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Redemption of the Innocent

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Summary: Third year is approaching and Sirius Black has escaped from Azkaban. It is believed that he is heading towards Hogwarts. How far are the friends willing to go, to prove the innocence of a desperate man?

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Mischief Managed

The next morning Charlie was spooning the last of her cereal into her mouth at the Slytherin table, when she was joined by none other than Marcus Flint "Your up," she grinned "How you feeling?"

"Sore," he grumbled, dropping down beside her "If that's the dangers you get into every year, im thankful im not apart of your little group"

The Muggleborn snickered "Admit it Marcus, you had fun" she smirked, before going back to her breakfaster. The Quidditch Captain watched her out of the corner of his eye for a few minutes before smirking and helping himself to breakfast, just as a large barn owl dropped a copy of the Daily Prophet in front of him "What is it with men and the paper?" the Muggleborn asked, as the owl took off along with the majority of several other owls who had swooped into the Great Hall, she reached for the pitcher of orange juice as Marcus unrolled the paper and stared at the front page, before shoving it in her direction.

"Read!" he stated

Charlie frowned, took the paper from him and turned her gaze downwards. Thankfully enough she had swallowed the Orange Juice in her mouth or she would have spat it back out; in big bold black letters at the top of the page were the words 'SIRIUS BLACK INNOCENT' and despite she being one of the people to hand over the real culprit Charlie looked equally surprised as most of the Great Hall. Yes, she had handed Pettigrew over the previous night, but she had no idea that the Minister he would have needed to clear Sirius's name so fast "YES!" the Muggleborn cried, punching the air, and recieving a few strange stares from across the hall. She ignored them "We did it! Snuffles wins!"

"Yeah," Marcus nodded "You put your life, not to mention mine and four Gryffindors in danger -" the Quidditch Captain cut off, as Charlie wrapped her arms around his neck and hugged him, kissed his cheek and jumped to her feet.

"Im gonna go find Harry!" she grinned, before bolting out of the hall "Hey, Nikki!" she called, over her shoulder as she blasted past her older friend.

Nikki smiled as she turned to watch Charlie disappear upstairs "What's up with her?" she asked, after sitting down opposite Marcus "and why's your face the colour of a tomato?"

"Shut up," Marcus grumbled "She stole my paper!" he scowled

Nikki chuckled "So, what's going on?"

Adrian joined them, dropping the paper in front of his friends "Sirius Black's innocent," he announced "Minister Fudge was handed Peter Pettigrew last night; they wont say who caught him, only that they were defiant that he wasnt innocent. They presented a pretty good case, according to the Minister of Magic; he's also made a public apology to Black and wants him to come into the Ministry so that they can sort everything out; and he's sentanced that Pettigrew to the 12-years that Black had to endure, plus life for his own sentance"

"Serves him right," Nikki nodded, as she picked up the paper and stared at the front page "That must be Pettigrew," she pointed at a man who was being led away "Did they mention how he was questioned?"

"Vertiserum," Marcus answered, without thinking

Nikki and Adrian stared at him "How did you know that?"

The Quidditch Captain froze; "Uh...well, I did have the paper before Charlie stole it" he told his friends, trying to quickly cover up his slip. If Nikki knew that Charlie had been the one to bring in Pettigrew then she'd kill both him and Charlie. Charlie for being stupid and going after a murderer, and him for not stopping Charlie for going after a murderer.

"Uh-huh..." Nikki nodded, eyeing him curiously "Your hiding something"

"No im not," Marcus retorted

"We've been friends long enough, for me to know when your lying!" Nikki answered back "But I'll believe you...for now"

Marcus sighed as the rest of the 3rd year Slytherins turned up for breakfast and the attention was turned off of him and back onto the Daily Prophet as more questions arose from Charlie's year-mates.


"...I wonder if Lupin knows?" Harry voiced, it had been several moments after Charlie had arrived in the Gryffindor tower brandishing the morning Prophet at her friends where it clearly stated that Sirius had been claimed innocent and Pettigrew had been convicted of his crimes, something that Harry was estatic about and had instantly grabbed the Slytherin in a hug and spun her around causing her to laugh and hug him back

Charlie shrugged "I dunno, I came here as soon as I knew" she told him, after he had put her down "Marcus's isnt happy that I stole his paper, so if we're gonna go see Lupin, we need to go now"

"You guys gonna come?" Harry asked, looking at Hermione, Ron and Riley

"This seems like a you sort of thing," Hermione pointed out "We'll catch you later. Don't be late though, the train leaves in half an hour"

Charlie and Harry nodded and headed for the Gryffindor portrait hole; before the Slytherin stopped and turned to Riley "You coming?" she asked

"I still got packing to do," Riley answered "You go on ahead. I'll meet you in the Great Hall, before we leave"

The Slytherin nodded "Okay," she smiled, before heading out with Harry and towards the DADA classroom.


