I'm home sitting at my desk, chewing on a pencil, trying to make any sense of the mess my life has become. Why oh why must I go to a school and live in a town full of people who are trained professionals to torture and kill dragons; of all the luck. I don't know what to do with myself. I twirl around in my chair and blow out a sigh. I can't just sit here while a mob is created to go after the poor dragon.

I bite my lip, but then a thought comes into my head. I reach over to grab my phone and dial Catherine's number. Please let this work! The phone rings twice before she answers. "Hey Jacinda, what's up?" I take a deep breath and let the lies fly out of my mouth. "Hey!" I say a little too overly exaggerated. "Um yeah I was just wondering if you heard about the gathering that's happening tonight? I'm not to sure what it's about but I'm totally bored out of my mind and need to get out of the house!" I pause then add, "I was hoping you want to go with me?" At that Catherine perches up, happy to be included. "Oh, yeah I heard about it. Totally not my scene though, you know? I mean it's a hunting party, for the dragons everyone is so overly obsessed with." I knew it!

Before I can spew all the many curse words I know, Catherine rattles on. "I mean, but I would totally go if you were there. We can joke over their failure to catch it" I feel myself shudder, hoping she's right. But her statement makes many questions form in my head. " It's better than sitting in our rooms. But Catherine, have they caught a dragon before? I mean dragons aren't suppose to even exist."

I bite my thumbnail, waiting to here the worst. "Yeah, I know it should be a total myth, but it's true they've caught one before. But it was like years ago. They have done so many search parties, yet every time they come back empty handed." I let out in inaudible sigh and thank the Gods no dragons had to suffer under the hands of these inexcusable things called humans. "Oh, well I still think we should go!" We agree to go and I tell Catherine that I will meet her near the park.

Now, sneaking out has become quite easy for me. I feel bad that I do it, but sometimes a little fresh air can do me some good. Catherine and I agreed to head out at midnight because that's when the haunting party is gathering. While I wait, I change my outfit three times, trying to consider how a dragon hunter dresses, but then I hate myself for grouping myself with them so I change into something more normal because even though I hate them all for what they are doing, I still need to blend in somewhat.

I check my mom's room to see that she is passed out and showing no signs of coming back to Earth until tomorrow morning. Still, I close the door as gently as possible, taking every precaution because tonight I have to leave this house no matter what it takes and I'm not going to let a simple slam of the door stop me from succeeding.

My sister is too absorbed in a phone call in her room to even see or hear me slip out the side door to our house. I shut the door and head off to my destination. This walk is very familiar to me. Once again, I get caught up in the beauty of nature and all it has to offer. My lungs can breathe and the wind surrounds me, teasing me to just let loose and fly among the star filled sky.

I shake my head from all thoughts on flying. Tonight is definitely not a night I should grace the skies, as there's a horde of haunters lusting for dragons blood. Instead I wrap my coat tighter to my body, hoping to suppress my wings from surging out. Lights from the town grow brighter as I near the park. With each step, I become more nervous. I mean, what if by some miraculous chance they do catch the dragon and I witness the act? Would I just stand by or would I take matters into my own hands?

I feel myself wanting to turn back and forget all of this and just go back to my house and cuddle into my bed, but then all my efforts would go to waste. Instead I let all my steam out (literately) hoping in the future, it won't surface under any dire situation. I head farther up the roads path and there's Catherine huddled up into her coat holding what looks like coffee or tea, in hopes of staying warm. I make my way to her, waving so she'll notice me. As she does, she smiles brightly, meets me the rest of the way and loops her arm through mine.

We head towards the park where the crowd formed all those days ago when they first spotted the Dragon. As we walk Catherine makes slight jokes here and there and I try not to show the tension I'm feeling. We near the crowd and that's when I spot Will and Xavier, both taking center stage on this mission. I feel my face contort into a grimace. These people don't deserve to live for what they are doing.

It's a good thing Catherine is still clinging on to my arm because I might lose all self control that I have and blow everyone into dust with my fire breathing abilities. I hate having all these negative thoughts clouding my mind. Moving here was supposed to be a new start for my family and me. But instead, we've gotten ourselves into something we never prepared ourselves for. We thought we escaped all danger when we left our pack, but here we are faced to face with something far worse.

