This isn't my FIRST fanfiction, but this is my first fanfiction for Vampire Academy. I've been too nervous about writing one because I've been afraid I'd get the characters OOC...but I'm going to take a shot at it, because I just HAD to write this down. Sorry if there are any mistakes, I didn't write this down on paper, I literally JUST came up with this idea.

Warnings: AU, gore (in later chapters), language (in later chapters). LissaxAdrian and RosexChristian (the latter will come in, in later chapters) Character deaths.

Disclaimer: I do not own Vampire Academy, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and Crash into Me. They belong to their respective authors. All I own is the sucky plot and serial killer.


They ran through the dark woods trying to escape. It seemed as though every single time they were close to survival, it was out of reach. They were so close yet so far, far away. Rose didn't know what she's done in her short-ish lifetime to deserve the pain she's been through. Sure she's done things that most young adult females wouldn't do...but they weren't bad enough to have some freakish serial killer come after her and her friends. She vowed that if she lived through the horror she's going through right now, she'd NEVER take life for granted again.

She looked over to her friend and long time crush Christian Ozera. He looked like he was about to pass out from all this running, but they had to keep pushing themselves if they were to survive this nightmare. They heard the footsteps behind them getting gradually closer, they pushed themselves on, hopefully making it into the next town. But it would take a miracle for them to make it through the night without dying. But, they had to try, if not for them but for the promise they made to Lissa, Adrian, and Dimitri when the three sacrificed their lives for the two. Rose cringed at the thought of her best friends dying, making her push herself to go faster. She couldn't help but think about HOW she got into this mess, when did a summer that was supposed to be perfectly amazing turn into a summer that was horrifically terrifying? Why was fate so cruel? All they wanted to do was some sightseeing before they went back on the road again. Rose saw lights off in the distance, she looked over to Christian, who smiled back at her, a terrified expression on his face. They went form a run to a sprint as they city came closer, the sound of their chasers' footsteps growing faint, but they didn't let their guard down, they just kept running until they entered the cities boundary line. They didn't look back they just kept running. They ran until they were about halfway into the city. When they reached a little cul-de-sac they ran up to the first house that was in sight. Christian pounded his fist on the door, and ever so slowly, Rose started to sway. As the door opened to reveal a family who appeared to have just sat down for dinner Rose collapsed. "ROSE!" Christian yelled catching her in his arms as she started to fall. "Hurry get her inside!" He told the man and women. They nodded hurriedly and helped him. "Son, what's going on?" The man asked as he gave Christian a tall glass of water. "It's kind of a long story..." He trailed off his ice blue eyes looking out every window.

"We got time," The woman said

"That's the thing," Christian paused to take a drink. "I'm not so sure we do."

"Why not?"

Christian took a drink before starting in on what brought them to this house. Little did they know, they were about to enter a world filled with terror. And a world where NO ONE is safe...

OOO cliffy! So like I said earlier, if there are any mistakes, please, please forgive them. I wrote this right off the top of my head, and well, hopefully it doesn't suck as bad as I think it does.

If you're wondering HOW I got the idea for this story, well, honestly I really don't know. I was just thinking about Crash into me, and then Texas Chainsaw Massacre popped into my head...and I was like 'OMG! What if I wrote a fanfic for VA about a road trip gone wrong! And base it off of Crash into me and Texas Chainsaw Massacre?' So, that's how this story came to life. I'll try to update it tomorrow, but please don't count on daily updates. If I want this story the way it's going in my head, the chapters are going to be long...that and I'm working on two other fanfics for Hetalia at the I have to work on those...anyway...REVIEW! Tell me what you would like to see happen in later chapters, and if you liked it or loved it.