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Here is my second poem, I hope whoever reads it enjoys :)

Again: I do not own Mai- HiME in any way, shape, or form

The Star

I damn that star with everything I have.

Just from that puny star,

My life has gone all bad.


That red star

With the HiME power,

Constantly comes closer

And blossoms like a flower.


Of course I met you

During the year

Where this all happens,

When the worst is near.


I want to run away,

But that would be no good.

I want to go back in time, with you

If only, if only I could.


Why can't I, myself, be a star?

Be out there, out in space and free?

I want to be out farther than Jupiter and Mars,

And I want you to be there with me.


If there had been just one more year

Before I met you,

Then you would have never disappeared,

And I would have had no fears.


But you're back now,

And for that I am glad.

You're back now,

And now I could never be sad.

This one could really apply to most of the Hime, I believe. But, again, who do you think I was basing it off of, originally? ;)

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