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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~SUMMARY, PLEASE READ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Code Geass was a story of the tragic fate of two best friends who decided to pursue the same goal using different methods, a tale of fickle Fortuna mocking the efforts of two kind-hearted souls who wanted nothing more than no loss, no war, and simple happiness. But what if it wasn't so? This story talks of the steps not taken, if Suzaku never took those fateful steps in the Shinjuku Ghetto, towards the army and towards the Lancelot. What if Suzaku had stayed at Lelouch's side, at Zero's side? This is the tale of best friends who work together, overcoming challenges and stereotypes to reach the fateful day that Nunnally can open her eyes to see a peace, equal, and gentle world.

Step One: Reunited

August 10th, 2010 a.t.b.


The blazing sun shone over the field of trash and debris, piles of burning metal and wood releasing the grey smoke that seemed to reflect the moods of those fortunate, or unfortunate, enough to survive the first onslaught of the Holy Britannian Empire. Next to a small camp made by the survivors, around a pile of rocks, three tiny figures are seen, small children, only at the age of ten, whose eyes resemble those who have seen far too much, tainted by the dirtiness of war and the sadness of death. Only one pair, miraculously held closed by the force of a past tragedy, was spared the horrible truths of war. The owner of that innocence was a girl, merely seven, who sat on a wheelchair. One of the two boys, looked at the other with his amethyst eyes blazing with hatred for the injustice he had been dealt. His voice rang loud and clear in the silence that seemed to overtake the area. "I swear…I swear, Suzaku, that I will obliterate Britannia!"

The other boy's eyes opened wide, revealing it's emerald depths, shocked at what his best friend had promise. All he could do was nod faintly, unaware of the path that had been carved through that solemn promise by fate for him and his best friend to follow.

2017 a.t.b.

Shinjuku Ghetto, Area 11

A radio crackled " The terrorists are hiding inside the subway systems. Your job is to find the weapon stolen by the terrorists. Investigate the old subway system in the Shinjuku Ghetto where the Elevens live and call in as soon as you spot it. The royal guard will handle the recovery. You guys might be Honorary Britannians, but you were all originally Elevens, so the monkey stench should be familiar to you. If you want to earn the right to carry weapons, get some results. This your chance to show your loyalty to Britannia!"

"Yes, my Lord!" a string of slightly accented voices exclaimed.

A slight tremor shook the truck where Lelouch was trapped. 'Was there an accident?' Lelouch wondered. The sound of tires futilely trying to get traction resounded inside the cargo container. 'Perhaps the terrorist have reached their destination? No, that's not likely, seeing as the driver is clearly trying to move the truck. We're probably not caught by the army either, or I would have heard gunshots by now, Britannia doesn't believe in mercy. Hmm, in any case, I'm still stuck here, I might as well see what there is around me, hopefully, I'll be able to get out of here.' Just as Lelouch decided to explore, a button was pushed by the wounded driver of the truck, opening the cargo container. 'Heh, looks like Lady Luck's on my side' Lelouch thought, slightly hidden behind the now opened doors. 'Anyways, lets see what the army was so desperate to get back.'

Just around the corner, a soldier observed the situation, having already pressed the button to alert the royal guards. The gas container was right in front of him but he had orders to wait. Suddenly, a small figure appeared in the screen, crouched next to the poison gas, seemingly ready to unleash it any second. 'Damn, there's no time to wait for the royal guards, the lives of the civilians are more important than orders!' the soldier thought, and with renewed determination, ran at top speed towards the terrorist.

Lelouch barely saw the lightning fast spin kick that headed his way. 'What the…' was the only thing his brain processed before his lifted his hand up instinctively, protecting his head from possible trauma. 'Ugg! That HURT! What the hell is this guy made of? Metal!' Lelouch cursed as he was sent flying toward the wall. "A Britannian?" Lelouch exclaimed.

" Stop with this senseless killing" the soldier commanded, his mask dropped, allowing speech. "I can't believe you guys would use poison gas! Don't play dumb!

