They say that shakespeare wrote a play about romance..A truley wonderful story about a forbidden love..

The saddness and happiness of a bond that can never surpass there hearts for eachother...

Two kingdoms against one another..a war that was endlessly not haulted..But shall this love eliminate this endless war or shall it bring destruction and more misery... ..

Present time

Suzu and Haruka were secretly meeting eachother for the last couple months without people knowing, but Haruka's cousin Kantorau found out and jealously over comed him

and told the king about this and he was filled with anger and sent guards to there meeting place.

Haruka! yelled Suzu as she was being held back by the guards

Suzu, i'll come for you my love..hold on..please..i'll come back for you..he yelled out to her as he was carried off by his fellow men

Suzu thought..i know you will my prince.. tears fell down her aligant pale skin..

She was tooken back to her kingdom and had a sever punishment

Mother! Father! Please! let me out! Screamed Suzu

Her mother looked sadly at her and whispered "I'm sorry suzu"

Her father yelled at her with fierce "You went amoung your kindom and shall pay for it by being locked in this dungen, you reched fool!"

Suzu's eyes welled up with anger at him

"Your not my father and never will be, you killed mine so you could have crown!" her eyes now filled with hot tears

Suzu!..please! yelled her crying mother

"Look you made your mother cry you stupid kid!" said the angry king

Harold! (thats the king/father) cried his wife

She ran out

Harold glared at Suzu and ran after his wife

Suzu screamed with anger

she than whispered to herself "Come rescue me Haruka"

during Suzu's troubles, Haruka was paying the price too.

"you have turned your back on us my son" said Haruka's father

"you have lost mine and the kindoms trust, so we will send you to the outerlands"

Haruka spoke in emotionless tone "Why should I be punished, i did nothing but spend sometime with the one i love?"

His father growled "You know why, you were with that witch! the thing from the enemy's!

Haruka said with anger "Shut up, if you speak of her that way, i shall kil- (Kantorau walks in)

Both men glared at eachother, than the king speaks "What do you want Kantoaru?"

Kantorau says "I'm sorry for interrupting but the carriage is here"

The king nods and says "tell him..Tomorrow at 7 in the morning they shall take off"

"Yes sir" Anwsers Kantorau

Kantorau stares at Haruka than walks out

Kantorau thought "I didn't want him to be sent away, i wanted him here with me not with her"

Haruka Stares deadly at his father

The king says "Off with you now, i shall say goodbye to you in the morning"

Haruka walks out the door

Haruka sighed and thought "Suzu i'll runaway in late night and runaway with you"