Harry Potter

Redemption of the Innocent

By xXxKaraBeckerCutterxXx

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Genre: Adventure/Friendship

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Summary: Third year is approaching and Sirius Black has escaped from Azkaban. It is believed that he is heading towards Hogwarts. How far are the friends willing to go, to prove the innocence of a desperate man?

Summer Surprises

The summer after second year, first proved itself to be a bit slow. At least in Charlie Hunter's view, but that was mainly because while the rest of Spinner's End kids were out enjoying the sunshine, playing in the lake, the park and sometimes sneaking into Clinton to annoying the rick kids living there, she was stuck in her room resting until her wrist healed up pretty nicely. It was times like this that she wished she had listened to Madam Pomfrey and taken Skele-growth when she had given it to her at the end of term last year. During the 2 weeks in which she was stuck in the house, Riley had come around to help her finish her school assignments but Charlie was forbidden to leave the house. Not even to go across to Professor Snape's and ask for a potion.

Finally the two weeks came to an end, and the Slytherin's wrist healed up pretty nicely. To celebrate her release from Punishment and fixed wrist; Charlie along with Riley and a few other teenagers from Spinner's end snuck into Clinton on the otherside of the lake and egged and toilet-papered the houses of the rich kids who liked to torment Spinner's End and River Terrace kids because they were deemed Lower Class. Of course no one ever caught them, so they couldnt very well prove that it had been them who had done it.

Once or twice Clinton kids would just randomly accuse Spinner's End and River Terrace of messing up their homes; and a good old fashioned muggle fist fight would break out. Obviously at this time Riley would pull herself from the ruckus and sit on the sidelines as Charlie and the older boys (and some girls) dealt with the invading threat. One would have thought the Clinton kids would learn not to pick fights that they couldnt finish, Spinner's End and River Terrace may have been in poor living conditions but that didnt mean they were push overs. And although Charlie didnt often dual at Hogwarts, it still felt good to just fight a few times with others who didnt always count on their wands for protection.

At other times when Professor Snape finally got the Floo connected to Charlie's house, she and Riley often went to their Slytherin girl friends' homes for the day. The Greengrasses were very welcoming, except for Astoria Greengrass who didnt seem to like the fact that her older sister was associating with Muggles and would occasionally leave the room whenever Charlie and Riley turned up at her home. The Boulstrodes were warm, but slightly nervous when it came to Muggleborns being in the home. Not that Charlie and Riley could really blame them, most witches and wizards cursed Muggleborns with cruel names because they believed them to be beneath them. The Parkinsons, were all right in their own way. Mr. Parkinson just ignored the two Muggleborns while Mrs. Parkinson felt that it was her duty to try and make Charlie a proper young lady, she didnt have much comment on Riley's fashion sense but she frowned at Charlie's way of clothing and attitude sterotyping women.

Other than the girls, Charlie and Riley also visited their male friends. Draco and his parents were welcoming, Narcissa Malfoy was a lovely woman, she made sure that Riley and Charlie were comfortable in her home and very pleased to meet some of her son's friends that she didnt already know. Of course Nathan's parents werent around to speak off, and although Charlie often questioned her friend on their wereabouts he just told her not to worry about them that they werent the welcoming kind of people. Blaise, was a little more difficult to visit seeing as he had travelled all the way to Italy for his mother's 5th wedding that summer and so Charlie could only recieve Owls from him until he returned for the beginning of school.

About two weeks after being ungrounded, Charlie had flooed to Nikki's house to spend the day with her older girl friend, while Riley and her mother had gone out to sort out visitiation papers for Riley's dad (no matter how much the Gryffindor protested) and so Charlie was left to entertain herself. She had fun at Nikki's, the older girl's parents were lovely people and welcomed Charlie into their home as if she was family. They didnt seem to care about her Blood Status, after everything Nikki had told them about her they felt that she was already one of their own. During some visits, Nikki contacted her cousin Cedric who came over with his family and introduced them to Charlie, his father was well surprised to meet the Muggleborn Slytherin that everyone seemed to be talking about. On other days Nikki and Charlie visited Marcus and the two 17-year-olds finally started teaching Charlie how to ride a broomstick.

Not only did the Muggleborn's go around to the Purebloods during the summer, Daphne and Pansy were more than happy to come over to Charlie's during some days of the summer and get the whole experience of the Muggle world. Which was why exactly one week away from her 13th birthday Charlie was hosting three Purebloods in her house. Her mother hadnt returned from work yet, and Charlie had been woken by the phone ringing loudly from the hallway the soon-to-be-13-year-old and stumbled out of bed at the sudden noise and took the stairs two at a time reaching the phone seconds before it rung off.