"Wait! I'm…" Lelouch tried to explain, still trying to regain his breath. The soldier ignored him, droning on about Lelouch's supposed crime. Seeing that words won't get through to the soldier, Lelouch focused all his energy into trying to kick away the ruckus, successfully getting the soldier to back off. "I'm telling you! If there was any poison gas in there, Britannia made it right?" Lelouch exclaimed.

"Wait, you…" the soldier stuttered, having taken a closer look at Lelouch. His body tensed and his sense of rage dwindled. He started relaxing from his battle pose.

"If you don't want anymore meaningless death, obliterate Britannia!" Lelouch declared, not noticing the sudden change in the soldier's pose.

The soldier stood calmly, suddenly lifting his hand up to remove his helmet and reveal a very familiar mop of brown hair and gentle emerald eyes. "Lelouch, is that you? It's me, Suzaku." He said.

Lelouch's eyes opened wide, shocked to see his old friend in this situation. Memories of his first and best friend ran his head and he was rapidly trying to match this soldier to the kind and proud friend of his childhood. "You became a Britannian soldier?" he replied, clearly stunned.

Suzaku had the decency to look a bit embarrassed as he deflected "And you Lelouch? Don't tell me you're…" His voice trailed off, his eyes darting between Lelouch and the container of poison gas.

"What are you talking about?" Lelouch said, feeling slightly insulted by his friend's accusations. His denial was cut off however, by the sudden sounds made by the container. Pins clicked open, releasing streams of grey gas into the air as bright lights shone.

Suzaku acted instantly, prioritizing Lelouch's safety above his own, and tackled him, one hand pushing his gas mask on Lelouch's mouth and the other trying to cover his own. The sides of the container then slowly opened, revealing a golden light and the figure of a green-haired girl, bound by a white Britannian jumpsuit. "It's not poison gas?" Suzaku blurted out, slightly stunned by the round of events that just occurred.

Lelouch was the first to recover, already used to Britannia's lies. He ran as quickly as he could, a slow jog by Suzaku's standards, toward the platform that held the unconscious form. Holding her in his arms, he indignantly asked Suzaku "Answer me Suzaku. This girl? Poison gas?"

Suzaku, now slightly recovered from the shock quickly strode over to help Lelouch free the girl, removing the cloth fitted around her mouth. "But that's what they told us in the debriefing." He replied, accepting the fact that the army hadn't thought the lowly Elevens deserved to know what was actually in the container.

"Damn monkey." A voice rang out in the tunnel. A britannian man emerged from the shadows, definitely a leader of the army by the way the other soldiers stayed a step further away, as if to emphasize their position. "Even an Honorary Britannian doesn't have the authority to do what you did!" he declared, scorn evident in his tone.

"B-but I was told that it was poison gas!" Suzaku weakly protested, already knowing that no excuse, no matter how good would do him any good. All he could was stand in front of Lelouch and the girl, vainly hoping that they would be protected, at least for a little bit.

"You have no right to protest!" The leader shouted.

Lelouch watched this, seemingly impassive while his brain whirled into action 'we're in serious trouble. This is definitely poison, a deadly poison that will endanger Suzaku's superiors if it get out. We're not going to be able to talk our way out of this.'

The leader, ignorant to Lelouch's deduction, continued on his speech. " However, as a reward for your achievements, I'll be merciful. Private Kururugi, use this gun to execute the terrorist and I'll let you live." He declared.

Suzaku's eyes opened wide, disbelief written on his face, and he stammered, trying to protect one of the few people he honestly cares about. "He…He's not a terrorist, sir! He's just a civilian who got caught up in this!" he proclaimed.

The leader's eyes narrowed dangerously, glaring at Suzaku, as he continued, irritation clear on his face. "You little…That's an order! Didn't you swear your loyalty to Britannia?" he demanded.

"B-but…" Suzaku's voice faded away as he wondered what to do. 'What can I do? Lelouch and the girl are so innocent in this and yet…. An order has to be obeyed! I decided on this path when I joined the army, to forsake my pride and happiness in order to atone for the mistakes I've made. All I seem to bring is misfortune, to Lelouch and to Japan.' Suzaku closed his eyes as he pondered the decision in front of him and when his eyes opened, his movements seemed mechanical and determined. Walking toward the leader, who's eyes shone in amusement, he grabbed the gun that was offered to him and walked back to Lelouch.

