Hello everyone and welcome, thank you for taking a look at my humble story. I appreciate it very much. Well as you know, this is a Firebreather fanfic that is currently under construction. I was already in the process of making this story better for the readers but have been neglecting it terribly. Thanks to a wonderful review, I kicked my butt in gear and began rewriting it to make the plot and characters more interesting. If you are new then this doesn't really concern you, but if you're a returning reader then you'll notice major differences.

One of the things I would like to point out, is if you've seen the series Angel Beats (which you should watch cause it is AMAZING) and are familiar with the band from there. In this story they will be a legit real band, their songs will appear here and there. (Mostly Crow Song and Shine Days that are awesome songs!)


Half-Kaiju meets Half-Kaiju

The lights of West Starline, began to turn on as the sun submerged behind the plateau. Small nocturnal creatures awoke from there dormant state to continue their natural routine. They scurried from rock to bush then back to rock again. Already stars were waiting for the night to begin, showing themselves even when the sun's last rays lost the battle against the growing darkness.
I scanned the area, my violet colored eyes not blinking. All is clear. Not many people roamed the city at this hour apparently, though I wouldn't know for sure. I've never been here. I have no clue why father would send me to a place like this. There was no news of havoc wrecking Kaiju running a muck.

I glanced at the hand-held scanner in my hand once more. Nothing new had appeared on the radar. I narrowed my eyes and shoved the useless thing into my pocket.

"Cylis, c'mon!" I whispered. Behind me, I heard her sneakers scrape the gravel as a female sprinted over to my spot, just behind a old building. I turn to see the Chinese looking girl next to me, her mossy eyes sparkling with excitement. Her straight, dark aqua colored hair was pulled back into small ponytail, mimicking my messy ebony hairstyle. Small blue upside down triangle shaped markings were placed directly underneath each eye and extended down most of her cheek. The tip ended just above her mouth line. They almost look painted. Fine round lips graced her heart shaped face.

Both of us wore black leather jackets with dark jean pants and regular tennis shoes. A plaid scarf fit snugly against my pale neck. The weather happened to be the appropriate temperature to wear such clothing, but we had entirely different reasons to wear these certain items. While Cylis used it to conceal her favorite weapons. I mainly had it to hide my dark purple marks that laced my entire body. From my ankles to my lower neck, lightning shaped birthmarks where placed.

"It's rule breaking time!" she said, clapping her hands together. I rolled my eyes. She always says that, but we really aren't breaking any rules. Just like every other city or town we pass through, Cylis and I check to see if their was any Kaiju running around or more importantly Half-Kaiju's, like yours truly and Cylis.

Yes, I'm Half-Kaiju, a child born from the mighty beasts that had once ruled the earth and today's dominant species, humans. My father was Arastair, a powerful Lightning Dragon. True to his name, he can make thunderstorms, many of them over the African Continent. Unlike other Kaiju, he dedicates much of his time helping the human race. As a result they call him Almighty Thunder God. But to the Kaiju he is known as the King of the Southern Realm. Any land or water creature below the Equator are under his rule. Anyone north of that is at the mercy of the other Realm leader, Belloc. Feared and Respected by Kaiju, loved by Humans. Pheh! Humans. I hate them all.

Even though my father had shown kindness to those pathetic creatures, they formed a group that tried to kill or capture our race. Cylis was an example of that. Her parents died trying to help her escape when they had stormed into the innocent family's home. She was the only survivor of her clan. That night she had reached our doorstep, weary and frightened. They are nothing but a bunch of parasites, save for a select few that are decent. I let out a growl under my breath, thinking about that nightmarish day.

"Kimina! Hello!" Cylis waved her hand in front of my face. Without thinking I grabbed her arm.

"Let's go," I said, letting her arm drop. She stared at me, her face blank. Then she let out her normal giggle and playfully punched my side, returning to her former position. I am truly amazed by her though. Even now, she can still carry a smile despite that she is the last of her line. I don't know if I could ever cope with losing my family..

I turned about and stared at the coordinates that mother had sent to us, forcing my mind elsewhere. An old friend of hers happen to live in the area and we were to stay there for the night. That was our main priority now. There was other information tagged with the message, but I didn't care to look at it. I had the house address and that was all I needed.

"Later guys," A male voice caused my head to snap up. A lone boy was walking down the street, waving to another group of humans, that I assumed were his friends, on the other side. I stepped back behind the structure, so he couldn't spot me. I peered around the corner to watch as he walked past. The boy pulled his dark red jacket collar over his...orange skin? I blinked, daring to challenge my own vision.



Yep, he had orange skin, but it wasn't skin, it was scales. I squinted, trying to get a better look. He must have a dragon Kaiju as one of his parents, just like me. His blonde hair stood up in an awkward way, kind of similar to a show character who's name escapes me at the moment.

"Found one," I said. Cylis looked over me to see the boy."Who? Him? He's so young." Her voice sounded surprised, though I don't know why. We were both seventeen and he looked about the same age. Actually I was to be eighteen in less than six months.