"Hello?" she asked, adjusting her voice so it wouldnt sound like she had just gotten out of bed

There was a small pause from the other end, before a voice spoke her name "Charlie?"

"Harry?" Charlie gasped "Are you alright?"

Another pause "Uh...yeah" he answered, but she could tell he was lying

"Harry, what's wrong?" she questioned "I've known you long enough now to know when something's troubling you!"

"How's your summer?" the Gryffindor asked, trying to venture off the topic "I saw Riley a couple of days ago. She said her father had moved to Surrey and she's gonna be staying there for a few weekends. I wanted to know if you'd be visiting her"

The Slytherin shook her head although he couldnt see her "No," she answered "I wont. Me and her father don't get on. He thinks I've corrupted his sweet and innocent little girl."

Harry chuckled "Well that sucks," he sighed "Was hoping for some Slytherin activity around here"

"Why don't you come here?" she asked "I know Auntie Carol is picking Riley up today. I can ask her to pick you up on the way, if you want?"

"What for the day?"

"The rest of the Summer silly," Charlie chuckled "I heard that Ron and his family have gone to Egypt. So instead of going to the Burrow, why dont you come here? Get the Spinner's End experience. We don't bite...and even if we do, im sure you could handle us"

The Gryffindor chuckled again "I'll ask my uncle," he responded "I need him to sign my Hogsmeade form anyway" there was a strange noise on the other end, like a door opening and a disorted voice crossed the line "I gotta go Charlie. I'll send Hedwig with my reply"

"Okay. Bye Harry!"

The line went dead.

Putting the reciever down the Slytherin stared at it for a moment, before quickly snatching it back up and dialling the number that Riley had given her before she left on Friday. It was the phone number for her father's new home. She waited a few moments before moving to hang up, when a voice spoke from the other end. "Hello?"

"Riley!" Charlie said quickly "Harry's just called, I've said he can come stay for the rest of the summer. Get an answer from him and do you think your mum would bring him here?"

There was a disgruntled sound from down the phone and seconds later Riley's voice spoke, soundng awake "Charlie?" the Gryffindor asked "Thanks for waking my dad, he's already in a bad mood."

"Sorry, sweetie" the Slytherin apologized "But this is an emergency. Did you hear what I said about Harry?"

For the next ten minutes the two friends discussed attempts that Riley could get access to Harry to see if he was allowed to stay with Charlie for the Summer, the Gryffindor had decded on just going over to Harry's home and asking to speak with him, but the idea had been shot down especially after Harry had told them to never let anyone know they went to the same school. Especially his relatives if they ever met. Charlie suggested sending a letter with Jenn's Owl, and telling Harry to let Riley know as soon as possible so she could call her mother and arrange his pick-up, but the two friends forgot that Jenn had secduled a trip to France with William to visit her parents for the Summer.

Soon they ended up on Professor Snape, and Charlie bid goodbye so she could go get dressed and then head over to her Potions masters house so that she could ask him if she could use his owl to message Harry. If he had a owl that was, not once in the past 2 years had Charlie every noticed an owl return or leave Snape's home. After hanging up the phone with Riley, Charlie raced back upstairs to dress, 30 minutes later she was showered, dressed and ready to face the day. Charlie was just pulling on her boots when there was a noise from her living room and a voice reached her senses.

"Is this the right place?"

"Nikki?" the Muggleborn questioned, zipping up the last of her boots and hurried into her living room, standing in the middle of the room was Nikki and Marcus and much to Charlie's surprise they were dressed in very fashionable Muggle clothing. "Hey! I didnt think you actually owned any Muggle clothing," she commented

"Our parents decided to make sure that we actually fit in," Nikki informed her

Charlie smirked "You'll fit in," she commented "with the kids from Clinton. But don't worry, I'll let you off for that one"

"Where you off in such a hurry?" Marcus asked

"Professor Snapes," Charlie answered "I had a phone call from Harry this morning, he sounded nervous and when I offered him to come stay here for the rest of the Summer he diverted off the subject pretty quickly. Then he had to go" she explained "Im gonna see if Professor Snape has an owl I can borrow, gonna let Harry know to tell Riley if he's gonna come stay with me. Her mum can pick him up then"

Nikki frowned "Where is Riley?" he asked "arent you two usually joint at the hip?"

