Title- The Prince and the Beauty's Fairytale

Summary- During the Medieval era, Spoiled and Pompous Prince Edward Cullen heir to the crown of Scotland at seventeen was to find himself a bride. King Carlisle and his beautiful Queen Esme after much pushing decided that Edward could not choose for himself therefore arranged for him to marry Isabella Swan, princess of Spain. What they did not imagine was for Edward to find himself drawn to the princess' servant girl, a young beauty named Rosalie, and how mad she would drive him. All Human.

Rating-Mature/R for sexual content and violence.

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Once upon a time in a castle somewhere in the midst of Scottish land a great King and his Queen lived with their three children. This King was named Carlisle Cullen and he and his royal family were very much loved by their people. The royal Cullen family was known to be kind and fair. At the turn of their eldest son Edward's seventeen birthday they came to the conclusion that it was now time for him to find himself a proper bride. One who could rule by his side once he himself became King. They never believed the task would be so difficult..

Prince Edward Anthony Cullen

How dull things had become lately, I thought to myself as I sat on my throne next to my father while the court jester put on a silly act with a local peasant. For tonight's entertainment he was pretending to be the peasant and the peasant was to pretend to be Royalty. Horrible job he was doing as he attempted to stand up straight and point out his nose in an aristocratic matter.

"My-my Lord, What brings you to my farm, I am sooo honored by you being here, but this is a farm. Have you become lost, my lord?" The Jester stuttered as the crowd laughed. I turned to see my brother Emmet in his shiny black armor chuckling and losing his facade of toughness for about a minute. Then turned to my mother and sister who were also giggling along with my father.

Where was the fun in making fun of what was, these things would never change and it wasn't as if the Jester was coming up with some new act?

A gypsy suddenly danced in around the jester and his act, she wore a silk violet gown that flowed about her as she swayed and moved her hips about in a seducing manner, her feet were bare and the color of her cream colored ankles had me hypnotized as they danced about the court. Every single male in the vicinity had their eyes glued to her. There was nothing completely special about her, brown eyes, and pale blonde hair that fell a little bit passed her shoulders. She was nothing but a gypsy, but that was most likely the sole-reason every male grew hard from watching her hips sway, this woman was wanton and unholy.

After dancing around in a circle around the entire court she came to a stop in front of me and laid herself out on the floor her legs twirling above the air, revealing her thighs. Heat rushed down my body and I had the urge to touch her, right there in front of anyone, but of course that would have been very inappropriate for a prince. Instead I plastered on a crooked smile as she stood and bowed and the rest of the court jumped up to applaud her.

The Jester and his gypsy were escorted out of the hall by Sir Jasper, our leading Knight. My father bid the court a goodnight, and our family stood and we each made our way to our bedchambers. No one else was allowed to leave the Great Hall until we were completely out of sight.

"How does she move like that mother?" Alice asked Esme ahead of me, her eyes glowing with wonder. It would be wrong for her to ever act in such a manner so their mother just shrugged in response as she placed her arm through her husbands and walked ahead of them.

Yes, the gypsy had me intrigued as well little sister…

"Sir, you called for me," Our stable boy, Jacob walked into my bedchamber nervously looking about.

I looked up from the book I had been reading across a fire I had lit myself and smiled. "Do not let anyone know of the favor I ask of you."

He nodded as he shifted his feet. "Shall I fetch her tonight as well sir?"

Developing a friendship with the stable boy had let me do many things about the castle my parents would not have been proud to know about. He kept my secrets, and in exchange I treated him far better than any peasant would ever be treated. "Yes, Thank-you Jacob."

In the past it had been Emmet who had looked up to him and did him many favors, but after receiving knighthood he was too chivalrous to partake in my deeds. As I waited patiently, the velvet chair I had been sitting on was beginning to hurt my back and the once strong fire was dimming. Why was this taking so long?

Moments later, footsteps entered my bedchamber and I turned to see Jacob beside a woman now dressed in a black cloak.

"Your excused Jacob, " I spoke to him getting up and striding slowly to her side. The boy left, and I reached to reveal her face from the cloak as she smiled wickedly.