Lelouch's eyes widened in disbelief. He couldn't wrap his head around the idea that Suzaku would take his life in order to safe his own, yet logically speaking, he knew this was the best option. If Suzaku refused, all of them would die. At least this way, Suzaku would be able to live and if he could find a way to tell Suzaku where Nunnally was hidden, Suzaku would be able to protect Nunnally too. His eyes shifted from shock to grim determination. 'Do it, Suzaku' He urged in his mind 'I entrust Nunnally to you. Please take care of her like you did all those years ago."

The steps taken towards Lelouch seemed the longest moments in his life to Suzaku. Three steps left…two…one…zero. The last steps were the loudest, echoing in the tunnel as he slowed his gate to a stop. Looking into Lelouch's eyes, Suzaku could see that Lelouch seemed to bare no hatred towards him 'even though he should' the snide voice in his head commented. Suzaku swallowed, readying himself for what was going happen and said in a soft tone. "I'm truly sorry for dragging you into this mess Lelouch"

Hearing those words, Lelouch grimaced slightly, but didn't move away.


Lelouch couldn't help but close his eyes when he heard that noise and shift a little.


Now he couldn't figure out what was going on, Lelouch was fairly sure that bullets hurt and yet he didn't feel the least bit of pain. It could have been that Suzaku missed the first time, but he seemed determined enough and even so, Lelouch had heard at least four shots being fired. There was no way Suzaku's aim was THAT bad, especially at close range. Hesitantly, Lelouch opened his eyes, not quite sure what to expect. To his surprise, Suzaku wasn't even facing towards him! Suzaku had turned around after shooting the first bullet past him and fired at the soldiers behind the britannian leader, knocking down everyone down except for the leader. Suzaku now has his gun pointed at the leader who, having given his gun to Suzaku, was unarmed and had his hands to the air. "Lelouch" he called out "are you alright back there?"

Lelouch, who was staring at the scene with his mouth hanging open, finally processed the question and said "Yeah…I guess…" but then his brain kicked in. "Suzaku, you IDIOT! You scared the crap out of me!"

Suzaku couldn't help but snicker at the indignant reply, Lelouch was going to be fine if he could get mad at him right after he saved both of their lives. "Now, please turn around and lay on the ground, sir" he politely asked the leader.

"No way in hell, you damn Eleven! No britannian ever lowers his head to a number!" The leader shouted venomously. "I clearly should have shot you when I had the chance, no one would have missed an eleven scum!"

Lelouch's anger stirred at the britannian's arrogance and he was about to deliver a severe tongue lashing when the truck behind him exploded, after the faint shout of "Nippon banzai!". The explosion blew the cement wall next to them wide open and threw him onto the ground. Suzaku, being the faster and more athletic one, picked up the girl while shouting at Lelouch to get up and run.

Together, the two of them sprinted away from the now crumbling cement and disappeared into the subway tunnels, leaving no trace behind except the bodies of the three dead soldiers and one stunned leader.

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In case you haven't noticed (I highly doubt this), this story basically starts off from the middle of the first episode of Code Geass, excluding the little flash back of course. I think that Lelouch and Suzaku turned out a little OOC, but that was to be expected, or else I would have just reproduced the story's plotline. I think Lelouch turned out a little weird since I can't see him doing as I had him do and just trust Nunnally to someone else but I don't think that's a major flaw (at least to me). Suzaku, on the other hand, I felt was completely different from CG. He seemed more mature, seeing that the world isn't laid out in black and white and that sacrificed have to be made, one way or another. HOWEVER! These are only my thoughts on the matter and since you guys are the readers this time, I'd love to hear about your opinions about this story. Again, I also would love some feedback about my writing (if there's something wrong, I want to correct it) and suggestions are also welcome, since the plot isn't really built yet. Also, if anyone could tell me Nunnally's age at the beginning of CG, it would be greatly appreciated since I don't recall it being said in the story and it wasn't on Wiki.