"Normally," Charlie nodded, "But her father has requested visitation rights, she's been with him for the past weekend" she shrugged "Riley'll be home tonight, hopefully with Harry"

Her friends nodded "So, what are the plans for today?" Nikki asked

"Well," Charlie started "I thought I'd show you around Spinner's End, around Clinton, Riley and I have already finished our Homework -"

Nikki cut her off "You mean Riley finished her homework, you just copied her"

"You know me so well!" Charlie giggled, turning and rushing back out into the hallway as the phone rang once more "One sec," she told her friends "Hello? Oh, hey mum...you won't? Oh, okay. Yeah. No that's cool. I'll see you tomorrow. Yeah, love you" there was a click and Charlie reappeared.

"Everything okay?" Marcus asked

The Muggleborn nodded "Oh yeah, its just Mum won't be home tonight, is all"

Her friends nodded althought they did catch the disappointment in their friends voice. After showing her pureblooded friends how Muggles lived, Charlie finally made it for the front door and hurried outside. The sun was shining blissfully in the mid-morning air and there was chatter and laughter as little kids played together on the streets of Spinner's End, some called her name and waved at her as she exited her house her school friends following behind her. For most of the morning Charlie showed, Marcus and Nikki, around the neighbourhood (after stopping at Snapes and sending her letter). Near the corner store Charlie run into a spot of trouble with Matthew Harley, who seemed to be waiting for her.

"Where's little Riley?" Matthew sneered, his eyes looking her over in a way that made Charlie squirm "You're turning into a fine little kid, aint you Hunter?"

Charlie glared "Shove off Harley!" she snapped, before turning to her friends "Come on guys!" and she led them away. For most of the morning, it was spent out of the house; Charlie showed her older friends around her neighbourhood, showed her Clinton where all the rich snobby kids came from and she also showed them the park where she and Riley often took William Carmichael and the lake where she and her muggle friends used to hang out and often have teritorial fights with the rich kids on the otherside. When they returned to the corner store, and much to Charlie's delight found Matthew gone, Nikki bought some things that she wanted to try while Charlie bought some food so she could make dinner that night. As they were returning to Charlie's home, Professor Snape actually appeared on his porch nodded at them, as they waved before disappearing into Charlie's house where sandwhiches were made and they were shown how the Television worked.

Nikki found it fascinating and since Charlie only had access to five channels, all of which hosted the news, the three settled down to listen to the headlines.

"Soccer?" Marcus asked, as the sports news ended

Charlie nodded "Football to me is what Quidditch is too you," she told him "Its a popular sport played between two teams of eleven players, with one ball. The object of the game is to score by driving the ball into the opposing goal, in general play, the goalkeepes are the only players allowed to touch the ball with their hands or arms, while the field players typically use their feet to kick the ball into position, although there are exceptions; players are allowed to use their chest or head to intercept a ball in midair" she explained

"How do you win?" Nikki asked

"Normally its the team with the most goals by the end of the match," the Muggleborn answered "But sometimes the score can be tied, thats when either a draw is declared or the game goes into extra time or a penalty shootout"

Marcus shook his head "Similar to Quidditch" he nodded "But sounds complicated"

"Now you know how I feel when you tried to explain Quidditch to me," Charlie giggled, she was, however, interrupted when the main headline cut across the sports news

"We interrupt this broadcast to bring you breaking news" the newscaster said. A picture of a rather thin, crazed man with stringy black hair and a thin face popped up. Marcus and Nikki choked on whatever they were eating or drinking, while Charlie watched with interest as the newsreporter continued, oblivious to her friends "Mass murderer Sirius Black has recently escaped prison. Everyone is to be on the alert for this insane, crazed man and must alert the authorities immediately if you think you see him. Black is guilty of blowing up a street and killing twelve people 13-years-ago several days after Halloween. Please be on the alert. The number to cal if you spot him is highlighted at the bottom of your screens"

The number flashed across the bottom of the screen and Charlie reached for the remote as she turned off the TV "Freaky guy," she commented, turning to look at her friends when they didnt retort or reply; she frowned at their faces "Guys?" she asked

But Nikki and Marcus had already jumped to their feet and raced by her

"Oi!" Charlie called after them, placing her drink and plate on the coffee table and following them into the hallway. She slammed her front door behind her as she took her garden steps two at a time and crashed into Nikki who had stopped dead in front of her "What?" she asked, pushing her way to the front "Is it him?" unfortnately, much to Charlie's dismay instead of Sirius Black standing on her street, she finally made it to the front of her friends to find a group of kids from Clinton waiting on her gate "Oh, no...its worse!" she groaned.

