Hey everyone sorry for the long delay finishing the story. I was finishing college and now I'm writing 3 -5 new chapters to finish the entire story. So please bare with me. There will be some coming. Long delay but school came first.

To answer some questions:

Why did you name the kids like that?

Kikyko is a mix of Kikyo and Kagome, I felt naming their first daughter something close to whom they both loved and cared for was relevent, and besides I couldn't think of any other names lol. Kikyko's age is about 3 years of age.

Inuko is like his father I named him similiar to InuYasha because well he's a crazy kid. Inuko is older then his siter, but as a half demon they age quiet fast, he's 5 years of age, two years older then her.

Is this story after Kagome returns to the Fudel Era?

Yes this story follows the 'final act' it is my perception of how InuYasha and Kagome's life would be afterwards. We already know that Sango and Miroku have three children so why not spice it up a bit. Haha!

Any other questions comment and I'll answer them.

TA Ta for now.