First story-Come Alive

Seems like only yesterday

Life belonged to runaways

Nothing here to see, no looking back

Temari felt her heart drop as she looked out of the window. Konoha's weather showed nothing but rain this season. She couldn't believe that she would be stuck in this apartment for yet another day. The downpour was too hard to travel in, and seeing that she had no dry way of getting home, this was her only option. She wanted to run away, but she no longer had that option like when she was a little girl. She was technically an adult now, and running away was never an option. She was stuck in Nara's apartment with a lazy ass who had decided to fall asleep on the couch. There was no way in and no way out.

Every sound monotone

Every color monochrome

Life began to fade into the black

As she began to move onto the couch, the power went out. There was no sounds and no lights. There were only two completely different people that were, at the moment, unable to interact. Temari felt her way toward the couch until she reached it. She slowly sat down on it before she heard a grunt from Shikamaru. "Hey, do you mind? I was in the middle of a great dream!" He opened his eyes to nothing but darkness. He knew that Temari was not completely used to the weather here, so he grabbed onto her shoulder. She had incredibly soft skin for a bold and brazen woman. "The power went out. That's all, Temari. It'll be on soon."

She knew that, but still, living in the dark wasn't her favorite idea. She had figuratively lived in the dark through her childhood, and she didn't want to even imagine living in the dark literally. " I know!" However, she was not someone to admit that she had a slight fear of the dark.

Such a simple animal

Sterilized with alcohol

I could hardly feel me anymore

A flash spread across the room, lighting up both of their faces: his was calm and collected while hers was trying to hide her fear. The room quickly faded back into darkness. Then came the thunder. Temari felt numb. The sound was earsplitting. She unintentionally squished Shikamaru's arms. Her grasp on him was the only thing she could feel anymore. She could compare it to when she first saw snow. It made her fingers go numb, and her toes freeze up.

Desperate meaningless

All filled up with emptiness

Felt like everything was said and done

"Temari, it's just thunder and lightning. You don't have to be scared of it." Shikamaru didn't feel like having claw marks after the night was done. He figured that the best way to prevent that was to calm Temari down.

Temari loosened her grip on Shikamaru. "I'm not scared! I just don't like the dark. I don't particularly like the sounds in the dark either." She pouted in the only way she knew how: seriously. She thought the disagreement would end there. She wanted the last word in the matter.

I lay there in the dark when I close my eyes

You saved me the day you came alive

Shikamaru smirked. He didn't feel like arguing with her. She would always find a way to win even if he was right. It was amazing how troublesome women were.

There was a another flash that lit up her face. Her face was nothing close to plain. It was beautiful.

A familiar pain surged through Shikamaru. Her nails were too long. He was tired of being treated like a cat post. Now that Temari had a grip on his arm, he knew this a precise moment to surprise her. He never, under other circumstances, would dare try it.

He used his other arm to push Temari down to his chest. She looked up at him angry. She hated losing her control even if she was willingly giving it up.

Shikamaru liked when she was angry. Her face was cuter when it normally was. With any other girl, the face looked terrible when they were angry. Temari, on the other hand, had a face that seemed to light up when she was angry. It made her look even prettier. Shikamaru couldn't explain it, and he really did want to. It was the puzzle he never wanted to solve. That's why he just had to go for it, even if it was out of his character.

"Temari, will you kiss me?"

Still I tried to find my way

Spinning I was in the daze

Burning like a flame behind my eyes.

Temari looked up at him even though she couldn't see him. She would never expect that sentence to pour out of Shikamaru's mouth. She felt up Shikamaru's arm to his neck and then eventually to his face. She felt his cheek. It was too soft to be a man's face. But, then again, Shikamaru hadn't been like any other guy to her. He was special. He meant something. She felt a burning inside her. She felt the urge to kiss him. She leaned in close to his face and brushed his lips with her own.

Shikamaru was tired of waiting. He pushed his face up into her lips. They were soft and salty. Nothing like he had expected.

Temari was surprised at his move but quickly shoved him away. She slowly turned on her stomach to be on top of him. She smiled as a flash of lightning flashed between them again. Shikamaru had to admit that she had the prettiest smile. "You know, the first time I met you crybaby, I thought you would be a nobody."

The thunder rang in her ears again and she jumped. Shikamaru wrapped his arms around her, making it impossible to escape his grip. "You know when I first met you, I thought you would be trouble." He kissed her forehead. "I was right."

Drown it out, drink it in

Crown the king of suffering

Prisoner to slave to the disguise

She leaned up underneath his chin. She felt his heartbeat with her hand. It was beating rapidly. She smirked. No one could be as calm as they acted. Not even Shikamaru. They both laid there in the dark for several moments before another thunder boomed. Temari remained calm this time.

Disappear the only thing

Bittersweet surrendering

Knew that it was time to say goodbye

Suddenly, the rain subsided. The clouds were still murky, but the moon began to peek outside of the clouds. "So, when is the power supposed to come back on, genius?"

I lay there in the dark when I close my eyes

You saved me the day you came alive

No reason left for me to survive

You saved me the day you came alive

Temari dizzily closed her eyes and felt a warmth she had never felt before. She felt alive for once. Not trying to fight to live but to be alive.

You laughing at me

I can finally breath

Come alive

Shikamaru chuckled as Temari fell asleep. She breathed so calmly, so peacefully.