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Private Getaway: InuYasha & Kagome

InuYasha held Kikyko in his arms as she sang a song to herself on our way to Sango and Miroku's. Inuko was mumbling to himself stomping his feet, walking ahead of us. "Inuko stop it," I shouted at him. "Why, you guys are leaving us…" he replied angrily. "We are not leaving you kids for good, we just need some time to ourselves, we are entitled to that…" I told him sternly, crossing my arms.

"Time to ourselves she says," he mumbled obnoxiously under his breath. "I heard that," I replied in a stern voice. "Oh will you just shut up Inuko, its not like we're leaving and never coming back, you're making a big deal over something stupid…" InuYasha shouted at him.

"Whatever," Inuko muttered crossing his arms into his sleeves a gesture he got from his father all too well. "Hey Kagome, I see you brought the kids… great we were just about to go out for a walk," Miroku smiled, holding Haku and Kira's hands. He had his son in a sling on his back.

"You kids want to come with us? Hm? Give Sango some quiet time?" he asked, letting go of Kira's hand and extending it out to Kikyko. She smiled and nodded, jumping out of her father's arms. She held Kira's hand and both girls smiled at each other.

"See why can't you two just tell us 'go for a walk so we can have some quiet time,' instead of just disappearing all together." He mocked making his voice sound feminine. "First off you alone Inuko, are more of a handful then two twin girls are… and an even bigger pain in the ass with all this ridiculous questioning, now shut it," InuYasha said sternly.

"Now now InuYasha no need to badger the kid, he's just concerned, say Inuko… how about you join us for an evening stroll hm?" Miroku asked looking down at him. Inuko took in a deep sigh and gave a slight nod. "Good, Kagome, InuYasha, make yourself at home…." Miroku gestured towards the door, and smiled.

"Thanks Miroku, we won't be long anyway, we'll just say hi to Sango and be on our way as well…" I said smiling at the kids. "Awe," Kikyko said jumping up and down, "Don't go momma," she said again reaching her hands out to me. I bent down and gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

"Be good, you're ungrounded for now until we get back so enjoy yourselves ok," I said to her tapping my forehead against hers. Inuko looked at me from the corner of his eye and then turned his gaze elsewhere.

"You, young man…" I told him, reaching my arms out at him smothering him. "AH, MOM REALLY STOP IT…" he said struggling. Kira and Haku both laughed quietly. "You're so embarrassing," he said rubbing his head. "I'm sorry, now be good you two okay, don't cause trouble Inuko I mean it." I said sternly standing up. "Well now, I'll see Sango now, you kids have fun…" I waved at them as Miroku pulled them along.

Inuko looked at me for a brief second as I disappeared through the door, he took in a deep breath and sighed crossing his arms. "Hey," InuYasha said from behind him. "Listen, I know your angry we're going away for a few days, but take this as a lesson to learn some responsibility okay, we won't be around forever… take care of your sister," he told him.

"Dad," Inuko said turning around. But InuYasha had already disappeared in to Miroku's house. "Hm," he said with a smirk, and then darted off following behind Miroku and the girls.

That night InuYasha and I had slept alone for the first time ever since the children were born. The old one level house, nestled deep in the forest, seemed very large for the first time, and rather quiet. We never really brought the children out here yet, the large wide opened field would be a wonderful place for them to play and just be themselves.

I sighed deeply as I brushed my hair. "What's wrong Kagome?" InuYasha asked as he slid in next to me. He took off his haori and draped it over my shoulders. "I'm okay InuYasha; I just miss the kids… I wonder what they're doing right now, do you think they've destroyed Miroku's house yet?" I smiled.

The thought of Inuko destroying Miroku's house was hilarious. After all he's a handful; it wouldn't be a surprise if Miroku and Sango would be ripping out their hair right about now. "Yeah know, if you miss the kids… we can go home early if you want," InuYasha said pushing my hair over my shoulder.