"Who are they?" Nikki asked

Charlie glanced back "You're Muggle counterparts," she answered "Only difference is you guys are actually nice to me. They want to know who you guys are" she added

It was only a matter of time before the kids from Clinton came around asking questions on who the new kids on Spinner's End were; Charlie had just hoped they would have turned up later in the day. One, she wasnt really in the mood to indulge in their pathetic fantasies and two, if a fight broke out she didnt have her Muggle team backing her up and she wasnt about to pull Marcus and Nikki into a Muggle fight.

"Do we have to meet them?" Nikki asked

Charlie shrugged "Depends," she answered "Where are two off?"

"Snape's," Marcus answered

"Then yes," Charlie nodded "You will have to meet them. Only briefly, mostly because I really hate these lot with a passion. Just act like yourselves" and she pulled open her gate and led her friends out of her garden. In a second the group from Clinton stepped up in front of Charlie to prevent her from going anywhere. The head of the group, a boy that Charlie knew as Stephen Duncan, stepped forward. Charlie folded her arms. "You look lost, last time I checked you belonged on the other side of the lake"

Stephen glared down at her "Cool it, Hunter" he spoke "We just wanted to see who was hanging out with you? Why these two who obviously have class would want to hang out with a kid who has no class whatsoever. You're just a silly little Spinner's End tramp"

"This silly little tramp, gave you that black eye!" Charlie retorted angrily, before she could stop herself

Marcus reached forward and pulled Charlie back by her shoulders, "Who you calling a tramp?" he sneered at Stephen "I'll be happy to inform you that the only tramps around here are the girls behind you. The ones who think that tons of make-up and lots of cleavage get them noticed!" he retorted "Girls like that obviously have low self-esteem issues. They prefer boys to like them for their looks rather than their personality and leave nothing to the imagination"

Stephen and his gang took a step back as the girls attempted to look peeved at the little speech, Stephen and the boys turned to the girls behind them and then back at Charlie, Marcus and Nikki, who were already entering Snape's garden "Lets get out of here!" he ordered "Their as good as done for, if their stupid enough to enter Sneaky Snape's domain"

Charlie meanwhile, pushed open Professor Snape's front door and walked in as if it were her own house "Professor Snape!" she called

"Yes!" came a snide voice from the right

Charlie jumped and whirled around "Geeze, now I know why kids call you 'Sneaky Snape'" she prompt him

"Is there a specific reason you are here, Miss Hunter?" Snape asked "Or is this just a social call"

Charlie rolled her eyes at his formality and squeezed past him into his living room, Snape watched her take up residence on his sofa before he motioned for Marcus and Nikki to join her "Sir, we were watching the news on Charlie's TV" Nikki jumped straight into the reason they were there "this is gonna sound strange because it was on the Muggle news, but there was a broadcast about the escape of Sirius Black!"

Snape, who had approached the door leading to his kitchen whirled around to stare at his students "What?" he exploded

"Sirius Black has escaped from prison," Nikki repeated

Charlie frowned "What's the big deal?" she asked "People escape from prison all the time"

"Yes, but Sirius Black is no oridinary man, Charlie" Snape informed her "He is a wizard. Attended Hogwarts at the same time as myself. He was best friends with Mr. Potter's father,"

The Muggleborn quirked a curious eyebrow "Well if he is a wizard, why is he on Muggle news?"

"He killed 12 muggles and one wizard," Snape said, before sighing as he saw confusion settle on his students features. He took up residence on the chair opposite the sofa and leaned forward "This is all new to you Charlie, even after 2 years of knowing about the Magical world. But prisons in the Wizarding world are nothing like that of the Muggle world. There is only one in Wizarding world, and it is called Azkaban, its somewhere in the North Sea. No one...no one has ever escaped Azkaband before, its guarded by creatures called Dementors -"

Charlie felt Nikki and Marcus stiffen either side of her "What are Dementors?" she questioned

"A Dementor is a Dark creature, considered one of the foulest in inhabit the world," Snape answered "Dementors feed off human happiness, and thus cause depression and despair to anyone near them. They can also consume a person's soul leaving their victims in a permanent vegetative state, and thus are often referred to as 'soul-sucking fiends'"

Charlie's eye's widened "How can they consume a person's soul?" she asked

"Demetors preform what is known as the Dementor's Kiss, in which a Dementor latches its mouth onto a victim's and sucks out the person's soul," Snape explained

"Im gonna take a guess and say Dementors don't make good boyfriends," Charlie mumured, earning a cold, hard stare from Professor Snape "Sorry!" she added quickly "If Dementors are as bad as you say they are, how did Sirius Black escape them?"

