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Days had passed and Rosalie had done nothing but avoid me since our kissing in the library. My lips yearned for hers and it was becoming impossible not to stare at her when she walked passed with Isabella. No female ever had my attention for this long. She was haunting me and it was slowly eating away at me.

Friar Jenks checked my pulse worriedly and put his hand to my forehead as we sat outside in the garden area studying.

"Boy you look like you are very sick but it seems to me that you don't have much of a fever. What is it that is making you so ill, my Prince?"

"This French you are making me study Friar, I thought knowing four languages was enough," I lied easily staring up ahead as Rosalie picked some flowers.

The Friar chuckled as he reached for his wooden mug and sipped what looked to be wine. What was it with all holy men always drinking so early?

Rosalie turned towards the woods area and walked towards my meadow. I abruptly stood causing the friar to jump up and spill a bit of his wine on himself.

"I'll go get you a cloth towel," The statement came out rushed and I didn't wait for him to respond as I followed after Rosalie. Looking around I spotted the cook picking vegetables a couple of feet away. Ducking towards the woods, I hoped no one noticed me.

A couple of feet away Rosalie sat in my meadow underneath a tree, reading. Her long hair was braided to the side and she sat with her legs crossed, her eyes quickly scanning the contents of the page. A peasant who could read was more attractive than a peasant who was just beautiful. She was intelligent and that made me like her even more.

Sitting beside her she didn't peek up from her book or acknowledge my presence. "Tu es la femme de mes reves." Thinking the Friar would be proud I was still practicing my French despite abandoning him I smiled crookedly to myself.

She looked up at me and raised her brows questioningly, then smiled at me mischievously. "What are you doing following me Prince Edward?"

Rolling my eyes I scooted beside her and pretended to be telling her a great secret. "This is my meadow Rosalie, I am not following you." My lips formed into a crooked smile as she stared at me then giggled.

"Your meadow?"

Nodding I looked about and stood my hands extended exaggeratedly. "Yes mine, but I am happy to share it with you."

Setting the book down she stood and came up to me. Our noses mere centimeters from each other's. In awe I watched as her perfect lips moved. "C'est bien."

My eyes grew wide with surprise as she picked up her book and began to walk away.

Shock fading, I ran and followed behind her. "Wait!" Her pace quickened, but I finally reached for her arm and spun her around.

Looking at my angrily she tore her hand away from mine and crossed her arms. "What is it that you want from me Edward?" Pleased she called me Edward and not Prince, I smiled crookedly despite her obvious anger towards me.

"Rose. I want to spend time with you."

She sighed angrily and stared at my tunic. "You are the Prince and I am nothing but your future wife's servant girl."

Taking the book from her hand I threw it onto the grass and grabbed her waist, bringing her closer to me. Rosalie stared into my eyes as if afraid and longingly.

Brushing a lose strand of hair from her face, I kissed her. At first she squirmed attempting to free herself from my hold and then she began to relax against me. Her hand brushing through my hair. Cupping her face we kissed each other passionately and urgently until we were both of out breathe.

Panting, she took a step back. "Stop doing that!"

Chuckling I picked the book up from the grass and handed it to her. "I meant what I said Rosalie. I'm not giving up."

Huffing impatiently she snatched the book and walked back towards the castle. "Ass," she muttered under her breathe.

Shaking my head, I waited a couple of minutes before heading back to my studies. Tonight was my first dinner alone with Isabella. Annoyed, I ran my fingers through my hair knowing we had absolutely nothing to talk about. At courting her, I was doing an atrocious job and my father had noticed. Hell, I did my best to avoid her.

In the garden area where I had previously sat with the Friar sat Royce King speaking to him intently. Approaching both men looked up and smiled at me. Royce's smile didn't reach his eyes. There was something off about the man and I couldn't quite understand what, but I tended to keep my distance. Unlike Emmett and Jasper, I had made no attempt to befriend him.

Maybe I was annoyed at the way he always looked at Rosalie, and somewhat jealous. I had no claims on her and she barely gave me the time of day, but still I felt like she was mine.