Lupin's door was already open, and he had already packed away the majority of his things. The Grindylow's tank stood empty next to his battered old suitcase, which was open and nearly full. Lupin was stood at the desk, bent over something that the friends couldnt see, and only looked up after he had greeted the two.

"Hello, Harry" he said plesantly "Charlie"

The Gryffindor and Slytherin frowned in confusion

"I saw you coming," Lupin explained, pointing at the parchment he had been pouring over when they entered. It was the Marauders Map. "I've looked worse, believe me"

Charlie gazed around the room as she stepped further forward "You've been sacked," she frowned

"No," Lupin corrected her "I resigned"

"Resigned?" Harry questioned "Why?"

Lupin sighed "Well, it seems that somebody let slip the nature of my condition, soon the owls will start arriving and parents will not want a...um...well, someone like me teaching their children"

"But your the best Defence teacher we've had the last three years!" Charlie protested "I bet Dumbledore could -"

Lupin shook his head "Dumbledore, has already risked enough on my behalf" he told her "Besides, people like me are..." he trailed off again "Well, let's just say that I'm used to it by now"

"But its not fair!" Charlie argued "So what if you're a Werewolf! Lockhart was a fake and Quirrell had Voldemort growing out the back of his head! And he was here for years, before we came along!" she motioned to herself and Harry "as long as you take your potion, you should be fine. Right?"

Lupin gazed down at her sadly "Im sorry, Charlie" he replied "I don't want to leave, but I cant risk any of the students here at the castle." he smiled "But I am proud of everything you have learned this year," he picked up his briefcase and coat, before picking up his wand and turning to the Marauders map "Now, since I am no longer your teacher, I feel no guilt whatsoever about giving this back to you, Harry"

Harry nodded

"So now I'll say goodbye," Lupin nodded at the two of them "I feel sure we'll meet again sometime"

Charlie nodded sadly

"Until then..." he pointed his wand at the Map "...mischief managed"

And the writing on the map disappeared as it folded back up into one piece of parchment. He then turned, plucked up his walking cane and left the DADA classroom, following him to the door Charlie sighed as she watched him disappear out into the hallway "Do you think we'll ever see him again?" she asked, turning to Harry

"I dunno, Charlie" the Gryffindor shrugged "I hope so; because you were right"

"About what?"

Harry smiled "He was the best teacher we've ever had"

The Slytherin grinned and nodded her head "Come on...lets go finish breakfast"

And together the two left the DADA classroom and returned to the Great Hall, and their respective tables.


Nobody at Hogwarts knew the truth about how Sirius Black had been redeemed innocent after 12 years in prision, no one knew the truth about how Pettigrew had been found out and handed over to the Minister of Magic, no one except a selected few that was, and as the end of term drew to an end many different theories flew around the Great Hall at breakfast time. Charlie sat at her usual seat between Marcus and Daphne and listened to the stories grow ridiculous by the minute, and know that all she could do was exchange looks with Marcus and snicker between themselves, because they had privilege of knowing the truth that nobody else did. The only problem this brought was Nikki was close at hand and throwing the two glances everytime they exchanged looks and smirks; finally the prefect snapped.

"What is going on between you two?" she demanded, staring at her two friends "Neither of you returned to the Common room last night, Charlie you sprinted out of the Great Hall this morning before I could even utter a single word to you, and then you returned with Potter. Marcus, you let slip that Pettigrew had been questioned under the Truth Serum and you couldnt even see the paper that Adrian had dropped down in front of me; and now your both sitting there like you know something we dont!" she stated "So, come on...spill!"

Charlie shook her head "It's nothing Nikki," she smiled "I promise"

"You're lying!" Nikki accused "What is it Charlie, you know you can tell me!"

The Muggleborn sighed "Really, it's nothing" she could tell Nikki the truth, but how much of it would she believe? How much of it would she actually understand? And how much time would she take to fully grasp the concept of reality before she killed her? "Trust me, if it were important or anything I'd tell you, but it's nothing." she smiled and turned back to her cereal, seconds before there was a cry of her name and Riley tackled her from behind

"Harry's just told us that Professor Lupin's gone, tell me its not true!" Riley cried, dropping down onto the bench beside her best friend

Charlie frowned sadly "Sorry Rils, wish I could, really" she shook her head "But its true. He resigned this morning, someone let slip of his nature; and I have a pretty good idea who that was -" she glared up at the teacher's table, to the place where her Head of House was sitting "- and he didnt want to risk attacking anyone during a full moon. Pretty sad actually, 'cause he was one of the best"

"He was a werewolf!" Draco exclaimed, only to be silenced when Charlie threw him a dark glare from across the table

"I don't care!" the Muggleborn snapped "We've had three Defence Professors, and he was the best out of the lot!" she defended "Lockhart was more interested in image than he was teaching us anything and Quirrell had Voldemort -" the Slytherins around her shivered "- growing out of the back of his head, and he was here for a pretty long time! Who knows how long he had Voldemort -" again the Slytherins shivered, Charlie and Riley rolled their eyes this time "- attached to him! Could have been years, maybe before he even came to Hogwarts, or during the summer of one of his years here! Either way, I'd take a Werewolf over Quirrell/Voldemort anyday!"

