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28 Weeks

Ziva had decided that she would not take leave from work until she was in labor. She was the type of woman who couldn't just sit at home, bored. She was a woman who had to be doing something and she would rather stay at work until she had to leave, even if it meant staying on desk work, she was ok with that.

Tony and Ziva were going to dinner with Tony's father this weekend to give him the news, but Ziva still hadn't made that call to her father. Ziva decided to get Tony's father done first so she may have some view or courage boost to telling her own father.

Ziva had cooked a traditional Italian meal for dinner with the help of Tony's knowledge on the dish and she was starting to feel nervous about telling Tony's father even though she was mainly the sidekick on this and it was more tough on Tony since he was the one going to be telling his father, his father didn't know about Ziva and him yet. Tony had just invited his father over for a nice dinner saying it was very important and Senior had flown down from New York, making more of an effort to his son these days.

Ziva had advised to Tony that having it at home would be easier just incase they started a scene in a restaurant and all eyes would be on them, Ziva didn't want that and never did Tony by the look on his face when he registered her good idea. Just as Ziva put the dinner in the oven there was a knock on the door, Tony's dad was on time. Before Tony went to get the door he walked into the kitchen and gave her a light kiss.

"You still want to do this Zi?" he asked seeing the nervousness radiating off her. She gave him a nod.

"Yes, I still want to do this" she replied and she didn't really understand why he asked her if she wanted to do it when it wasn't really her say on telling his father it was his decision. But she remembered a week ago when he told her something.

The team had just finished a case and there was a husband and wife involved, they didn't really talk to each other much or involve each other, it was like they weren't married but they were on paper. Tony and Ziva had been left alone in the bullpen and Tony had got up from his chair and walked over to her desk and sat on the side of it looking down at her. When she looked up and met his eyes he spoke.

"Everything important that I do in life I will make sure you know, make sure you agree it's a good idea. I just think that if we share what we have and how close we are I want you to be involved in the important decisions I make so we work together and not against each other, I don't want to end up like them" Tony said, referring to 'them' as the couple from the case. Ziva rested her hand on top of his on her desk and gave it a light squeeze.

"We will not end up like them Tony" she explained. They both knew well that the connection they had was nothing like what the people from the case had. Tony and Ziva had a bond, they knew each other through and through, they were best mates and soul mates, unlike the married couple who didn't seem to know much about each other and almost hated each other. Even Gibbs had wondered why they were still together.

Ziva knew that his asking if she still wanted to do this was related to that conversation, that he was asking her because he was involving her in something important in his life. She was happy to be that important to him that he would ask her opinion on important things in his life, it was a big step to take in a relationship, to trust the others opinion over your own.

Tony gave her one more kiss and a confident smile before walking to the door to greet his father. Ziva went and sat on one of the bar stools at the kitchen bench.

Tony opened the door to see his father in one of his expensive suits, and he had a very honest smile on his face.

"Junior" he exclaimed and pulled Tony into a hug. Tony hadn't had one of these in a while, but he liked the fact his father was beginning to give him that father love and support he had missed out in his childhood. Tony hugged his dad back.

"Hey Dad, thanks for coming all this way" Tony replied as his father stepped back from the hug.

"You know I don't want to miss out on my time with you anymore Junior, I have missed enough and any time you have something important to share with me know that I will be there" he explained and Tony was happy he decided to tell his father about him and Ziva, it may have taken 40 years for his father to come to his senses about being a good father but at least he had and now he was trying was the main thing that made Tony happy.

"Well come in" Tony smiled and stepped aside for his father. His father willingly stepped inside, happy to be here himself.

"I have to say Junior you have a nice place here" he said, actually never being inside his son's apartment.

"Yeah well I do have your genetics in me" Tony replied and it made his father grin.

"That you do son" he replied, and then he noticed Ziva sitting at the kitchen bench.

"Well hello Ziva, what a nice surprise to see you again" he smiled and Ziva smiled back and stood from the stool to give him and hug and a kiss to the cheek.

"I see you have changed since we last saw each other" he grinned looking down at the large baby bump she now sported. For some reason Ziva found herself blushing slightly.

"Well yes a few things have changed" Ziva replied and Senior didn't miss the look she quickly gave Tony who was behind her. Senior looked around at his son with a smile.

"Am I guessing that this important thing you had to tell me involves the very pregnant lady in the room Junior?" he asked his son. Tony walked over to Ziva and put his hand gently around her waist.

"Yeah Dad, well you see Ziva and I are together now and I think with that knowledge you could probably tell were having a baby together" Tony stated, wondering what his dad was going to say about it all. He felt good when his dad's face lit up with the biggest smile he had seen him wear before. Senior took a step towards the couple.

"Junior are you saying I'm going to be a grandfather?" Senior asked and Tony could have sworn he saw his eyes go glassy.

"Yes we are" Tony replied and Senior looked more happy with the answer. When Senior stepped up to him he let go of Ziva and Senior brought him into a strong hug.

"I am so proud of you son, I know a haven't been much of a father to you but I always know that you will be a great father, you are a great man and with your mothers heart you will make your family proud and happy" Senior told him quietly and Tony saw Ziva looking at him over Seniors shoulder, Tony knew Ziva would see the small tear that escaped his eyes at his fathers words.

