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"Fear me, Love Me, Do as I say, and I will be your slave."

Gasping awake, Sarah Williams tried to banish the image of the Goblin King from her mind. It had been six years since that fateful night in which she wished away her younger brother and had traversed the Labyrinth, and it had impacted Sarah more than she knew. Sarah had grown up after defeating the Goblin King; she put away her toys and costumes and buckled down on her schoolwork. She also babysat Toby without complaint when Karen asked her to.

Even though Sarah grew up she didn't want to lose her imagination and that certain childhood innocence, she still kept her fairy tale books on her shelves and contacted her Labyrinth friends whenever she had time. Sarah had even made some new friends with a few goblins that came to see the Champion of the Labyrinth, though she didn't care for the mess they made when she found them in her apartment the first time.

Sarah had lost the selfish attitude and became more mature over the years but was still a child at heart. There were only two things that still bothered Sarah. That even though she was comfortable in her world, she still felt like she didn't belong in it, and the intense loneliness that she could feel whenever she thought about her life in her world. Even though she had friends from college and friends from her work, it still didn't fill that void.

Glancing at her alarm clock on the nightstand Sarah saw that it was only four in the morning. Sarah knew there was no way she would be able to go back to sleep, she was glad that it was her day off and she could take a nap later that day. Rolling out of her warm bed Sarah made her way toward the kitchen for a cup of tea.

Reaching in the cupboard past Squib, the goblin who always slept there, Sarah grabbed the tea bags. While she was standing there waiting for the water to boil, Sarah noticed a small terra cotta pot sitting on her counter. Upon closer inspection she noticed that the pot was a little chipped but in surprisingly good condition, unlike its contents. It seemed to be nothing but a twig shoved deeply into dirt. Turning back to Squib, she poked him awake to question him about the pot.

"We brought its for Lady." replied Squib

"Yes, but why? What was the reason?"

"Cuz we likes Lady." Squib said yawning.

"Well, tell them all thank you for me later." Shutting the cupboard she let the little goblin go back to sleep.

Sarah even now couldn't understand the little goblin in her cupboard, ever since she had made friends with him she noticed that all he really ever did was find some little nook and go to sleep. At first he had tried to lay claim on one of her dressers, Sarah had been fine with it until she saw him wearing one of her bras for a hat. After that Sarah told Squib to find somewhere else to claim. She always wondered why he never returned to the Underground at night like all the other goblins who visited only during the day. The thought that maybe HE was behind it thrilled and scared her. Sighing, the images of HIM raced through her mind making her want to weep. Settling herself down on the sofa Sarah decided to actually think about him instead of banishing it from her mind like she usually did.

What was it about him that she missed so much? Why was she always dreaming about him? Was it him doing everything? Was he behind the dream?

That dream was always the same, it never changed. The first time it happened was exactly one year to the day when she had gone to Labyrinth, at first Sarah thought this dream would only happen once considering the day. When it happened the next year on the same day Sarah thought that maybe it would only occur on that day every year. It wasn't until after her eighteenth birthday that the dream started occurring more often, now it played out at least once a week.

Though that dream always made her wake up early and feel tired and lonely the rest of day, she couldn't bring herself to resent it. It was the only way for her to see his face without calling for him. While she did want to call him, she just couldn't gather up enough courage to actually bring the words out of her mouth. Would he be angry at her if she did? Would he try to get revenge if she called? Sarah wondered all these things but her biggest was if he really did love her or if that last line was one last trick. There was only one thing she knew was true. That she, Sarah Williams was in love with Jareth, the Goblin King.

Glimpsing the clock Sarah saw that it was time to get ready for her day of errands. Setting down her tea cup Sarah banished the thoughts of Jareth to the back of her mind and tried to ignore the pain in her heart.