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"Oh oh, oh oh. Shine Days!"
I shook my head with the rhythm of the song that is blasting in my ears, as I dodged the air trials swiftly. Multiple arrow bombs aimed at my signature and shot off when I set off the trap. Twirling around, my tail brushed them away, sending them into to the wall with a nice explosion. I watched with satisfaction before continuing the course, dodging and punching.

Below, Cylis evaded the bullets and missiles in the water arena. She opened her mouth wide, sucking in large amounts of water. The turrets locked onto her still form and fired. Before they even reached fifty feet, she let out the water at a high speed, slicing through the bullets and blowing up her foe. She darted past the floating debris, reaching the safe zone.

She came up for air and looked over at Silver, who was by a several monitors. "Well how did I do that time?"

"95% Accuracy rate. 23 out of 25 enemies terminated." Silver replied, activating the cleaning bots to repair the turrets. Cylis whooped, climbing out of the pool. She pulled off her goggles, letting them hang around her neck.

This was our regular training schedule day. We come to the course field first, to test on how well we do. Then spend the rest of the time either working on areas where we lack the proper skill or practicing with each other. It was necessary to keep our skills fresh and ready to go into battle.

I landed next to Cylis, just finished with my own course. I put away my Mp3 player."That's better than last time, Cy." I patted her back. She grinned at me.

"Maybe I'll surpass you next time." She teased.

"Don't get to cocky with your new high score there Cylis. You won't defeat me that easily." I smirked. I had trained way longer than any on S.D.S.T. so it was only natural that I came out on top. You don't win with just luck and raw talent. It takes years of practice and training.

"Alright then, Duncan. It's your turn." I turn to the new guy, who had been watching us the whole time. It had been a week since he has been here, it was time for him to begin training. "You will go through every course, so we can see which one is your greatest strength and which is your least. Understand?" He nodded. "Good. Silver, restart the simulation again."

I walked Duncan over to the starting point. As the course prepared for another run, I pulled Duncan to the side for a moment. "This isn't some kid safe course where if you get hit you'll be okay. The bullets won't kill you, but they will do some damage."

"I've fared worse." Duncan replied, pulling of his warm-up jacket. I looked at him for a moment. What did he mean by that?

"We shall see.." I finally answered, closing the door, and headed to the observing station to watch. The room I entered looked similar to a movie theater, except for the obvious station where there were controls. Cylis, Noctis and my mother were there, along with several small Kaiju that could fit into the room. They were curious to see how well Duncan will fare on the simulation. On the screen Duncan waited to begin, breathing in and out slowly.

I grabbed a mic. "Begin when your ready." My voiced echoed through the arena. Duncan nodded, his face filled with concentration. Everyone in the room, leaned toward the screens with anticipation. A minute passed by and Duncan didn't move. Cylis leaned over to me. "Is he going to go?"

Right then, Duncan shot off the platform and raced through the first part of the course. I blinked in surprise. I knew he was fast, but not that fast. As I continued watching him, Duncan weaved through the maze of walls, occasionally breaking though one. Ahead was a large gaping hole that led to the water arena if you couldn't fly. I smirked, he doesn't even know whats going to hit him. What I didn't know was that Duncan also saw the end of the platform and stunned us all.

Large orange with white and maroon splotched wings sprung from his back, tearing the back of his gray shirt. Spikes poked from out of his forehead, along with large fangs protruding from his grinning mouth. His already orange skin turned a deeper orange...and something glowed from his chest.

His true form. I stared wide-eyed at this creature on the screen. It wasn't Duncan anymore, but something else...stronger, faster, powerful. Something pulsed within me, bringing along an unknown feeling. Was it...admiration? Awe? Jealousy? I struggled with the mysterious wave of emotion hit me. I backed away from the screen to sit down. Everyone else remained transfixed with the new guy.

Fighting this weird new feeling, I managed to look up to see Duncan finish the last of the course, unscathed. The Kaiju broke into a applause, with even Noctis giving a nod of approval. I scoffed. That's impossible, no one has left the arena on their first try completely unscathed. Even me. He looks like he was just cruising through the course with no worry. For some reason that irritated me. I shot up and briskly left the observing room to head to the safe zone.

Duncan was busily wiping off the sweat with a fresh towel that Silver retrieved for him, his true form already gone. My weird feeling was gone, only replaced by pure annoyance. She walked past me and whispered. "Now that's my kind of Kaiju."

I gave her a are-you-serious look. She looked back, confused. "What? He is." Ignoring the fan-girl Kaiju, I strolled right up to Duncan. "Would you mind explaining about that transformation half-way through the course?"

"What? I thought that's what your suppose to do." He glanced in my direction, casting me a weird look. "Isn't that what you wanted?"

"Yes and No. If I'd known you had a true form like that, we would have set the levels differently. Of course you breezed through it no problem, because it was to easy." I said, crossing my arms. I had my normal uncaring look on. Behind me I heard Cylis and Noctis trudging over.

"Hahaha. Kimina is just jealous someone did better than her." The water Kaiju giggled. I threw a dark look in her direction, but she didn't care. Noctis coughed a laugh as well.

"Is there something you wish to tell me?" I turned to the dark haired smirking boy. His smile wavered as I stared at him. Cylis giggled again, adding to my already irritated being.

"Nothing at all Kimina."

"I have something to say." A booming voice interrupted us. We all became dead silent. My father appeared at the arena door, with mother at his side. His violet scales produced lights on the opposite wall. "Duncan has proved his worth, tomorrow he will ride out with S.D.S.T on their mission."

"But he's not even remotely close to being ready. He's-"

"He is ready. Am I understood?" Arastair cut me off. I tired to tell him again.


"Am I understood?" He left no room for negotiation. I knew it and submitted to his will. "...Yes father." The Southern realm king snorted in approval, then left the arena as quickly as he came. I clenched my fist in anger. He's just going to get Duncan killed! But I shouldn't be bothered by that, the new guy is not my problem.

"What mission?" Duncan had the gall to ask me. The others had already backed away, sensing my rage boiling.

"We will be...briefed tomorrow." I spat out. That's when I guess Duncan got my drift and also retreated next to the others. They remained where they were as I stormed away from them and out of the room. I needed some space alone right now. Stupid missions. Stupid father. Stupid Duncan! Who does he think he is?

I knew I should've been more careful and less worried about rank, because tomorrow events would be the beginning of the darkest times in my life.