He took the motorcycle to the highway because he wanted to feel something. He heard the sirens and saw the people but could not respond - he was locked, frozen in a state of nothing. The icy night air bit at him, and he sensed the wind, pushing back at him, but did not feel. He could not. So he went faster, faster, in an effort to feel something, anything, but then the sirens came. He saw the flashing of the lights but made no reaction, until such a long time after, when he forced his hands to relax and he moved to the side of the road. Even then, there was no emotion, nothing; he was lifeless. He felt himself hit the hood of the car with force, but was detached - so detached, like he was merely a bystander, or one of the many cars that hummed and whizzed as they sped past him. He heard murmurs, but then he was let go, and he slowly, robotically, went back to his motorcycle.

He climbed on but did not move for a very long while. He turned the key and went on, forwards, to nowhere, until he saw the distant lights grow nearer. He turned at the exit and turned around, went back, for ages and eons; he did not know, he did not feel. His motions were predetermined, automated, so that he found himself at the garage before he had realized he had slowed down. He quietly went inside the darkened room, lit only subtly by the moon and streetlights against the shiny surface of the floor. He climbed off and stepped back. He threw the keys with such force they clashed against the wall and against metal shelves and toolboxes and bikes until there was a clatter upon the floor. Then he slid down slowly on the cold concrete, his body shaking with the silence of it, and he sat there for a lifetime.

A/N: Loved the series. It was just so... wow. Great acting. Loved the score by Murray Gold too. YouTube "Remembering Rita" for an unofficial soundtrack. Finally, please review!