No One Else

By: Shi Kami The Murderous Prodigy

Disclaimer: I don't own Final Fantasy VII or Harry Potter, but I do own this collection of drabbles, my ideas, and OCs that will be used for their purpose and sooner or later killed off.

Category: Crossover

Book(s)/Game(s): Harry Potter/Final Fantasy VII

Pairing(s): (One-sided) Hojo/ [Jenova!] Harry Potter, (Future) Sephiroth/Harry Potter, etc.

Rating: M

Warning(s): Blood, Character Death, Extreme Violence, Language, Slash, Mentions of Human Experimentation, Rape, etc.

Genre(s): Drama, Fantasy, Occult, Supernatural, etc.

Summary: No matter how much time it took, he would make this creature want him and only him. After all, he had been in love with it since the first time he had seen those mako green eyes. He wouldn't allow anyone to get their hands on the cold being in front of him, and would use all at his disposal to keep it that way.

A/N: Well this is a little something that I am doing before I start working on a new Harry Potter/Final Fantasy VII Xover, with the new idea of Harry being Jenova. Thought it would be awesome and hopefully, you all won't be creeped out by Hojo's obsessive thoughts, and the whole thing with him getting laid. Anyway, enjoy the first chapter of this creepy tale of mine.



Pants escaped plump pink lips as the obvious pleasure he was giving him seemed to reach new heights as he hit a certain bundle of nerves with a sharp and deep thrust. A smirk of satisfaction slithered onto the scientist's face as he took in the beautiful specimen in front of him. Really, despite the fact that it wasn't human, its body was very much human-like. Looking down over his glasses, his dark eyes trailed down the body laid out underneath him. Messy white shoulder blade-length hair lay in disarray around his head on the smooth operating table. Baby soft pale skin flushed a light pink, and cold Mako green eyes were hazy with ecstasy. The restraints that were keeping those delicate hands tied up above his head dug into his wrists, as he continued to try and get himself free.

"You know that you won't get free from those, I've made sure to have them enforced to be able to hold you…you can thank your son for helping us develop those."

Instantly those eyes locked onto his, and all emotion was wiped from his face. The glow in those eyes told him everything about how it felt with that statement. Rage, sorrow, regret, and promise of something he didn't know. He had a good idea, as they had been like this for such a long time. Leaning forward, he brought a hand up to grasp the other male's chin and brought him up into a harsh kiss. Moaning into the kiss, he closed his eyes and enjoyed the delicious taste that assaulted his tongue as he ravished the moist cavern.

While the other made no noise, he allowed himself to enjoy his actions.

After all, who wouldn't feel accomplished by having a literal god under their hands?

Slamming once again into the tight body under him, he used his other hand to keep the specimen's hips still and continued his pace. Every time a moan came from the slender being, he felt satisfaction like no other. He kept thrusting over and over hitting that spot, that seemed to cause the alien to become dazed. Not much later, its walls tightened around him and he was forced into an orgasm. Falling forward onto the panting male, he looked down in order to see the expression he was always looking for at the end.

Unfortunately, he was met with the eyes and an expression that could freeze the very bowels of hell.

If he had a heart, it would've sunk at the obvious hatred directed at him.

But the only thing he could feel was unsatisfied.

Well that is the end of that. It's onto the next chapter now.