Chapter 8

"Admit it, Vur! If that it is your real name," Matthew snarled, ready to attack if he needed to.

Larten did not say anything.

"Are they vampires too?" He shouted, pointing at Mika and Arra.

"Do you see the mess you've gotten us into?" Mika yelled. "I swear to the Vampire Gods, Larten, you act like a teenager with too many hormones."

"Shut up," Larten whispered.

"'Larten?'" Elizabeth repeated softly, but loud enough for them to hear. "Your name is L-Larten?"

"Please, do not see too much into this, darling," Larten replied. "But, yes, my name is not Vur. It is Larten."

"How did you get the name 'Vur?' Matthew screamed. "Did you steal it from the person you sucked dry?"

"For your information, Mr. Higgins, Vur is the name of my cousin who was tragically murdered when I was just a boy. So, think twice before you make such wicked accusations."

"Mr. Tiny told me how to determine if someone is a vampire," Matthew went on, ignoring the heat rising to his face with embarrassment. He approached Larten and stared at his fingertips, the moonlight illuminating them. When he saw the scars, he screamed, tumbling backwards. "He is a vampire!" He shouted, pointing a shaky finger at him.

"They are as well," Mr. Tiny said, laughing. "Lift up your hands, Mika and Arra."

"I will do no such thing," Mika spat at once, but Arra was immersed by Mr. Tiny's extraordinary power. She lifted her hands, revealing her ten scarred fingertips. She, under Mr. Tiny's control, grabbed Mika's hands and lifted them up as well. "Hey, cut it out, Arra!"

"Oh, my god! They are all vampires!" Matthew shrieked. "Everyone! Everyone!" He shouted to all the houses as loudly as he could. "Vampires, vampires! This is not a drill! There are real vampires!"

"Matthew, shut the hell up!" Someone yelled, poking their head through a window. "I'm trying to sleep here! The rain's making me drowsy."

"Get your pitchforks and torches, hurry!"

"Stop with your superstitions! This isn't the first time a 'vampire' set foot in Paris."

"That was a vampire!" Matthew protested. "How else would you explain the bodies in the alleyways sucked completely dry?"

Mika and Larten tensed up. Arra was confused.

"What's wrong?" She whispered.

"I'll explain later," Mika told her.



Arra sighed, turning her attention back to the quarreling neighbors. While they argued, Elizabeth cautiously approached Larten, tears glistening in her eyes.

"Vu….I mean, Larten," she said. "It's true?"

"I am afraid it is," Larten said. "I am sorry."

Elizabeth turned her head away. "I feel so… betrayed."

"Imagine how she would feel if she found out he's cheating on her," Mika laughed, whispering to Arra, who pushed him away. "Hey, have some respect."

"Earn it, then," Arra replied.

"James, I'm serious!" Matthew said. "They are vampires! THEY ARE!"

"I am a vampire!" Larten finally shouted. "I admit it." Before Matthew could start screaming again, he said, "But, it was not I that murdered those people nor was it any other vampire. Those creatures are called 'Vamapaneze.' They broke away from the vampire clan and made their own. They are kin, but I do not follow their ways."

"Vampaneze?" Arra repeated, confusion filling her head.

"Oh, pay no attention to them, sweetie," Mr. Tiny spoke up, putting his arms around Arra's shoulders. "Just remember what I said. Continue your relationship. It is the best thing, after all."

"Is it?" Arra asked.

"Of course."

Matthew did not believe a word Larten said and immediately began calling for backup, telling everyone that he had admitted to his being a vampire.

People came out of their houses, including James, who was wielding a torch. The intensity of the torches was too much for the rain to put out. Some people had pitchforks. Gregory, who was still drunk, tried to attack, but ended up toppling over his own feet and into the mud. Any other night, this would be humorous, but there was no humor this night.

"Die, fiends!" Matthew growled, coming closer to Larten, with a torch he grabbed off some other neighbor. "Someone, give me a cross. We can burn him with that too."

"Ha!" Mika laughed. "Sorry, but you're wasting your time. Crosses, garlic, and holey water will have no effect upon us. We are not your horror story vampires. We are psychos, who murderer anyone. We are not so different from you, aside from the fact that we cannot endure sunlight for so long. But, as I think about it, you are even worse than we are." The humans looked at him in shock, muttering something about mental vampires. "I'm sorry to say that humans are idiots. Wars? Really? We try to avoid them while you lot seem to enjoy them."

"Enough talk!" James yelled. "We need these creatures out of our town!"

"You believe me, now?" Matthew asked, chuckling.

"They admitted it."

"Arra, get behind me," Mika ordered. "You have never been exposed like this before. Larten and I know what we're dealing with. We've been hunted before."

"So, that's where your scars came from?" Elizabeth yelled over the crowd. "You got them from hunters? It wasn't just some accident?"

"Most of them were from hunters, correct. Others were from other vampires. And…" He blushed a crimson red as he ran his thumb down the scar on his cheek. "…This one was from…." His eyes flickered towards Evanna who was lurking in the shadows, and he distinctly saw a small smile playing on her lips. "Never mind."

As the mob approached, Arra suddenly had a rush of adrenaline hit her body. She jumped up from behind Mika, running into the crowd. She easily kicked the torches and pitchforks out of their hands. Mika whistled impressively.

"Interesting," he murmured.

"You better stop them," Evanna told Mr. Tiny. "If they murder the vampires, your plan is as good as gone."

"You're right," Mr. Tiny said, standing the iron gates around Elizabeth's home. "Miss Elizabeth, come hither, if you will." He whispered something in her ear, which made her shudder.

"Stop it, all of you!" Elizabeth yelled. "Larten, I am extremely disappointed."

"I can hardly blame you," Larten replied.

"I cannot take the fact that you are a vampire." She took the ring off her finger and threw it against the ground; it clattered into the gutter. "It's over. I can't be with you."

"Well, let me just say something," Larten said, joining Mr. Tiny on the iron gate. "If Elizabeth had told me this weeks ago, I would be heartbroken, completely devastated. However, I am not. For, I am in love with the wonderful Miss Arra Sails." He held out his hand to Arra, who took it. He brought her with him on the gate. "I do apologize for the pain I put you through, Elizabeth, but you are correct; it can never be."

"Get the hell down from there," Mika ordered, pointing to the ground. "We can't linger here much longer. I fear they are itching for their weapons."

"I guess we are off!" Larten shouted, jumping from the gate with Arra. "Fare-thee-well, good people of Paris, France! Forget everything, alright? I can promise you I will not be back during your lifetime. At least, not this neighborhood."

With that, Larten, Arra, and Mika flitted away. Elizabeth watched with great shock in her eyes.

Mr. Tiny smiled hugely, retiring to the shadows with his daughter and Little People.

"All according to plan?" She asked.

"But, of course," he replied, his eyes glittering with lust. "If I didn't get those two together, he would never leave Paris to Vampire Mountain, join that freak show again, and meet those two young boys. There would be no Lord of the Vampaneze or Lord of the Shadows. They are just pawns in my worldwide game of chess."

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