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At those words, light cascades onto the figures of the main leaders of the Black Knights, silhouetting the bowing figures while hiding their appearances. Taking it as a signal, Rei continued, "People of the world, fear us or seek us, it is up to you to decide. We…ARE THE ORDER OF THE BLACK KNIGHTS! We Black Knights are allies of those oppressed and weak, unable to reveal the injustices that they've suffered. No matter of their origins, be they Japanese or Britannian! The Japanese Liberation Front used underhanded methods, using innocent civilians as hostages and killed them in cold blood! This is, however, the plan of one man, General Katase and others followed his lead thoughtlessly. This is the fault of one man, who wanted the deaths of others, just as Shinjuku was the fault of one man, and one man only, Clovis la Britannia! These two men were leaders, people who directed others to commit crimes for them without taking the blame. It is not the soldiers we fight, but the philosophies the soldiers fight for!"

"Katase's actions were meaningless ones that threatened the lives of the innocent, and thus, we've shown ourselves to punish them. I do not enjoy spilling blood like this, but if blood has to be spilt, let it be of the ones who crave bloodshed. The act of the strong crushing the weak is something I cannot standby and watch. ONLY THE ONES WHO ARE PREPARED TO BE KILLED, SHOULD KILL! When the strong abuse the weak, we will appear! No matter how great the enemy, may it be Britannia itself, we will show them the true face of justice. Those who misuse their power, FEAR US! Those who are powerless to abuse, SEEK US! The world will be judged by us, THE BLACK KNIGHTS!" finished Zero.

Step 12: Restore

2017 a.t.b.

Suzaku's Room

Ashford Academy, Area 11

Suzaku rose to the sounds of a blaring alarm clock. Training in the army built up certain reflexes, and reacting at the sound of an alarm was definitely one of them. Before he really knew what was going on, Suzaku had already jumped out of bed, searching for the uniform that he no longer had. A few seconds later, the realization that he was no longer in an army base kicked in and Suzaku started to rub away the blurriness in his eyes. As he did this, his memory cleared as well until he was far too aware of what he and Lelouch had done last night.

Suzaku swallowed as he recalled the hotel and the number of people who had died due to their interference, guilty or not. He knew perfectly well that the almost everyone who died in that building last night deserved to die. 'As if you're the one to judge them, you've sinned more than all of them combined' a snide voice in his head whispered. He ignored the voice, like he always did, even though he knew perfectly well it was right. He knew that the people who died deserved it, and that more lives, innocent lives, was saved because of them, but the guilt just wouldn't leave and he couldn't help but wonder if Lelouch felt the same way.

He sighed, even if Lelouch did, and if he knew his childhood friend as much as he thinks, he does, Suzaku knew there would be no way for him to know. Lelouch would hide it, putting up a mask and burying his true feelings and pretend that nothing was wrong. Lelouch would defend his case, trying to convince himself those lives were worth it, but the boy he knew would never to truly let it go. In that instance, Lelouch and Suzaku were more alike than most would assume based on their behaviour.

Reaching for his Ashford uniform, Suzaku decided to put the thought aside and carry on with his day.

After school,

Ashford Academy Clubhouse

Suzaku blinked as the door slid open and Milly, Shirley and Rivalz jumped him, and the all collapsed in a heap on the floor. Winded, Suzaku managed to wheeze out "Umm guys, would you mind getting off of me?"

Laughing or blushing, depending on which person it was, they got off of him and Rivalz offered him a hand while explaining "Sorry Suzaku, thought you were Lelouch.'

Blinking Suzaku could only ask "Lelouch? You guys were planning on tackling Lelouch? What for?" As he asked this though, his eyes landed on the rack of costumes at the back of the room and the weirdly coloured cat costumed the trio was already wearing.

Milly smirked, the kind of smirk that sends shivers through her victims, as she explained "We're holding a party for a Arthur, that cute cat you brought back, and to make him feel at home, we're going to hold a cat-themed costume party! And you, Suzaku, are going to help us by first dressing up in this" At this point, Milly held up the blue costume she grabbed, "and by capturing Lelouch so we can dress him up!" she finished.