"I'm glad you came," And it was with sincerity as I spoke. Her hand reached to my chest and she pushed me back forcing me all the way back until I fell onto my bed.

Then I watched in complete awe as she removed the black cloak to reveal nothing but her bare body. I grew stiff as I watched her hand trail down her naval to her blonde private area, the hairs inviting me to touch.

"My Lord, what can I do for you this evening," The gypsy asked like every other night I had called her to my bed.

She wore the gold earrings I had the jeweler make for her only a few days ago and they sparkled in my almost now darkened room.

"Please me in every which way possible," Was my usual response and she bid as I desired.

Her hand reached for the buttons on my dark blue tunic as she unbuttoned each one slowly and taunting me. I gulped admiring her body.

Once we were both completely naked I pulled her towards me and crushed my lips to hers. She moaned instantly.

This was not the only woman I bought to my bid, but she was one of my favorites.

I screamed her name as I pulled out and explosions rocked my body, "Tanya!"

Archery, one of the many sports I was very good at it. My sister and mother sat with their servant, Victoria on top of picnic cloth most likely gossiping. Jasper, Emmet, my father, and I practiced shooting at apples on top of peasants heads.

Were we not perfect shots we would not have attempted nor tortured our peasants in such a manner, they trusted us. None of us had ever missed.

"Brother, what are your plans this evening after supper?" Emmet asked me holding down his bow and arrow and looking at me intently as I shot a perfect shot, the apple and the arrow falling feet from the scared looking peasant.

My brows raised, was he asking to finally spend some time with his brother? "I thought I'd catch up on some reading Friar Jenks had instructed to me."

Jasper looked towards his King and the young Prince Emmet worriedly, I looked to them all. What exactly was going on? Was I missing something?

Carlisle coughed and set his bow on top of his servants hands then looked at him with worry in his eyes. "Your seventeenth birthday was only a couple of weeks ago, I'm sure you know what that means."

My faced paled as I stared at him incredulously, no he couldn't mean.. no never that.

Could he? "Father, do you speak of marriage?"

I looked toward my brother and Jasper who were attempting not to laugh then back towards my father as he nodded wearily. "Yes, son. I do speak of marriage. And it is time you find yourself a bride."

Jasper shuffled his feet. "We already sent your portrait out to every royal family with a daughter of age, and we have had many replies."

Emmet grinned from ear to ear. "After supper should be fun!"

"No," I yawned at the tenth portrait Jasper had help up. Princess of Denmark, fifteen, red hair, and horrid black eyes. She looked like a crow.

Emmet was on his throne, his head on the stone, and his eyes beginning to shut. Father was speaking to Jacob, most likely sending him out to retrieve more of the portraits that had been sent to me.

Why did all these princess' wish to marry me? "Just pick one!" Emmet groaned.

Jasper held up another portrait and my nose flared disgusted. "She seems.. Decent," My father said his brows raised at the portrait."

My brother began to laugh. "She looks like a piglet."

Rolling his eyes, Jasper picked up the next portrait and held it up. "Princess of Italy."

I had to close my eyes in frustration as Emmet roared with laughter. "Oh my god, her nose it's huge!"

Noise beside me, I opened my eyes to see my father standing frustratingly. "If you cannot choose Edward, your mother and I will choose for you." He began to walk away. "Put those all away Jasper." His hand pointed to the stack of unseen portraits.

Angrily, I ran after him. "No father, you cant be serious!"

He crossed is arms and looked at me intently. "I am quite serious. In a week you will meet your new bride, be prepared Edward!"

That night, I lost myself between Victoria's Ivory toned thighs, wondering if my new bride to be would be any fun at all and how exactly I would spend the rest of my life attempting to stay faithful to a woman I barely knew..

Friar Jenks had told me that one day that I would find the woman of my dreams and I would fall in love and be faithful to her. I didn't know what love was, girls usually gave themselves to me quite easily and showered me with attention. Was that love? I thought of my parents, they loved each other. I could tell, they enjoyed each others company and looked at each other in a way I could never imagine looking at someone..

Hopefully my new bride could show me what love was.