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It was just after 3:00 in the afternoon and Logan and Victor sat on their bed against the headboard. Logan had his head laying on Victor's shoulder as they watched TV. It had been a week since he tried killing himself for the second time. He liked talking with Jean and Kurt. Jean helped the most.

Logan sighed as he snuggled more into Victor. Victor had his arm around Logan and tightened his grip around him. Logan took his eyes off the screen and looked at Victor.



"I've been kinda thinkin' 'bout what ya said 'bout havin' another pup."

Victor looked at Logan. "And?"

"I. . .I wanna have another pup. I'm ready to have another."

"Are ya sure?"

Logan smiled and kissed Victor. "I'm sure," he said. "I wanna do it tonight. Someone can watch the twins while we go out to the cave."

Victor kissed him back. "How 'bout we go now?"

Logan smiled. "Yeah," he said.

"Great. Let's get a babysitter," Victor said, getting up.

Logan nodded and he got up, too. They packed a bag of clothes and extra blankets. They walked down to the kitchen where the staff was. They walk in and everyone looked at them.

"How are you, Logan?" Hank asked

"Good," Logan said.

"We're headin' down to the cave. We need a babysitter. The kids are sleepin' in their room."

"We're gonna try to have another pup," Logan said, smiling.

Everyone smiled.

"I'll watch the kids," Rogue said, getting up.

"Thanks," Logan said.

"I hope that you two will have another child," she said before she left.

"We all hope you will," Charles said.

"Thanks," Logan and Victor said.

They then headed down to the cave. Once there they laid out the blankets and set the bag with the clothes down near the entrance. Logan then took his shoes and socks off. He walked to where Victor was laying the blankets out straight.

Logan pulled him up and turned him to face him. Logan kissed him passionately. Victor kissed him back and put his hands on Logan's waist and pulled him closer. He used his claws to rip off Logan's torso. The shirt fell to the floor in shreds. Logan used his claws to cut off Victor's torso, too.

Victor tore off Logan's jeans and Logan did the same. They tore off their boxers and Victor kissed Logan deeply and picked him up. Logan wrapped his legs around Victor's waist and Victor held him up by Logan's buttocks. He lowered them down on the blankets and they kissed more as their eyes turned gold. Wolverine straddled Sabretooth's legs.

Wolverine nipped Sabretooth's neck and trailed nips and kisses to his collar bone. Sabretooth growled, grinning. Wolverine sat up and grabbed Sabretooth by his shoulders as the older feral slipped inside Wolverine and started thrusting. Sabretooth grip Logan's waist. Wolverine growled as he gripped Sabretooth's shoulders harder. Their moans and groans got louder. Their growls and snarls got louder.

After an hour, Wolverine and Sabretooth faded back into their minds and Logan and Victor were laying next to each other, holding each other. Logan looked at Victor and smiled a little.

"You think we did it?"

Victor looked at Logan. "We might've," Victor said, smiling. "I hope we did."

"Me, too, Victor."

Victor kissed Logan and Logan kissed him back.

"Let's go for a dip in the stream to clean up."

Victor nodded and they got up. Victor helped Logan up and they headed to the stream. They cleaned each other off and kissed each other as they sat at the edge of the stream. Logan was very happy that he made the choice of having another pup. He was tired of being depressed and tired of trying to kill himself. He needed to be there for Victor and his pups.

Logan and Victor spent the rest of the day together, wild , naked, and free in the forest. They wrestled like puppies would, chased each other all around the forest, and they hunted for dinner, too.

Logan had never felt so happy since the death of the baby pup. He hadn't had this much fun, either. It reminded Logan of when they were kids. They would play for hours and hours, not having a care in the world.

Logan had caught a few rabbit for their dinner and was skinning them when Victor came out of the woods with a large buck over his shoulders. He dropped it in front of Logan. Logan grinned when he saw the size of the large buck.

"Ain't seen one this big since we were kids," he said.

Victor grinned. "Yeah. Thought it would be a great dinner," he said then spotted the rabbits. "With a few appetizers."

Logan started to skin the deer. Victor got a fire going and sat back as Logan finished skinning the animal. Logan got blood on most of his face. Victor walked over to him and kneeled in front of Logan. He leaned forward and licked the blood off his face, cleaning it. He then kissed Logan and there was deer blood on his lips. Logan kissed him back.

"I love ya so much, Jimmy," he said between kisses.

"I love ya, too."

Logan got the meat cooking and laid his head on Victor's chest as the older feral held him. They both watched the meat sizzle, snap, and pop as it cooked. Victor kissed Logan's head as they waited.

Victor also sniffed Logan's hair. His scent didn't seem off at all. Maybe Logan's egg wasn't furtulized yet. He really want ed this work so badly. He wanted them to have another pup and Logan did, too.

Victor sniffed him all over, but couldn't find anything off about is mate's scent. Logan smiled as Victor sniffed him. When Victor sniffed his sides it tickled and he laughed. Victor then smirked and started tickling him.

Logan laughed and tried to get him to stop, but couldn't Logan fell down laughing and Victor got on top of him, have full access to Logan's ticklish spots. Victor tickled him all over and Logan was laughing so hard that he felt like he was going to pee.

"Vi-i-i-to-o-or! Pl-e-e-ase, Stop!" He said as he laughed.

Victor laughed more and tickled him even more. Logan gasped for breath as he laughed. Victor then stop and sat up and Logan laid on the ground, laughing a little. That was so much fun. Logan sat up and checked on their dinner. It wasn't done. He took the rabbits and handed one to Victor. They ate the rabbits and soon their dinner was done.

They ate their dinner and laid back on the ground and looked at the stars. Logan had his head on Victor's shoulder and he was grinning as he watched the stars. Victor had his arm around Logan and he kissed his temple.

Later, they headed back to the cave and went to sleep.

The next morning, Victor and Logan woke up and Victor sniffed him all over and grinned.

"What, Victor?"

"Yer scent's off," he said. "Yer pregnant."

Logan screamed in joy and hugged Victor. Victor hugged him back, grinning. They were going to have a new addition to the family. Once they were dressed and had everything packed, they headed to the school.

They went through the kitchen door and saw the staff in there. They sat at the island and put their bag down. They smiled at everyone.

"We got some great news," Victor said.

"I'm pregnant!" Logan said.

Everyone congradulated them.

Logan and Victor looked at each other and kissed.