Snape shook his head "That is a very good question," he mumbled "I must write to Dumbledore. You three must be careful when heading into the Wizarding world this summer," he added to his students "We do not know where this man is hiding" he nodded to them "Thank you for informing me of this" he then pointed to the door and the students took it as their time to leave. Nikki and Marcus stood, as Charlie followed them out.

"Your friends are back," Nikki told her younger friend, sneering the word's friends

Charlie looked across the street to see that the Kids from Clinton were sitting on the wall surrounding Charlie's property, "Great," she groaned before a familiar silver car pulled up outside her house and the Rich kids quickly took off. The Slytherin Muggleborn grinned as the back doors of the car opened and Riley jumped out "RILEY!" the Slytherin shouted, as she bolted across the street and into her best friends arms.

"Charlie," Riley giggled "I've missed you too" she said pulling away, before spotting the older Slytherins "Nikki, Marcus" she smiled

The older two nodded in response "Riley," they nodded

"Thank you for the ride Mrs. Spirit," came a familiar voice from the other side of the car, and Charlie perked up

Carol shook her head "Call me Carol, dear" she smiled "Auntie Carol if you wish, the way Riley speaks about you, its like your already family"

"Mum!" Riley whined

Carol chuckled "Hello Charlie,"

"Hi, Auntie Carol" the Muggleborn grinned

"You girls behave now," she warned them "Riley, I'll take your things home"

Riley nodded and watched as her mum pulled off, and Harry was revealed to be standing on the other side of the car with his trunk and Hedwig in her cage "Hey, thanks for letting me stay" he smiled at the Slytherin

"Its okay," Charlie smiled "Come on, lets go get you sorted out."

And she led the way back into her house; Harry, Riley, Marcus and Nikki following behind her.


That night Harry sat alone in the bedroom that had been provided for him thanks to Charlie, the girl in question he could hear moving around downstairs. Even though he was tired, the Gryffindor was sitting cross-legged on the bed staring at the piece of parchment in front of him which was his History of Magic essay, beside his half-written one lay Riley's, he was thankful to have friends like Charlie and Riley who were more than willing to help him finish his homework before they went back to school, although Charlie was known for doing her homework last minute and copying off Riley to get the marks she needed, but at the beginning of the summer Charlie had a broken wrist since their adventures at Hogwarts last year and therefore needed all the help she could get out of her homework.

Reaching up a hand to rub the tiredness from his eyes, Harry sighed and replaced the ink bottle on the table beside him with its lid. He then put down his Quill and placed the essay on the empty desk in the far corner of the room, on top of which was perched Hedwig's cage (it was empty). He'd finish it tomorrow when it was daylight, it wasnt like here at Charlie's he had to hide the fact that he was a wizard from her mother, who found it rather facsinating that her daughter was this mystical being that was only heard of in Fairytales. Standing up, the young Gryffindor stretched and glanced at the alarm clock that was perched on the window-sill above the bed and his stomach gave a small jolt as the minute had clicked into place signalling it was 12:00am.

He had turned 13. "Happy Birthday," he whispered to himself

"Harry?" his name was being called from the doorway, turning in the general direction he smiled as Charlie entered the room "Happy Birthday," she told him, handing him a plate of chocolate cake, a parcel and an envelope

Harry smiled "Thanks Charlie," he told her, taking the cake and placing it on the bedside table; he then hugged her as she set his presents and cards down on the bed. She hugged him back. "Oh, Happy Birthday in return"

"Thanks," she grinned "Now go on, open your presents"

The 13-year-old Gryffindor nodded and sat cross-legged on the bed a he opened his card. It was a simple Muggle card with a small verse inside and the words: 'Happy Birthday, Harry! Lots of love Charlie, Serena, Riley and Carol' he smiled, knowing that it was easier for Charlie, Riley and their mothers to get one card from all of them because they werent exactly the richest people around, they were kinda like the Weasley's muggle counterparts. After propping up his card on the bedside table, Harry turned to his present.

