, but did not sit down, choosing to remain on the defensive. He said nothing encouraging her to continue.

She sighed once again, looking exhausted, "I am not the person you knew, who you thought you grew up with" she paused a silent tear sliding down her cheek, "you were given those memories, all for the creation of Isabella Marie Swan"

Jacob was frozen, the mask that was carefully in placed faded away at the sight of her tear and the meaning of her words. "What do you mean?"

Isabella quickly wiped the tear from her cheek and took a deep breath.

"It all began..."

Elena paced the hospital corridors, tears of frustration in her eyes, not yet ready to fall, as she pulled at her hair. She didn't know what to do; Jenna had been hurt, compelled by Katherine right underneath their noses. There was no escaping her.

It was over.

She allowed her tears to spill then, but not in frustration, but in sorrow. It was over between her and Stefan now. Katherine had won, and Elena hung her head in defeat. No one could help them now, not unless...

She took her cell phone out from her pocket and with shaking fingers scrolled through her contacts. She hesitated staring at the screen with uncertain eyes; she slowly closed her eyes, a final tear escaping, before Elena hit the call button.

She placed the cell to her ear, and after the third ring there was an answer.

"Bella, something has gone wrong", she gasped into the receiver.

Isabella was sat next to Jacob their legs dangling freely over the edge of the cliff, they sat shoulder to shoulder.

Vampire and Werewolf; two opposites of the same coin,

"I am sorry Elena" she replied with remorse, "I will get back as soon as possible, do not worry, what Katerina has done, she will regret"

She hung up after that looking down at the crashing waves beneath her feet.

"So that was Elena" Jacob asked, after clearing his throat awkwardly

"Yes," Isabella replied sombrely, "I am afraid, Jacob, that I will not be staying, she needs me" she met his eyes, sorrow evident on her face.

Jacob smiled kindly, after their talk he had grown to realise that even though the Bella he knew, the memories they had together as children were not real. The person she was on the inside was still the same Bella he knew, just mixed in with some vampirism. 'It would be hard,' he thought as he studied her face, 'and even though it goes against my nature, I will help her'.

"It is okay Bells, you gotta' do what you gotta' do" he grinned,

Isabella smiled back, before letting it fall, and looking out to sea. With a sigh she rose to her feet, and turned her back on the scenery, walking away once again.

"Bella," Jacob called over his shoulder, "Dad will look after Charlie, and don't worry, "he paused, "I will help you, just as soon as everything is settled at the reservation"

Isabella smiled slightly, and ducked her head, "Thank you" she whispered, and carried on walking down the beaten track. Tonight she would have to bid a final goodbye to Forks, for this would probably be the last time she would set foot on its soil.

She had a masquerade ball to attend tomorrow, whatever should she wear?

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