A/N: This is after the Final Act when Kagome returns to the Fudeal Era its her life and what happens in it. ^.^. This is the ending of the Final Act but the reason for it is there is a purpose, its a foreshadowing of what's to come... the rest of the story unfolds after what happens when Kagome returns to the Fudeal Era.


The Sealed Well: InuYasha a Feudal Fairytale

It has been three years since I last saw InuYasha, Sango, Miroko and Shippou. I miss them, the well had sealed after we defeated Naraku. There's no way for me to return.

I miss you InuYasha, I want to be with you. I'd come down here to the well almost every day, and stare down it for hours. Nothing! I've even tried to enter the well so many times. Still nothing!

When will I return to that world? When will I be able to see him again? I sighed deeply, and went back to the house to dress for my high school graduation. It was the last day of my school life, next... step college. Although I don't want to go to college, I still have too, I guess since I'm stuck in my time.

I had a high school diploma in my hand, sunny, clear day great friends with me, mother, Sota and Grandpa by my side... and yet, I wasn't all complete. I wasn't happy, I'd find myself gazing at the sky, dazed in some sort of dream, maybe a feudal fairytale.

Sometimes I wonder if this was all just a big dream, if any of it was even real. I mean, sure... who wouldn't want to live in the feudal era with a boyfriend like InuYasha by your side? Me obviously, I was here and he was there... separated by fate or so I thought.

I don't know what had gotten into me, I had become weary, hopeless, I was beginning to give up all hope on the well ever reopening, one day I went back to the well one last time.

"InuYasha..." I said looking down the well, "I want to be with you!" I whispered again, tears strummed down my cheeks. I felt air blow through the well, "What?" I whispered, seeing sky at the other end.

Mother had come to my side, she was worried about me, she too felt my pain and suffering... she put a hand to my shoulder and smiled her warm caring smile. "Its fine dear," she said to me... I hugged her, and told her one day I'd return to see her.

It was then; I took a leap into the well. InuYasha was waiting for me on the other side, my heart jumped; it started beating so fast when his hand extended out for mine.

"What took you so long," he retorted wrapping his arms around me. His eyes looked at me like they hadn't seen me in years; technically it was three years passed...

And now, I live day by day with InuYasha always by his side... towards tomorrow.