"I thought you could do with something that was more you," Charlie smiled, as he pulled out a brand new black jacket with the Gryffindor badge on the chest area "Riley and I pooled our last three summer savings together to get it for you. Its custom made. We hope you like it.

Harry was stunned, as he stared at the jacket; although he was more stunned when he learned that the girls had used up all their summer savings to get it for him. "Charlie, I love it...but I can't take it" he shook his head, putting it back in the box "You and Riley worked hard to get that money, don't go spending it on me"

"We wanted too," Charlie said, pushing the box back at him "You've been through so much, putting up with your aunt and uncle for your whole life, from what you've told me they would sound like nice people. They gave you your cousin's clothes which were three sizes to big for you, so we wanted to get you something that you could call yours and not Dudleys!" she smiled "Just don't trash it"

"I wont," he promised, hugging her and feeling slightly guilty that he hadnt gotten her anything for her birthday; especially now that she had gone all out on getting him a new custom made jacket from the Wizarding world; and they didnt come cheap.

The Slytherin pulled away and gazed at Harry through the darkness "Eat your cake," she instructed "then get some sleep. We've got a birthday to celebrate tomorrow"

"But you've -" Harry started, wanted to stop her from spoiling him anymore; she had already gotten him a new jacket he didnt need a party to celebrate his 13th. But he was cut off as something flew through the window and landed with a soft flump on the bed. It was three owls, two of them were holding up the third who seemed to be unconscious. Harry recognized the unconscious owl immediately "Its Errol!" he stated "The Weasley's owl"

Charlie stared atthe bird as she switched on the light "Its a wonder that thing isnt dead yet," she commented "What?" she asked with a shrug as Harry gave her a look

The second owl was a large snowy female, it was Harry's own owl Hedwig. She too, just like Errol was carrying a parcel, and looked very pleased with herself. Charlie relieved her of her burden and she hooted in appreciation before flying across the room to join Errol who had been moved to the desk to rest. The third and last owl was one the two friends did not recognize; a handsome tawny owl, but just from looking at the letters that it had they knew instantly where it had come from.

"Hogwarts," Harry smiled, showing Charlie the stamp on the back where the Hogwarts crest sat.

Once the letters had been taken from the third owl, it ruffled its feathers importantly, stretched its wings and took off through the window and disappeared into the night. Sitting down on the bed Harry opened the first parcel that Errol had brought, it was another birthday card from Ron and the Weasleys, although inside the card was two pieces of parchment. A letter and newspaper clipping.

"Read them tomorrow," Charlie instructed, rubbing her eyes tiredly

Harry nodded and moved onto the parcel that Hedwig had brought, while Charlie opened her letter from Hogwarts. The Slytherin smiled "Listen," she mumured

"'Dear Miss Hunter,

We are currently aware that Mr. Potter has been removed from his Aunt and Uncle's home and moved to your care at Spinner's End. We have no reason to believe that he will not be safe there, given the fact that we are aware two of our Hogwarts professors lives in the area. We hope you and Mr. Potter have a lovely summer and we look forward to seeing you on the 1st September. Please remember that the Hogwarts Express leaves at exactly 11:00am from Platform Nine and Three quarters, also 3rd year students are permitted to visit the villiage of Hogsmeade at certain weekends, so please make sure that you have your parents/gaurdians to sign the forms which were given out at the end of last term. A list of books for next year are enclosed.

Happy Birthday and we hope to see you soon.

Sincerely Professor. M. McGonagall.

Deputy Headmistress"

Harry sighed and pulled out his Hogsmeade permission slip, he had forgotten to ask his uncle to sign it before he left. Maybe Charlie or Riley's mum would sign it for him.

"We'll figure something out," Charlie promised, having been watching him "Get some sleep. We'll read Ron and Hermione's letters tomorrow and do something fun after the party. Okay?"

Harry nodded and climbed into bed as Charlie jumped up, switched off the light and headed for the door "Goodnight Charlie," Harry called "and Thanks again"

"Goodnight Harry," Charlie responded "and what are siblings for?" she asked, with a smile before leaving the room. Closing the door behind her.

The Gryffindor lay very still for a few moments, because for one extremely unusual moment, he, Harry Potter actually felt like everyone else, glad, for the first time in his life - it was his birthday.

If only the two friends knew that from somewhere outside, the house was being watched from a distance.

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