Walking in the door Sarah was greeted by the sight of at least fifty goblins dancing to music that was pumping out of her TV. She always knew that she would come one day to regret the decision of showing the goblins how to turn on the TV and get to the music channel. Yet, every time she had a stressful day at college or at work the sight of goblins constantly cheered her up. Though she was astounded by the number of them all, for there were never more than twenty in her house at one time. Curious, Sarah snatched the remote from a small goblin hand and clicked off the TV.

"Why Lady turn off telly-vision? asked a small goblin by the name of Squee.

"Don't worry Squee; you'll have it back in a minute. I just wanted to ask you a question."

"Yes lady?"

"Why are there so many more goblins here today?

"Kingy sad and told us to leave him be."

"Why is the king sad? asked Sarah, trying not to sound too interested.

"Kingy always sad or mad, has been since Lady left. Kingy no sing or dance anymore. Kingy no kick us anymore." replied Squee sounding a little sad himself.

"Lady? Which Lady?"

Sarah could feel a small trickle of hope snaking its way into her heat.

"You, Lady."

"Ohhh…ummm...okay. Thank you Squee. Here you go." Sarah numbly replied and handing the remote back to the goblin.

Blindly turning her back on fifty dancing goblins, Sarah made her way to her room thinking about everything Squee said.

Could it be true?

Does he really love me like I love him? Or was he just sad and mad because she beat his Labyrinth?

Pulling out her desk chair and sitting down Sarah thought there was only one way to find out. Closing her eyes and breathing deeply she said the words that she had dreamed about saying since she was seventeen.

"I wish the Goblin King would come and see me right now!"

Never once daring to open her eyes Sarah held her breath waiting for a crack of thunder or the tickle of glitter caressing her cheek to announce his presence. After a few minutes with no sign of him Sarah released a shaky breath while pushing her palms against her eyelids to hold back the tears. Before that moment Sarah never knew how harsh rejection could be.

"I guess he really does hate me." whispered Sarah to herself.

"Now why would you say that, precious?" said a smooth slightly accented voice right behind Sarah.

Hearing his voice say that pet name Sarah found that she couldn't help the small smile that was forming on her lips.

"Is there a reason why you wanted to see me Sarah?" asked Jareth slipping back into his cool, aloof mask after she had not answered him.

"I wanted to ask you a question, your highness."

"Your Highness? That's new, but about your question. Ask away precious."

Noticing that her eyes were still closed and she had yet to turn around, Sarah squeezed her eyes tighter and squared her shoulders. This was it.

"Did you mean it or was it one last trick on your part?" She whispered quietly.

Sarah hoped she wouldn't have to define what "it" meant. Those words were painful to think about without knowing the meaning behind them. Yet, she knew by the sudden tension in the room that he knew exactly what she was talking about. That last conversation.

"Sarah, turn around and look at me." Jareth said in a slight commanding tone.

Breathing deeply one more time, Sarah spun around to face the Goblin King.

Looking up, Sarah's emerald eyes met the Goblin King's bright blue eyes with those mismatched pupils. What Sarah saw in his eyes seemed to make her heart race and stop at the same moment. She saw plainly the love and desperation, the fear of rejection and desire in them.

"You read the book precious, you know the answer."

"Even after six years?"


Breathing a sigh of relief Sarah ran to embrace Jareth.

"I love you Jareth."

"And I you. My precious Sarah." Jareth whispered back lovingly while leaning down to capture her lips.