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She was a judge magister's wife.

Pretty and pampered, she spent her days in idleness. She existed to smile at gentry, to curtsey to nobility, to entertain the people with whom her husband worked. She managed a household of servants. She hosted dinner parties. She pretended to understand nothing of the concerns of men and government.

A woman with a voice like hers belonged in the highest terraces of Archades, her songs the property of the privileged few. In turn, they protected her from the ugliness of life on the ground. They treated her like a precious object, a plundered treasure on display. A surviving Nabradian, she was a beauty the likes of which was rarely seen, long of leg and sweet of smile, with hair the color of a lily and eyes the fresh green of new leaves. Judge Magister Gabranth had chosen his wife well.

She accepted their compliments with outward graciousness, slipping into the role of a lady her mother had wanted for her so long ago. This life was suitable for Sir Bertrand Praeities's only daughter.

But the knowledge that none of these people knew who she was and about that other life she'd led, or would understand if she told them, made her sick inside.

Once, she had been a lady knight, Captain of the New Order of Knights of Dalmasca.

Not so long ago, she had met a would-be god in battle with her six friends at her side, and they had won the freedom of all Dalmasca.

With the help of Dalmasca's new queen and Archadia's new emperor, she had placed an imposter in Gabranth's black judicer's plate, to pursue the peace that Ivalice so desperately needed.

In the name of this peace, though she was not yet twenty years old, she had given up everything for the love of the man she had married. Her country. Her identity. And her sword.

A/N: Greetings and salutations, Dear Readers! It's been, what, six months since the end of "A Song for the Past"? Something like that. When I finished the story, I had a good idea of what awaited my OC past the end of the game. I have finally decided to move forward with a sequel. I don't believe it will be necessary to read the first book of this two-part series, but if you do go back and read "A Song for the Past," I would LOVE to hear your thoughts there, as well. It's my favorite of all my stories. X3

A small warning: I do not own a DS, so I have not played "Revenant Wings." Everything I put in as fact in ASftP is fact I believed in, having only played the original game. I will stick by those facts. I debated long and hard on whether to include "Revenant Wings" in this story.

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