Riley nodded in agreement "Besides, who best to teach us Defence Against the Dark Arts; than someone who is classed as a 'Dark Creature' themselves?"

"They provide good points," Daphne agreed, before shrinking under Draco's glare "What? They do!" she defended

Blaise glanced up and straightened quickly at the breakfast table "Good morning, Professor Snape" he spoke

"Nice try, Blaise" Charlie told her friend "Doesnt mean i'm gonna fall for it! Im still not talking to him!"

"What pray tell have I done this time, to upset you Miss. Hunter?" Snape's cold voice, drawled

Riley and Charlie jumped in their seats and the Gryffindor crashed to the ground, after helping her best friend of the ground Charlie glared up at her Head of House "You told the whole school about Professor Lupin!" she retorted angrily "And now because of that, he's resigned!"

"He's a werewolf, Miss. Hunter" Snape reminded her "He's not a tamed dog, that you can befriend"

If possible Charlie glared harder; she knew exactly what he was edging towards and she was willing him not to go there. Sirius had been innocent, he may have played a nasty prank on Snape when they were at school and she would make sure that he suffered for that; but he didnt kill Harry's parents and therefore he didnt deserve the Dementor's Kiss for something he didnt do! Although, it seemed only Marcus and Riley knew what Snape was getting at, seeing as Daphne, Millicent, Pansy, Draco, Nathan, Blaise, Nikki and Adrian were looking confused.

"He didnt deserve to die like that!" Charlie retorted "He will suffer for what he did in the past, but he didnt harm them!"

Again her friends, save for Marcus and Riley looked confused

Snape narrowed his dark eyes at his student, it took alot of courage for people to stand up to him because he knew that he could be quite intimidating; a smirk slithered onto his face. It wasnt hard for him or anyone to see that Charlie brought a whole new image to that of the Slytherins. And so without a word, he handed over several envelopes to the 3rd year Slytherins and one to Riley, before turning and walking away his cape billowing behind him. Charlie glared after him, before dropping down of the bench on which she had been standing, and turned back to face the brekfast table. A heavy silence hung around her and the other Slytherins, but no one seemed brave enough to break it.

Riley did.

She had ripped open her envelope that Snape had just handed her and squealed "Their our exam results!" she grinned "I passed!"

Charlie opened her's next and smiled "Me too!" she grinned "What did you get?" she asked her best friend

"Uh...5 outstandings, 1 Exceeds Expectations, 2 Acceptables and 1 Dreadful" the Gryffindor smiled, "You?"

Charlie handed her sheet over

Riley smiled, and looked over her friend's results "You had a 'T' in Astronomy," she giggled

"I fell asleep half way through," Charlie answered "Doesnt matter, im dropping it next year!"

"Me too," Riley nodded "Midnight is for sleeping!"

The Slytherin nodded

"Other than that you had 3 Outstandings, 1 Exceeds Expectations, 3 Acceptables and 1 Dreadful" Riley read off "Looks, like all that hard work paid off"

"Don't get used to it," Charlie retorted as the breakfast table's cleared and students started heading for the doors, as school came to a close for another year "Next year, im going back to copying you!"

Riley smiled "Aw, there's the best friend I know and love" she hugged the Slytherin "Missed ya, Hobbit"

"Shut up Spaz!"

The two laughed at the use of their old nicknames as the pureblood Slytherins watched on in confusion.


At 12 that day; all bags had been packed and students were scrambling onto the Hogwarts Express as it pulled out of Hogsmeade station and headed South returning its boarders to London and their families. Charlie, who usually sat with the Slytherins at the end of the year, found herself curled up in the corner of the Gryffindor compartment with Harry, Ron, Hermione and Riley, chatting happily about what they were going to do over the summer. Harry had already made plans to return to Charlie's for part of the summer and agreed to send word with Hedwig to see if it was okay for him to come over, of course the Slytherin had agreed that he could come over whenever he wanted and that her mother wouldnt mind; Serena actually enjoyed Harry's company before school started last fall and she treated him like a son, more than her daughter's friend.

