In his more than forty years as a Genin, he had watched a large number of babies. While he had had no children of his own, he knew every warning sign to watch out for and how to deal with them. The little blond haired, blue eyed baby who had been unceremoniously shoved into his arms moments earlier showed signs of being very hungry.

He rooted around the bag that had come with the baby looking for food, and eventually found a half filled bottle of milk. The boy refused it when he offered it, and on closer inspection he could see why. It had been improperly stored and gone sour. Since the baby had three teeth, it was possible that it would be able to handle solid foods. With that and the fact that he himself was hungry in mind, he set off in search of lunch.

The baby had been bawling loudly in his ear for several minutes by the time he had passed the newly re-opened Ichiraku Ramen in search of a restaurant that would allow him to bring the baby inside, since when he had headed into his favorite bar - which also offered a rather fine selection of fried foreign food - the bartender had taken one look at the child and said "No minors allowed". Deciding that Ramen would be acceptable, he took a seat and set the child on his lap.

Minutes later, he had a steaming bowl of miso ramen set in front of him by the young Teuchi. He picked out the narutomaki, blew on it to cool it off, and offered it to the child.

"Na-ru-to." he said slowly as he held the food out to the baby who promptly grabbed the naruto off of his chopsticks and chowed down on it.

"" the baby said, gesturing for more, once he was finished.

"Can you say ramen?" Teuchi asked, smiling as he set a small bowl of carefully cooled noodles and broth topped with bits of pork cut into pieces that a baby would find manageable and two narutomaki next to his bowl.

"Wa...?" the baby asked, looking up quizzically at the young man.

"Ramen." Teuchi said smiling as he picked up a pair of chopsticks, retrieved some noodles from the small bowl and fed them to the baby.

By the end of the meal, the baby learned a new word, and had a new favorite food.

16 years later:

Kosuke was doing what he did best during the efforts to help rebuild Konoha after the destruction Pein caused. Let others sneer at him for having decided to remain a Genin for more than five and a half decades, he didn't care. He'd worn the moniker "Eternal Genin" with something akin to pride for a long time now, which probably somewhat defeated his purpose for always remaining a Genin. It had been his pride and his overwhelming desire to become a Chunin that had gotten his teammates killed after all.

Today, he was helping young Teuchi feed the workers. Teuchi had cooked up something of a treat, considering the circumstances, and the small taste of normalcy rather than rations would do everyone a world of good. As he served one of the men he had helped patrol the Northern borders a few years back he heard a rather familiar shriek of "Ramen!" come from behind him.

Whirling about, he found himself looking at the face of the hero of the hour, the boy who had returned to fight by his side three years earlier, Uzumaki Naruto.

Well, well, well, it looked as if he would be upping the number of Hokages whose diapers he'd changed to three in a few years.