"Glad that your French has suddenly become important once more Edward," Friar Jenks spoke pouring himself some more wine.

Looking at Royce curiously, I smiled fakely. "My studies are always important. To what do I do the honor of your presence sir knighthood?"

He stood dramatically and stared at the Friar. "There is a wedding to be held here in the castle soon."

Well thank-you captain obvious. Inwardly my stomach flipped at the mention of my wedding. "Well, yes. Of course."

Royce looked at me amused. "Not your wedding my lord. Mine."

Who would marry this creep? He was detestable. Sure handsome some women might say, but he was… strange.

Raising my brows I waited for him to elaborate, he didn't so I had to ask. "Who is the lucky lady?"

"Rosalie Hale."

My heart raced and I felt my face pale. The Friar looked at me and shook his head. "Really Edward you need to do something about whatever is making you sick. I can't teach you properly if your always in lala land."

Keep your composure Edward, you will not let that happen. You are the Prince, this is your kingdom. He needed the King's approval and mine. "Well, I wish you the best of luck. Have you spoken to my father about this yet?"

His mustache twitched slightly. "Yes, he has given me his blessing."

"Have you proposed yet?"

Royce shook his head as if I were an idiot. "Propose? No of course not. Your father asked me to take whatever bride I pleased to have. And she is my only choice."

When he walked away, I stood at the chair he had been sitting in and my hand twitched by my side slightly, the side my sword should have been in.

Friar Jenks yawned and went to stand.

"This wine and your absence has made me give up on this French tutoring for today. Your procrastination has earned you an early dismissal."

Once he was out of distance, I picked up the books he had left and threw them. Pages began to scatter about the garden.

My father had not even asked me to be a part of this "Approval" for this wedding. Why?

Furiously, I ran back inside down several hallways and up the stairs, knocking on my father's study obnoxiously.

Jasper came to the door and looked at me worriedly. Rushing past him I made it to my father's desk where he was signing a few parchments.

King Carlisle looked up and smiled at me. "Son, to what do I owe this honor?"

Completely forgetting that everything I wanted to say would sound off to my father I quickly thought of a good lie, something that sounded realistic coming from my mouth. "My wedding is supposed to be the only one to occur this summer." Sounded snobbish and pompous enough to sound like me.

His eyes grew wide and he chuckled looking ahead at Jasper who was still by the door. "Do you speak of Royce wishing to marry your betrothed's servant girl?"

I nodded sitting in front of him and attempting to calm myself down. "Do you wish for me to postpone their marriage until after yours?"

Again, I just nodded gulping at the mention of me getting married.

He clasped his hands together patiently. "Very well then." Looking passed me he yelled to Jasper. "Inform Royce of our change of plans."

Pleased with myself, I stood bowed and headed towards the library. Victoria was dusting the book racks. Brushing past her, I sat at the desk I considered mine and sighed.

When had everything become so complicated, and when did I become so jealous? I barely knew this girl, yet she made me feel things I had never felt before.

Victoria came up to my desk and said on top trying to look seducing. Closing my eyes, I willed her disappearance.

"My Prince," She cooed. "You haven't called for me in what seems forever."

Opening my eyes, I looked at her and wished it were Rosalie sitting before me. "No Victoria, I have not."

She pouted then crawled towards me pressing her hands to my chest. "Tonight?"

Annoyed, I shook my head. "You are acting highly inappropriate."

Her eyes grew wide. "I-I'm sorry," she stuttered out afraid for her life. Servants could be hanged for breaking the law of affiliating themselves romantically with royalty, she and I both knew that.

Victoria brushed my cheek just as I heard a book fall to the ground in front of us and the wisp of blonde long braided hair leaving the library. Mother of god, I jumped up pushing Victoria away from me.

"You will no longer speak to me in the way you have been. You are my servant and will act respectably as such."

Looking like she was about to cry, she stood and curtsied awkwardly. "Forgive me."

Pinching my nostrils I looked away from her towards the fire. "You are forgiven and are excused from here. Go about your business."

"Yes my lord."