"C'mon! We need to find out more about him," I said, standing up and began walking in the Kaiju-boy's direction, without Cylis having time to respond. I heard my name being called out but I ignored her. I need to find out who this boy is and report back to my dad. The Kaiju-boy seemed oblivious to the situation to my presence. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed an oncoming pedestrian. As he shuffled past me his eyes widened and sucked in his breath. I saw rejection among his features. He looked at me like I'm some sort of freak. For a second I didn't know what he was staring at, as the man scurried away nervously. Then it hit me. I looked down to see my purple plaid scarf undone, exposing my violet scaled neck. Quickly I tucked the scarf around my neck, hoping the boy didn't look back to see why the old man gasped.

I looked up.

Too late.

The boy stood there, fully turned around, gaping at me like I was the rarest thing on earth. His eye glued to my neck where my skin was now hidden. Most girls should have been blushing, but I did not find it embarrassing at the least. It was rather annoyed when males did such stupid faces.

"Your...your a...Kaiju too?" he asked, still stunned. Crap! I thought, taking a step back. How could I've been so careless? I should have thought about checking before I took off. Thanks brain. Your really smart! I shook my head. Now is not the time, I needed to get out of here. The boy was still frozen in his spot so I had a chance. Without warning I turned and raced back to where Cylis was. Ha, he probably was still standing there like an idiot. I would be long gone before he regained his composure. My little moment of victory was short lived when I heard that same voice again..right behind me.

"Wait! Where are you going?" I look back to see the boy running after me. He seemed to be right on my heels, but I was faster. Thank goodness one of my better skills was speed, quick like lightning. I look ahead to see Cylis waving her arms, calling my name. She had a worried look on her face. As I tried to figure out why, the boy surged forward and grabbed my arm.

"I said wait!"

That instant he did, my instincts went into overdrive. My once normal sunflower irises, brightened and the pupils more snake-like. As if he turned on a switch in my brain, my inner Kaiju awoke to perform defensive maneuvers.

I pulled my arm forcefully from the boy's grasp and used it to slam into the side of his face. The blow had the boy stumble backwards, before he hit the ground. I skidded to a halt, facing him, breathing heavily from to sprint.

"Don't ever touch me again," I warned venomously. The boy tenderly held the hurt cheek, checking to see if I did more damage then what was seen on the outside. He moved his lower jaw, wincing when he opened it to wide.

"What's your problem?" He demanded after a moment, glaring at me.

"You dare grab my arm. Who do you think you are?" I growled.

"What else was I going to do. You just took off!" As he spoke, I noticed his eyes also change into the natural slits that most half-breeds have. I curled my lip and took a step back. He was obviously ready to fight and I'd be happy to oblige and pulverize him.

But he did the opposite of fighting.

Pulling himself off the ground and held his hands up in a peaceful truce-like manner. What the heck? Why isn't he going to fight? Especially when I had thrown a punch at him. Most Kaiju's would retaliate twice as hard. "Let's just stand and have a normal conversation like civilized people."

I refused to budge from my defensive stance, waiting to see if her was going to trick me.

He just stood there. Even his eyes fizzled back to their normal color.

"Calm down," he said, his voice softer this time and held out his hand to shake mine.

I stared at it, considering lowering my guard.

"Kimina!" We both turned to Cylis, who was trotting over to us."Thank goodness you didn't kill him. Look." She held up her phone to show the opened extra files. A picture of a woman who looked to be in her mid-thirties with short cropped brown hair and milk chocolate eyes. At the bottom it had the woman's name.

"Magarete Rosenblatt?" I repeated the name. Cylis nodded.

"That's the lady who will be letting us bunk with her." Cylis tucked her cellular devise into her back pocket. Then the boy made some sort of choking noise and I returned my attention back to him. He's another dilemma that we need to deal with.

"What's wrong with you?" I raised an eyebrow at him.

"Well that lady is kind of my mom."


I slowly took my eyes and placed them on Cylis. She held her hands up, backing away. "Hey, I didn't know that either. The message didn't say anything about a Half-Kaiju son."

"Hmph!" I had finally let my defensive position drop, crossing my arms. I returned to my more normal appearance. The boy looked back and forth between me and Cylis, probably wondering if we were sane or not. Cylis gave him a sympathetic smile. There was a moment of awkward silence, the three of us just standing there. The last of the suns rays, disappeared finally. It was now completely dark out, save for the glowing moon and it's smaller companions, the stars. I light breeze picked up, playing with strands of my hair.

"So what's your name?" Cylis asked casually, breaking the silence.

"Duncan," he replied.

"Nice to meet you Duncan, I'm Cylis." She elbowed me in the side."And miss Grumpy here is Kimina. As you can see we are Half-Kaiju, like you. Don't worry, all of your questions will be answered when we reach your home. This is not a safe place to talk." Duncan nodded. Then he turned back to me.

"It's nice to meet you Kimina."

"Get away from me," I hissed. Cylis laughed, but stopped when I glared at her. Duncan cleared his throat."Shall we?" He pointed in the direction we were heading, and I marched off, my stubborn character taking control. Behind me I heard Cylis whisper," Don't worry. She really meant 'Nice to meet you too'."