"Thanks Dad, it means a lot to see your happy" Tony replied as Senior stepped back with a smile before turning to Ziva.

"And Ziva, I believe you have had my sons eye on you for a long time" he smiled and hugged her.

"You know he told me once it was only professional between you two, I knew he was lying about that" Senior whispered to her and she laughed quietly. Half because of what Senior told her and half because Tony and him had been talking about her. As Tony watched his father and Ziva hug and share a laugh he realized the wet spot on his shoulder. Tony hadn't seen it but his father had cried.

After the joyful dinner they had shown Tony's dad the ultrasound photos, Senior had rejoiced in the fact he was going to be a grandfather and he had the wonderful evidence in front of him. He had even told Tony and Ziva that when they baby was born he wanted to come down and see it as soon as it was in the world. Tony and Ziva had told him he would be told as soon as Ziva was in hospital.

Later that night in bed Ziva felt more comfortable about calling her own father. Tony's father had been so happier and overjoyed about the news that she hoped her father would be the same. However her father was a lot more different than Tony's father. Yes they both neglected them when they were children but Eli was much colder and violent than Tony's dad. Eli wouldn't like that it was Tony who Ziva had coupled with and become pregnant, she believed that would make him never talk to her, she knew how much he resented Tony.

However she didn't care what his views were in the end, she already had too grandfathers for her child and if the third one didn't like it she wouldn't care about him. If Eli decided to like the fact about her and Tony and the baby she would be happy about it but she knew it would be a far stretch for him to like it.

On Sunday afternoon she made the call. She had her phone to her ear and it was ringing and she could see Tony pacing in the kitchen from where she sat in the lounge, she knew he was nervous about her calling her father because simply Tony knew Eli and knew what a basted he could be and how it would affect Ziva.

On the third ring Eli picked up.

"Shalom" he answered.

"Shalom Father" she replied and his side went quiet for a second before he answered.

"Ziva, how are you? I have not spoken to you in a long time, since my time in your country" Eli replied and she did notice the way he said 'your country'. Eli hadn't been happy she decided to become an American but he hadn't stopped it and she knew with his contacts he could have.

"I have been good actually, I called you to tell you something I believed important that you know" she explained and Tony came back at that moment form the kitchen and sat down on the coffee table in front of her and placed his hands on her knees. Tony knew she was speaking in English for his benefit.

"What is that bat?" he asked using the Hebrew word for daughter. Ziva took a deep breath before answering.

"That you are going to be a grandfather" she stated and this time his end went quiet for longer than a second, she was worried what he was going to say next and the suspense of waiting was killing her.

"You have become pregnant?" he asked, clarifying the answer.

"Yes that is correct" she replied.

"May I ask who the man is who did this to you?" he asked, and the negativity and no congratulations made her believe he wasn't the happiest. She didn't know if she should tell him it was Tony, but she wasn't going to lie about who it was she loved and shared her child with.

"Anthony DiNozzo, and maybe the fact that you already know him and have done a background search on him will save you time on doing it now" she replied a bit unhappy; Tony looked up at her at the mention of his name. She heard the mumbled Hebrew swear from her fathers end.

"That man has made you soft Ziva, I knew I should have tried harder to keep you away from him, and now he has done this to you" Eli replied and she heard his voice become agitated and angry about it, she knew him too well to know he wouldn't be happy about it.

"He has not done anything to me, I have been just as part of this as him, and don't you dare think for one second he bestowed this upon me without my choice" well to be honest it was given to her without her choice but when she found out she was behind it all the way and now she couldn't be happier for it.

"Ziva why do you see something in this man, he is weak, immature and unprofessional, he killed Michael, do you not remember? This man is not acceptable for you Ziva, you disappoint me" even though she didn't care what he father thought to hear him say 'you disappoint me' hurt.

"Tony is a strong man and he is very professional and mature, you do not understand this because you do not know him like I do. He is very acceptable for me, he is the best man I could possibly ask for, he loves me and our child and I could ask for nothing more of the man I love, your opinion does not matter to me, I am happy"

"I do not agree with the choices in life you have made Ziva" Eli spoke and just the vile way he said it made her burst out.

"I do not care what you think, just remember I am happy I left Mossad and can now have a life with the man I love and our child, I am happy to have a family and a life here in America and what you think does not bother me, I do not care what you think and do not think I will be calling you again to tell you how happy I am because you do not care and people here do, goodbye" she said and she hung up on him before he could answer. Tony moved on the table in front of her and brought his hands to her face.

"Ziva are you alright?" he asked quietly. She nodded.

"I am glad that is over and I do not have to talk to him again, he just makes things worse and it is better if he is just not around to make things unhappy. Our child does not need him" she replied and Tony leant in and kissed her softly on the forehead.

"Our child will have so much love that it will not matter, and you, you have so much love from your family here and you know that" he said. She smiled lightly up at him before giving him a small kiss to the lips and wrapping her arms around his neck.

"I love you so much Tony, no one will ever take you away from me, no matter what they say I will stay with you" she stated and she could feel him smile into her neck.

"I love you too sweetheart" he replied and pulled her as close as Squirt would allow him too.