I recently watched Bride and Prejudice for the first time. I'm a huge Jane Austen fan, and while this movie did have its weaknesses, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I did have issue with a couple of moments. The first was with the dream sequence. I know that Bollywood movies they are forbidden to kiss, but not so in fanfiction . I altered the dream sequence shown here to have what I find much more interesting. The other part and what this FF will primarily focus on, is the days after Lalita meets Darcy's mother. I felt it was too soon for Darcy to ask Lalita out to dinner by themselves and then I'd like to replace the Bollywood montage sequence (to show they are falling in love) with actual scenes of them falling in love. This is an older movie so I don't expect anyone to even notice I posted, but if you read, please comment. I'd appreciate it.

Lalita smiled as she walked up the aisle, her groom stood proudly as she approached. Even through the heavy lace in the American style veil, she could see the handsome features of Johnny. Though she hadn't known him that long, his charm, good looks and sensitive side made her sure he was the right choice. He was the right man for her.

At the altar, she beamed another smile at him which Johnny returned. She gasped as he reached out to pull up her veil. Her heart raced as she watched the material slowly rise up, ready to see him without hindrance. She stared at his chest, slowly lifting her gaze over the materials in the tuxedo, to his chin looking strong and determined.

But in an actual blink of an eye, Lalita felt horror overcome her. No longer was Johnny's pleasing face before her, but Darcy's. That face which held contempt for her and her country. She felt fear overtake her, she wasn't marrying Johnny at all, but Darcy! How did this happen?

She screamed as loudly as she could, but no one did anything, especially Darcy who stood by looking confused. She ran away, she had to get away from him. Running through the door to the outside where the beautiful sunshine had turned to a horrible rainstorm. She didn't care about getting wet, she'd run through fire to get away from him!

But now he was before her, grabbing her arm as she tried to run away. He turned her around to face him. She struggled in his arms, what did he think he was doing? She stopped, tired; the rain making it harder to see.

As she calmed down, she realized she was very close to him. Closer than she ever had been. Their faces were mere inches apart. She wanted to tell him to let her go, to leave her alone. SHE HATED HIM! But when she tried to speak, no words came out. He took the opportunity to brush his lips to hers. She expected his lips to feel cold, but they were warm and wet, probably from the rain. He kissed her again, this time longer. Darcy's body heat felt so good and Lalita relaxed in his arms. She began to give in to the pleasure, groaning out his nameā€¦

Lalita jerked out of the bed. It took a second to realize she was no longer kissing Darcy but in her bed in her parent's house. Looking around, she realized it was still the middle of the night, moonlight streaming into her bedroom. Pushing the hair out of her face, she let her eyes adjust. Looking into the mirror in her bedroom, she stared at herself, wondering why of all men, Darcy would be the object of such an intense dream? Leaning her head into her hands, she slowed her breathing, hoping it would slow down her heart, which was still racing. Licking her lips, the dream still felt very real.