So, tonight I have to maintain my control because if I get behind enemy lines, then maybe I can help protects those I'm scared of losing the most. While I was lost in thought, Catherine has maneuvered us both through the crowds of mingling people, waiting for instructions from the leaders. I look back towards the front of the crowds, and sure enough Will and Xavier are still there, talking to an older man, who must be one of their fathers. I don't have time to assess the little family reunion they're having because Catherine tugs on my arm and hands me a sheet of paper.

I look over the sheet of paper, feeling my heart drop into my stomach; it's a full written description of the dragon. It has everything you would ever need to know about a dragon; it's height, weight, color, you name it. How long have they've been watching it to know all of these little details? But then again, why would the dragon be so carless as to let the enemy gather up so many details on their existence?

After the whole incident of dragons being revealed to the public, there are many whole still believe it's a myth, while there are those like this whole town, that truly believe they roam the Earth. In my case, of course I know the truth, and that's why I'm stuck in hiding. This dragon seems to not care however about staying out of sight, as if because the truth came out it's okay to wander the lands of his foes without a care!

Most dragons have the sense in taking cover, in hopes that eventually this will all blow over and we once again can live without too many consequences to watch out for. I'm puzzled as to why it seems that this dragon wants to get caught. What benefit could come out of this situation for him?

I'm just about to ask Catherine what she is making out from all of this when I see Will heading my way. I always seem to find myself in this situation, as I try to look for a way out of a confrontation with him. I should have known there was no way I could come to this haunt that he most likely orchestrated without him wanting to chat. But deep down I was hoping he would be too preoccupied with all the other people for him to even notice me at all.

I lean towards Catherine and tell her Will is coming are way and she looks up from the paper, surprised. "Why? He's never talked to me before? Has he talked to you?" I never knew that Catherine was unfamiliar with Will, but I'm not as familiar with him as I would like. Of course the only reason I need to know him more is to find out more about the dragons.

But anyways, it's inevitable for me to stop him from coming over and soon he's right in front of me. He smiles and looks from me to Catherine before he says, "Well, I never would have expected for the two of you to show up here!" Catherine and I exchange a look and before I have to answer him Catherine jumps in front of me, "I'm Catherine," she tells Will as she extends her hand forward.

I tell my body to stay put because this moment seems like a great time to bail, but I couldn't do that to Catherine no matter how willingly she seems to want to stay. Will takes her hand and replies, "Yeah, I know we have English together." Catherine turns towards me, eyebrow raised as if to say, 'he knows me?' I just shrug and Catherine moves so that Will can once again see me. I give a slight smile and reassure him that we didn't come here to kill, just observe. "We just were curious as to what you were going to do if you caught the dragon." I try to make myself look as disinterested in the matter as I could.

Will laughs and corrects me with, "You mean when we catch it. There's something different about this dragon. Call it a hunch, but I think this dragon is the one." Before I realize it, I let out a little snort, indicating what bull I think that is. But Will ignores it, he proceeds to tell Catherine and I to stay put because the show is about to begin. He leaves us with a goodbye for now and heads back up to the front where, Xavier is still with the older man and other people who seem to be the leaders of this situation.

Catherine faces me and says, "Well, I didn't know he knew either of us, but he seems to know you pretty well, Jacinda." I can tell that's she's judging me. She's mad that I never told her about my encounters that I've had with him. I try to look everywhere but her face when I reply with, "Trust me, our interactions were just coincidences. That's all." Catherine stares at me and says, "Interactions?" She puts more emphasize of the 's'.

Before, I can dig my own grave any deeper; Xavier stands on a pedestal and begins to shush the crowd. I put my attention on the stage and finally Catherine drops the topic. Everyone is now silent and with all eyes on Xavier, he flashes one of his cocky grins and says, "Let the hunt begin!" They are words that seem harmless, yet a shiver goes down my spine and suddenly I'm surrounded my the approval shouts of the people around me and I feel more out of place than I ever have in my entire life.