Suzaku nodded obediently, not really finding any way out of it, and also, though he would never really admit it to anyone else, enjoying the fact that he was able to share these types of experiences with people who actually like him. He'd thrown away the aspirations of a normal life when he joined the army, and being able to do this was something he treasured. Throwing himself into the festive mood, he grinned a very feline grin, Lelouch would never know what hit him.

An hour later he was laughing from the betrayed look Lelouch shot him, while the boy ranted about 'the lost of trust between them' and 'how could he do this to a friend' while tied up in a chair and wearing cat ears. Before he knew it, Kallen had walked in and suddenly the conversation turned to the hotel hijacking. Realizing how close he had been to losing the people he'd just befriended, he couldn't help but tear up slightly, and feel, for perhaps for the first time in a long time, that what he was doing was good and that he was finally able to protect the things most precious to him unlike how he failed to protect his country all those years ago.

Still tied to the chair, Lelouch noticed the behaviour of his best friend and shot him a look of understanding and smiled. Geass was a not a power to be trifled with, he knew. It was a terrible power, to control other people's wills, but seeing what he was able to protect with that power already and the lives and happiness that geass would be able to save was worth the price of wielding such a power. Of course, then Rivalz had to spoil the moment by pointing out Suzaku's tears, but he was fine with that. The student council was where he belonged, weird quirks and all.

Two weeks later,

Tokyo Settlement, Area 11

Kallen sighed as she took a short trip through the settlement to cool her head after her encounter with Milly. It surprised her that she was so insightful about her situation and yet didn't judge her for being half Japanese. She had been so sure that Britannians would judge her for it, just as some of her comrades once had for being half-Britannian. She supposed that she would just have to admit that she was worrying about the student council and Britannia overall. Maybe it wasn't all bad, like she'd thought. 'Maybe this just means that I'm doing as a Black Knight is really helping. That we just need to take down the army and government that promotes the arrogance and the people will eventually realize their mistakes. We can't force them to change, but who says most of them aren't willing to change.'

As she was thinking of this though, a shout rang out. Turning her head, she watched angrily as a gang of Britannians beat up a helpless Honorary Britannian dressed as a hot dog vendor. Her anger turned into frustration and rage as the people around her looked the other way and ignored what was happening. Clenching her fist, she was just about to take a step forwards before a hand grabbing her shoulder stopped her. Whirling around direct her rage at whoever was trying to stop her, her mouth made an 'o' shape as she took in Lelouch in his Ashford uniform. Shocked, and somewhat relieved that she hadn't broken her cover as a weak and sick girl, she gasped "Lelouch"

Lelouch shook his head, disapproving her actions. "Kallen, you can't possibly take all five of them"

"And so we should just leave him alone?" Kallen demanded.

"Kallen, look at him. He's not even fighting back. If you help him out, the Britannians will only report him to the police or worse, to his employers and next thing you know, he's out of a job and arrested. He chose this life knowing that this would happen sometimes and that he'd have to bow down to the ones who took his life from him. Do you really think you interfering is what he would really want?" Lelouch asked, his questions piercing through to Kallen's logic which had taken the back seat in her anger.

Kallen looked down, having no answers she would admit to and muttered "Even so…"

Little did they know that their conversation was somehow in the hearing range of the Britannians and they headed towards the pair of students. Looking up, she saw one of the men, the leader, she supposed, leer at her and demanding whether or not she felt 'sorry for the dirty eleven and wanted to be his friend'. She was going to reply with a kick where it hurts too, cover be damned, when Lelouch stepped forwards and coolly replied. "Nahhh, we're more sorry for the fact that you Britannians who are supposed to be the respectable, are picking on those lower than yourselves instead of doing something useful with your life."

The men reacted as predicted, puffing up and crowing around them, jeering while Lelouch stood unintimidated and glared, and as he spoke, his voice was able to freeze ice "Why don't you guys just take off. And never bother Honorary Britannians again?"

This obviously didn't help, as the leader grabbed Lelouch's collar and spat out "Or what, you're going to beat us up with your spindly little arms? Quit trying to act tough in front of your girlfriend, or we'll leach you a lesson about respecting your elders, brat."