"Hey, what happened with McGonagall this morning?" Riley asked, turning to Hermione

Charlie straightened and frowned "Why were you with McGonagall this morning?" she asked, the third Muggleborn of the group

"I've decided to drop Muggle Studies and Divination," Hermione explained "I can't stand another year like this one. That Time-Turner; it was driving me mad. I've handed it in, without Muggle Studies and Divination I'll be able to have a proper timetable"

Riley nodded "Like it should be," she smiled "I mean, come on Hermione, I like studying as much as you do; but I'd never put myself though what you did to yourself"

"That and I wouldn't let you!" Charlie huffed, prodding her best friend "You do anything like that again, Hermione, and I'll throttle you!" she warned

Hermione nodded and crossed her fingers "Gryffindor's honour, that I wont do it again"

"I don't trust Gryffindors," Charle replied "Friends honour...I can live with that"

The girls cracked grins as the boys shook their heads at Charlie's logic, it didnt make sense to them. "Hey, you'll never guess what's going on this summer!" Ron grinned "The Quidditch World Cup!" he exclaimed, before his friends had a chance of guessing "Im sure your Slytherin friends have already mentioned it Charlie?"

"No, they havent" Charlie shook her head

"Well, how about it?" Ron asked "If my dad can get extra tickets; how about you four come stay with me at the Burrow, and we'll go see it?"

Riley and Charlie exchanged looks "Sure," they nodded "Only if your father can get extra tickets. If he can't then dont pressure him. Okay?"

"Okay," Ron nodded, although he made a mental note to try and get tickets for Charlie and Riley too, it wouldnt be fun if he, Harry and Hermione were in the Magical world having fun, and they were stuck in the Muggle world.

The train rumbled onwards, and soon growing tired of the boredom Riley removed a back of Exploding Snap cards from her backpack "Fred and George gave them to me," she told her friends "Game anyone?" and the five of them fell into an enjoyable game of Exploding Snap.


But it was late afternoon, when things really started to brighten up.

"Harry?" Hermione asked "What's that?" she pointed at a very small grey ball, bobbing in and out beyond the glass. Harry jumped to his feet and opened the window and scooped it out of the air. Once inside he realized it was an owl.

Charlie stared at the bird "Cute!" she grinned, taking him off of Harry as he closed the window "Poor thing," she added, taking the letter "Its bigger than him. Here Harry, it's for you" she tossed him the letter, and pulled the owl backwards as she flopped down beside Riley, the two of them petting the owl, who hooted in delight of being pampered and played with, after a long journey.

"Its from Sirius!" Harry suddenly shouted, startling his friends

"What?" Ron and Hermione asked, excitedly "Read it aloud!"

Harry nodded and did has instructed

'Dear Harry,

I hope this finds you before you reach your aunt and uncle. I don't know whether they're used to owl post.

Buckbeak and I are in hiding; well, Buckbeak is. I myself, have been requested by the Minister of Magic and have gone to the Ministry, they are sorting out my release papers from Azkaban. I should be a free man by this time tomorrow. I owe you and your friends a debt, I can never repay, if it hadnt been for you I would still be in Azkaban and for that I am thankful to have found you. Oh, there is something I never got around to tell you during our brief meeting. It was I who sent you the Firebolt -'

"Ha!" Hermione said triumphantly "See! I told you it was from him!"

Charlie glared "Shush!" she demanded "Continue Harry..."

'Crookshanks took the order to the Owl Office for me. I used your name but told them to take the gold from Gringotts vault 711 - my own. Please consider it as thirteen birthdays' worth of presents from your godfather. I would also like to apologize for the fight I think I gave you, Charlie and Riley, that night last year when you were at Spinners End. You were all walking home with a little boy, I had only hoped to get a glimpse of you before starting my journey north, but I think the sight of me alarmed you all.

I am enclosing something else for you, which I think will make your next year at Hogwarts more enjoyable.

If ever you need me, send word. Your owl will find me.

I'll write again soon.


"What did he enclose?" Riley asked expectantly

Harry tipped the envelope upside down and a piece of paper fluttered to the floor, stooping down to pick it up Charlie grinned as she read it. "Its a Hogsmeade form. He's signed it!" she handed it over to Harry "You can come to Hogsmeade with us!"

"Cool," Ron grinned

"Wait, there's a PS..." Harry trailed, glancing back at the letter "I thought your friend Ron might light to keep this owl, as it's my fault he no longer has a rat"

Ron's eyes widened, the minute owl was still hooting excitedly from Charlie's arms "Keep him?" the red head asked, before snatching the owl from the Slytherin, who pouted in protest. Before holding it up towards Crookshanks "What do you think?" he asked "Definitely an owl?"

Crookshanks purred

"Good enough for me!" Ron cried "He's mine!"

And with a smile the five friends fell back into their usual comfortable conversations as the train rattled onwards; Summer had yet to begin and already it seemed that it was going to be a happy one.

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