I hate it when he does that. "No, I'm fine InuYasha… I don't want to go home yet," I told him putting down my brush, and rested my head against his shoulder. "Want to sit outside with me?" he asked, touching a hand to my hair. I looked up at him and smiled. "Sure!" I said, as he reached for my hand.

The sun was so warm shining down through the tree tops. I placed my hand over my eyes and looked up at the birds flying over the tree tops. "Such a beautiful day," I said to myself smiling. "Ha, got yeah," InuYasha said his arms wrapped around my waist lifting me off the ground.

"Aaah, InuYasha…" I shouted at him as he lifted me into the air. "What has gotten in to you?" I stuttered, his haori slid off my shoulders and on to the ground. He pulled me to him and lied down on the grass. He pulled me to his chest.

I smiled and closed my eyes, his hand touched my hair. "Kagome," he said lifting an arm to his forehead shielding his eyes from the sunlight. "Mm hmm…" I replied. "I'm glad you're with me," he said. I looked up at him and smiled resting my head against his shoulder. "Me too…" I said sighing deeply.

"InuYasha," I asked, looking up at him. "Yeah?" he said softly, his voice rumbled under my ear. "Do you think, we could go back through the well again?" I asked sitting up. "The well? Kagome what if we can't return to this era?" InuYasha sat up as well and touched a hand to my forehead, pulling my bangs to the side.

"I really miss mom, grandpa and Sota… I would really like to see them," I knew InuYasha would totally be against us going through the well again, the first time we went through the well it was just us, the kids weren't even born. This time, it would be much more difficult.

If we got stuck on the other side and couldn't come back, the kids would be all alone. This worried me, but I tried not to think about the well sealing us on the other side. "Kagome… I can't risk it, I'm sorry…" he acclaimed, pulling the sleeves of his haori through his arms.

I sighed deeply. "Alright," I said quietly. "Alright… if you really want to go, we'll go… but not for long okay?" He smiled touching a hand to my face. "Really? We can go?" I smiled and jumped at him knocking him back down to the ground.

He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me around him. "Yeah we can go," he said again.

"It seems like forever since the last time I've been here," I placed my hands against my hips and stared at the well, which was covered by leaves, and moss. "Yeah, I think since Inuko was born…" InuYasha replied, coming up behind me. He reached for my hand pulling me behind him, "ready to go?" he asked pulling me towards the well.

"Yeah," I beamed. He jumped into the well and I followed behind. "Oh," I said as I slammed against InuYasha when we landed on the other side. "Sorry," he said wrapping his arm around me, pulling me over the well on the other side.

"Were back, InuYasha…? I can't believe it," I was so excited I just wanted to slide opened the shrine doors and run into the open courtyard and scream for mom, grandpa and Sota.

But InuYasha's hand pulled me to him and stopped me before I reached the sliding doors. "InuYasha," I turned and shouted at him. "No one's here Kagome," he said sniffing the air. "I can't pick up any scents, I don't think anyone's here…" he said crossing his arms. He slid open the shrine doors, and leaned against them.

I ran out to the courtyard and looked around. He's right the house was empty. I ran around the courtyard spreading my arms out. The sun was so beautiful as it was setting, leaving an orange red color in the sky. InuYasha ran after me and grabbed me.

"Thanks InuYasha," I said smiling. I pulled his arms from around me and headed for the house. He walked in after me. "What do I want to do first?" I said to myself scanning the interior, everything was still the same as when I had left the first time, even the house smelt the same.

"What's this?" InuYasha asked smelling a letter that was left on the table. "A note," I took it from him and read it out loud. I sighed and placed the note back on the table. "Seems like mom, Sota and grandpa are on vacation, again…." I said angrily. "I'm going to take a bath," I said angrily clenching my fists. "Kagome?" InuYasha said grabbing my arm turning me around to face him.

"I'm sorry your families not home, we'll stay if you want until they return…" he said trying to comfort me. "Forget it, who knows when they'll be back… let's just enjoy these three days and go back home." I scowled at him. He let go of my arm, and said nothing.