Lelouch's eyes narrowed and his voice belayed a tone that meant business. "No, I am NOT going to beat you up with my spindly little arms, I'll simply let everyone else here know that your family is in dept because of your father's little chess gambling issue. Let him know that the Black King said hello why don't you? Do you have any idea how many people in this settlement owes me a favour or two for not letting others know about their humiliating losses? Now let me go, before I arrange for you to be booted out of this settlement."

The man paled visibly but stammered "Who do you think you are? Why should I believe a single word you're saying?"

Lelouch smirked "I'm the Black King of course, and as for why, well, you're just going to have to trust me on that, George Princeton, or would you like to test my claims?"

The man lowered Lelouch back onto the ground as soon as his name was said out loud. Grumbling, but not really willing to risk it, he spat on the ground and called his men off, distracting them by saying something about hitting an arcade. His eyes narrowed as he watched the other teen straighten out his collar and he hissed "You'll regret this, you damn brat. Just wait until the next time you're all alone and unprotected…"

Finished fixing up his shirt, Lelouch ignored the man and looked for Kallen, who was now trying to help the hotdog vendor out, only for the man to shrug off his injuries as soon as he saw her uniform and faux cheerily offer them hotdogs and ice cream. Getting both of them ice cream and slipping the vendor way more money than the treats were worth, Lelouch headed back to the bench where Kallen was now sitting at. As she watched the vendor once again bow and try to get customers as if nothing had ever happened, Lelouch offered her the ice cream.

"So, how did you get him to stop?" She asked. Kallen had only been able to see Lelouch lean towards the leader and speak a few sentences before the man backed off. The whole exchange was suspicious, and she wondered what her fellow student council member had to hide. After all, she already knew that Lelouch was fluent in Japanese, so who was he really? An arrogant Britannian student? Am Eleven sympathizer? Or something else entirely?

Lelouch shrugged, unwilling to part with his gambling secrets at the moment and said secretly "Let's just say that I have leverage against some of the richer folk around here"

Kallen's interest peaked, that kind of leverage would be useful for the Black Knights, and if she could get Lelouch on board, maybe Zero would be impressed by her fellow classmate. Suzaku was also a good idea, seeing as he is the son of the last prime minister and head of the Kururugi clan…

Looking downwards, she recalled their last encounter and how it had ended with him getting slapped. Still embarrassed about the incident, she asked "Hey Lelouch, why did you protect that guy from before anyways? I thought you said that Elevens should just bow down to Britannians. What changed?"

Looking up at the sky Lelouch said "I never said they SHOULD, I just said it would be the best option for them at the moment. Kallen, just because it's the best for them at the moment doesn't mean it's right, doesn't mean that we shouldn't do anything about it. It's just that there is no way for us to act and help them in a long term way. There's nothing I can do that would be long term. The man I rescued today is just as likely to be attacked tomorrow and there's nothing I can do about it. In the long term, what I did today will have no effect. I'm simply unable to make a difference."

Kallen followed his gaze into the sky and sighed. "But what if I told you that you could make a difference? Would you put your infamous intellect into good use?"

Lelouch looked at her shocked, 'Is she really going to do what I think she's going to do?' and even as he asked how, he mused 'I can't believe this is actually happening. I wonder what Suzaku would say if I told him about this…'

Kallen judged the boy in front of her and stated "Well, it's not official yet and I have to discuss this with my benefactor, but I'm in an association that really makes a difference and if I get approval, I'll let you know."

Lelouch snickered, already aware of what he was going to say to Kallen later on today after the Refrain mission. On the surface though, he politely bid Kallen goodbye to make his way back to Ashford to fetch his Zero uniform for the mission.

That night,

Britannian Bar,

Tokyo Settlement, Area 11

Three soldiers sat together at the bartender's table, all crouched over their various alcoholic drinks, the very picture of soldiers off duty, drowning their sorrows. Jeremiah hadn't had a good day since what everyone now dubbed "the orange incident" and even with Euphemia speaking out against court marshalling him, most soldiers, especially those in the purist faction, had been very vocal about how they felt about 'Orange'. Jeremiah sighed and knocked back another glass of scotch as Villeta and Kewell watched. Hesitantly, Villeta started "Jeremiah, about the Orange Incident…Did you really remember nothing?"

