No One Else

By: Shi Kami The Murderous Prodigy

Disclaimer: I don't own Final Fantasy VII or Harry Potter, but I do own this collection of drabbles, my ideas, and OCs that will be used for their purpose and sooner or later killed off.

Category: Crossover

Book(s)/Game(s): Harry Potter/Final Fantasy VII

Pairing(s): (One-sided) Hojo/ [Jenova!] Harry Potter, (Future) Sephiroth/Harry Potter, etc.

Rating: M

Warning(s): Blood, Character Death, Extreme Violence, Language, Slash, Mentions of Human Experimentation, Rape, etc.

Genre(s): Drama, Fantasy, Occult, Supernatural, etc.

Summary: No matter how much time it took, he would make this creature want him and only him. After all, he had been in love with it since the first time he had seen those mako green eyes. He wouldn't allow anyone to get their hands on the cold being in front of him, and would use all at his disposal to keep it that way.

A/N: Well this is a little something that I am doing before I start working on a new Harry Potter/Final Fantasy VII Xover, with the new idea of Harry being Jenova. Thought it would be awesome and hopefully, you all won't be creeped out by Hojo's obsessive thoughts. Anyway, enjoy the first chapter of this creepy tale of mine.


Long white locks floated behind Jenova as he practically glided across the ground. Really, Zack couldn't believe that the very boy he had held strange conversations with as a cadet was the one who saved him from death. Not to mention, him possessing the same name as Sephiroth's supposed mother held. The name that he knew him by was the one he had been told on those full moon nights. "So that name you told me back then…was it ever your true name?"

For a moment he stopped and he glanced over his shoulder with half-lidded mako green eyes. A small sad smile formed on his pretty face, and Zack felt his cheeks heat up.

"Of course, that was the name that I was called by at birth…I didn't lie to you Zack."

Turning his attention back towards the night sky that held the full moon, He allowed a nostalgic smile to form on his face. "It's funny that we are once again talking under the moonlight…I honestly hadn't expected this turn of events." Spinning around on the ball of his foot, he faced the spiky-haired soldier with a warm smile. "But I'm happy that you were the one chosen for me." Zack of course was a little uncertain as to what was going on.

Everything just seemed to be going to hell in a hand basket, first Angeal and Genesis defect, Lazard following after them, Angeal dies, Genesis goes missing, the mission to Nibelheim…

Closing his eyes, he couldn't help but feel shame at what happened to the village. Despite being a SOLDIER he wasn't able to make much difference, and stop Sephiroth. His little buddy Cloud had done that, and he hadn't even been doped up with mako yet! Now, he was out there somewhere, and had his Buster Sword…Angeal's Buster Sword…


Instantly, the other's green eyes were on him. Fidgeting slightly from the intense gaze, the spiky-haired SOLDIER couldn't help but realize just how bizarre this is. After all, he hadn't ever truly expected to see the other male again. This was especially a truth to him when he had seen him walk away into Hojo's labs. As if sensing his inner turmoil, the petite pale-haired boy practically hovered over towards him.

"Don't worry, I will explain everything…but right now, you need to be armed."

Moving forward, a small gasp slipped from his lips as he fell forward. Instantly, Zack shot forward and caught him before he hit the dried and cracked ground underneath them. As he was brought up into Zack's arms bridal style, a small chuckle slipped past his lips. Looking at his hands with a sad smile, he closed his eyes and leaned into his Knight's comforting embrace.

"It seems that not only is my body out of shape, but my powers as well – it seems that I had humored Hojo longer than I should have."

Wrapping his arms around Zack's neck, he pressed his nose into the man's skin. "We will need to make it to Nibelheim in order to save Sephiroth, and then plan what it is that we need to do next." Nodding, Zack gasped as powerful wave energy was forced into his body, and his whole body tingled. Looking down the small male in his arms, he was surprised to see that he was in fact sleeping soundly. Shuffling the small body in his arms into a more comfortable grip, the violet eyed soldier sighed as he began trudging forward.

At the moment, he didn't really know what was going on but felt that it was just better to wait until he was given a full explanation. It was obvious that it would most likely be after they got Sephiroth out of the reactor in Nibelheim, and that was something that he didn't know how to feel about at all. The man had destroyed an entire village due to him throwing a temper tantrum, but he couldn't help but hope that the man had regained even a bit of his sanity. He was one of his only ties to his teacher and his old life after all as a SOLDIER.

Sighing, he steeled himself for what was ahead.

End of Chapter 11

Finally, I am finished with this chapter. You have no idea how much I had struggled through this, but hopefully it won't be like that for the next chapter. Especially with it being the final chapter. Yes everyone, I am finally near the end of something lol XD. Though it is a drabble fic I am very proud of being able to say that I officially finished something. It would really encourage me to begin finishing other fics. Plus it marks the beginning of The Truth of the Calamity coming out. Hopefully you are all looking forward to it. The last chapter will be long, about 4,000 words if I'm that lucky.

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