I opened the door to my bedroom and went in. My room too was still the same, same bed, same everything. I sat at the edge of my bed and fell back. "Why am I upset, mom, Sota, and grandpa never know when I'd be coming back… I guess, they deserve their vacation too…" I said to myself.

I sat up and slide off my back crawling over to my dresser. "I need a good hot bath," I opened my dresser and reached for a towel.

"That was amazing…." I said to myself dressing quickly in the bathroom, I cracked open the door so the steam would escape. "I feel much better now," I said tapping my cheeks. I walked down the hall back to my bedroom and opened the door.

"Inu-Yasha?" I said surprised. He was sitting on my bed waiting for me with two bowls of food placed next to him on a tray. "Did you make food?" I asked coming towards him. He smiled and pulled me to his lap. "Here," he said handing me a bowl of ramen. "Ramen I should've known," I chuckled and took apart the chopsticks.

InuYasha picked up his bowl as well. We tapped our bowls together and started to eat, and talk. We haven't really had this much time to ourselves in a long time, I really missed it. We started talking about memories, the Shikon jewel was even thrown in, and the kids.

I was dozing off, trying to keep myself from falling asleep, I kept trying to make sense of the conversation we were having. "Kagome?" InuYasha said taking the empty bowl from me. I rested my head against his shoulder. "Hey…" he smiled touching a hand to my hair. Too late, I had fallen asleep. InuYasha pulled me under the sheets and wrapped his arms around me keeping me close to his body.

"InuYasha," I whispered grasping my hands against his haori. I felt his hands touch mine, "what is it Kagome?" he asked pressing his head against mine. I opened my eyes and looked up at him. "Come, shopping… with me…. Tomorr-o—oww…" I stuttered, my eyes fell heavy again. "Shopping really Kagome," I heard him say, he sighed, and I could feel his chest against my arms.

The sun shone through my curtains the window was opened and a light draft blew though my window. I shivered and pulled the sheets over me. InuYasha hadn't moved all night, his arms wrapped around me again, pulling me closer to him. "Good morning," he said smiling, his head against mine. "Good morning," I smiled in return and pulled the sheets off of me. "Do you seriously want to go shopping…?" he asked his voice agitated and disturbed. "Yes, I want to take stuff home with us," I said touching a hand to his forehead. He narrowed his eyes at me and pulled my hand away.

"Oh come on InuYasha it's not that big of a deal," I told him pulling his arms from around me. He sighed and released his grip from around my body. I slide out of bed, but InuYasha's arms restrained me pulling me back in. "InuYasha…" I hissed at him. He smiled and leaned in to kiss me. "If you're trying to get out of shopping… it's not working," I told him narrowing my eyes. I crossed my arms, and scowled at him. "Fine," he said letting me go.

I shifted out of bed again and went to my dresser to find something decent to wear. InuYasha sat up and leaned against my wall, he watched me as I hovered around my room dressing, talking to myself—like I usually do when I'm in a panic, and trying to multitask, unsuccessfully if I might add.

"Need help!" he asked, sliding off my bed. I was awkwardly balancing some folded clothes, my back bag, and Bouya's stuffed animal toys in my arms. InuYasha grabbed my bag and the toys.

"Thanks," I said sighing deeply. "Okay let's take everything into the living room, I'll grab my purse and we'll go shopping," I told him walking down the hall from my room. He followed behind without words; I knew he was agitated with going shopping. He hated going shopping in my world, the last time I took him shopping we ended up buying baby clothes, and a full bag of food and other miscellaneous items.

"There," I said putting a hat over InuYasha's ears. "That should do it," I smiled. He narrowed his eyes and glared at me. "I hate this thing," he complained. "Oh well, it's only for a few hours," I told him. He glared at me again, I pretended not to notice.

"Hey Kagome," InuYasha said hovering around the kitchen. He was almost annoying, "Yeah" I replied. "Why not we just skip shopping and go back home early," he placed his hands on his hips when he said this and laughed. I narrowed my eyes at him and gave him a cold glare. "You're not getting out of this InuYasha, we're going SHOPPING…" I protested loudly.