Jeremiah looked down into his now empty glass as he muttered resentfully "Yes, Villeta, like I've told about a million other people already, I don't remember anything after allowing the soldiers to let Zero and Rei confront me. I know you don't believe me and I don't even really blame you for not trusting me. It's unbelievable, I'm well aware-"

"No! See that's the thing!" Villetta exclaimed, before lower her voice "Me and Kewell experience it too, at the Shinjuku Ghetto."

As Jeremiah's astounded eyes landed on him, Kewell nodded, "I remember Villetta asking me to join her somewhere and all of the sudden, my memory goes blank and me and Villetta are sitting there alone in a warehouse in the ghetto, our knightmares stolen."

Villetta's expression darkened at the retelling and she refuted "I on the other hand, don't remember ever even talking to Kewell after the deployment started. The only thing I remember was seeing this Britannian boy with this Honorary Britannian soldier requesting my help. The boy told me his name was Alan Spencer, but I check up our records and there isn't anyone by that name anywhere near Area 11."

Jeremiah looked at her curiously and asked "So you guys think that that boy is the cause of this memory blank? That he's Zero?"

Kewell snorted, "Well, I wouldn't go that far but if that boy has the same powers as Zero then odds are they know each other, of at least where they both got the powers from. And that would not only would that clear our names, we'd probably be rewarded beyond measure. I mean, think of all the implications there could be!"

Jeremiah perked up at the mention of being able to redeem himself and asked "Then Villetta, what are you waiting for, tell us what the boy looked like!"

Villetta looked down and stated "But I don't remember his face, that's the thing. All I remember is that he was wearing a school uniform, black with golden trimmings. It had a symbol of some sort around the collar, looked somewhat like a flower…It's not exactly a smoking gun, but it's at least a place to start."

Jeremiah hesitated 'No way…' "Wait, hang on, do either of you guys have a pen?"

Curious, Kewell handed over the pen he kept in his pockets as Jeremiah took a napkin and started to draw a symbol on it. It looked somewhat like a flower, but Kewell didn't recognize its importance until Villetta looked over and gasped "That's it! That was the symbol the boy's uniform!"

Shocked, Kewell demanded "How did you know which symbol Villetta was talking about?"

"It's the symbol of the Ashford Family, one of the old supporters of Marianne the Flash, who I served before going into the purist faction. They suffered when she died and ended up moving to Area 11 and creating a school here. If the uniform had the Ashford symbol on it, then it must have been from Ashford Academy." Jeremiah explained as Villetta and Kewell looked on excitedly. They had just narrowed their search significantly and soon, the identity of the boy will be clear.

The same time,

Saitama Ghetto, Area 11

Zero stood by as Rei took out the last sentry with his renowned spin kick. Signalling the Black Knights that the coast was clear and telling his partner to enter one of the other knightmares that they still had from the Shinjuku Incident, Zero walked to where the other knights were before they blew the door apart. The hail of bullets that responded to their entrance was mostly blocked by the two knightmares wielded by their respective aces while the rest of the Black Knights were protected by their bullet-proof uniforms. As they returned fire, aiming for non-fatal wounds as per Rei's insistence, some of the dealers fell as others tried to run for it only to be caught by the knightmares.

As Kallen tore through another metal opening, she gasped as the figures of multiple addicts, muttering in Japanese as they relived their dreams, appeared. She was further shocked when the figure of a frail looking person crashed into her knightmare frame, mutter something about 'Kallen and Naoto being nice to each other'. Her tears fell as Kallen realized that her mother had decided to suffer through the pain and humiliation of being a servant in order to be able to see her kids. A sudden rush of bullets, however, ruined the moment. As soon as she turned her monitor though, she saw the Knight police being taken down by Rei.

After making sure that Knight had been captured, she disembarked her knightmare and pulled her mother into a tight hug, the emotions she'd suppressed for years unleashed as Zero and Rei ordered the other Black Knights to capture and knock out all the dealers as well as setting a fire to burn all the Refrain they had found. Kallen held on to her mother with all her strength until a hand grabbing her shoulder caused her to look back and wipe away her tears.

Slightly embarrassed at her show of emotion, she bowed in apology to Zero and Rei for not having noticed the Knight Police as well as not helping out in disposing the other dealers. Rei only shook his head at her apology though, stating that he understood what she just went through and that she could take a few days off to be with her mother. As if realizing the situation she was in, she nodded and asked "Zero-sama, what's going to happen to all these people? We aren't just going to leave them here for the police to find them again right? They'd be sent to prison in seconds!"

"Don't worry Kouzuki, we contacted the doctors hiding out in the ghetto and we'll be able to bring to the facilities right now. Your mother will stay with them until she'd gotten over her dependency and after that, I assume you'll be able to arrange something for her?" Zero replied.

Nodding gratefully, she started helping the other out with transferring all the other refrain affect people into a truck that dropped them off at the unofficial medical office. Kallen gave her mother one last hug before watching the truck leave and promising herself that as soon as her mother woke back up from her refrain-induced illusions, she'd finally confront her mother and settle their differences.

From a distance, Zero and Rei observed the two and prepared to pull out from the ghetto, glad that their mission was a success.

A few days later

Unofficial Hospital, Saitama Ghetto

Lelouch and Suzaku walked into the halls of the hospital, Lelouch carrying a bunch of flowers and a box of cookies, made by Sayoko at his request. Suzaku on the other hand, had his hands full with both his and Lelouch's helmets. As they neared the door though, Lelouch's footsteps noticeably slowed as he showed slight signs of nervousness, a slight shuffling in his steps and fidgeting with the wrapping paper of the bouquet. Noticing his friend's hesitance, Suzaku sighed as said "Lelouch, you know what we discussed last week and seriously, you've put it off long enough already."

A week ago,

School Council Clubhouse, Area 11

Suzaku and Lelouch were upstairs, planning out the next raid to pull out the man who was responsible for the Britannian gang who terrorized the Saitama Ghetto when Suzaku took a breath and was about to say something but then hesitated, and got back to work. Lelouch, having seen this behaviour from his best friend for the last couple of days sighed and finally broke the silence "Suzaku, what were you about to say? And don't pretend not to know what I'm talking about either, because I've see you dance around the subject for the last few days and it's trying me slightly nuts. What is so hard to say to the person you're planning a revolution with?"

Sighing, Suzaku exclaimed "So you did notice…I was wondering if you would. I mean, usually, you're perceptive about these sorts of things, but then again, with Shirley…" He trailed off as he saw the confusion in Lelouch's eyes 'I swear, he's a genius at everything else, but he'd absolutely clueless about other people's feelings about him. How is it that he can see the rest of the school is after him, but fail to see how Shirley feels?' "Never mind that, but Lelouch, don't you think it's about time that you let the Black Knights know who you really are?"

Lelouch frowned, wondering "Why bother? I mean, they don't seem to be getting particularly fussy about it lately and it seems they've accepted that I won't just randomly show them my face. Besides, letting them know that their leader is a Britannian would only slow recruitment when it's just starting to go on the rise if it gets out. Also, with all the new recruits coming in, you never know if the military will get a mole in and if they do, the results will be catastrophic! This is Nunnally's safety we're talking about here!"

Suzaku nodded to all of that, completely understanding where Lelouch was coming from. He'd spent a few days ahead of time thinking up all the reasons why Lelouch would refuse after all. He learned quick ages ago that one did not go into an argument with Lelouch unprepared and expect to win unless you were Nunnally. Right now, Lelouch had come up with all the things he had thought up, besides that little blurb about recruitment. This was where he would propose his idea, "I get that, Lelouch, and I agree with you. I wouldn't do anything to intentionally hurt Nunnally, you know that! I'm not talking about you just telling the all Black Knights who you, I'm talking about talking to Kallen, at least, and probably Ougi too. Maybe the rest of the core members too, if you want to, but I would understand if you didn't feel like telling the others"

Lelouch straitened into a comfortable position and settled into a thinking pose as he considered Suzaku's proposition. "I see where you're going, but the fact still remains that there's no absolute need for me to reveal myself to them and I'm not about to compromise Nunnally's safety if I don't absolutely have to…"

Suzaku sighed and replied "Let's say it's not absolutely necessary at this moment, but think about it. Eventually, they're going to get suspicious and at that point, it'll be more of a disadvantage because they won't be as easily persuaded that you're trustworthy even if you do show your face to just some of them like they would now. It's best to nip distrust at the bud! Besides, let's just say by some accident, or some plan your brother or your father that you've always warned me about cooked up, your identity is revealed to the Black Knights by our enemies instead of at your choosing, do you know what kind of havoc it would wreak? Especially if it was during some delicate mission? It would be best if you told at least one person other than me so that we can back you up if the rest of them accidentally find out!"

Lelouch frowned, since when was Suzaku able to use logic against him? And he thought Suzaku would just go on about the lack of trust not being good for him or the group and that keeping things bottled up wasn't good for him. He laughed at the realization that his best friend had actually managed to outtalk him. Beside him, Suzaku frowned, confused to why Lelouch had started snickering, only to smack him when Lelouch finally explained "I'm just amused because I think this is the first time you've managed to corner me with logic. Maybe you're not hopeless after all!"

"So you'll tell them?" He asked eagerly.

Lelouch nodded, "Well, I'll tell Kallen at least. She'll probably insist I tell Ougi, and if she does, I'll tell him too. Just don't expect me to tell Tamaki, that guy's mouth and idiocy will be the death of me, I swear."

Suzaku grinned, happy that he had actually managed to get Lelouch to reveal himself to others. He had thought it out to persuade Lelouch, but his motivations did have a more personal twist after all. 'Keeping everyone out isn't good for you, Lelouch, especially since Nunnally is the one you usually confide in and she has no idea that you're doing this. I can help most of the time, but letting some of the others win your trust is good. You can't just keep everything bottled up you know…'


Lelouch stopped fidgeting as he recalled their conversation, but he still couldn't help the nervousness, he was trying to trust someone with a secret that could get everyone he cared about killed after all. "I know, Suzaku, but it's not just our lives on the line here, you know that"

Suzaku sighed, "Yeah I know, but it's not like Kallen-san doesn't have anything to lose, joining the resistance you know. If she's risking her life for your ideals, she deserves to know who you really are. Besides, you told me she was going to invite you to the Black Knights anyways, so it's just a little different than what she imagined"

Lelouch snorted, "Yeah, but knowing her, I'll probably end up getting slapped or something because I didn't tell her or I led her on or something"

Suzaku laughed, "Just get it over with, you masochist" and before Lelouch could properly protest, he shoved the boy into the room.

Kallen looked up as Lelouch and Suzaku appeared through the doorway and almost yelled in shock. She had expected some other Black Knight, most likely Ougi, to check up on her, but the two boys in their Ashford uniforms were not at all expected. Startled, she hissed "Lelouch? Suzaku? What on Earth are you guys doing here?" while she reached for her knife.

Holding his arms up, he waved the flowers and cookies like a peace offering and said "Just visiting a fellow comrade, Kallen"

Frowning suspiciously, she asked "What do you mean, Lelouch? What are you and Suzaku doing here? Does the rest of the council know? How did you know to come here?"

Grinning, he replied, "Well, you know…I am the one who arranged this, my dear Q-1. Zero takes care of his subordinates after all…"

Her jaw dropping, her eyes narrowed as she demanded "What are you talking about Lelouch. You're Zero? Yeah right, prove it."

At that point Suzaku stepped in to stop the sparks that flew between the two teens from turning into a physical confrontation where Lelouch would get himself hit because of his secrecy. "Kallen-san, I believe this would work as proof" holding up both masks.

Kallen whipped around to stare at the helmets in Suzaku's arms and her eyes widened and her jaw hit the floor. "WHAT! YOU'RE ZERO? And Suzaku's….SUZAKU'S REI?"

Lelouch and Suzaku grinned and chorused "Yours truly."

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