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Chapter Four: Anything For You

I woke up with a smile on my face. I was finally going to meet up with Dawn again. I certainly couldn't wait.

We soared through the sky with wind blowing my unruly raven-black hair. It felt great. The sun was out, radiantly smiling its warm smile on the world below.

We were flying for another few minutes until I saw land. I definitely recognized it: the Sinnoh Region—Dawn's home region. I recognized the Starly and all the other Sinnoh-native Pokemon.

"Here Charizard," I said. "Land here."

I looked at Charizard worryingly. He seemed a bit tired; but he also looked a little relieved.

He folded his wings and we went into a nosedive. We were going so fast that I thought we were going to crash. But Charizard seemed to know what he was doing because he extended his wings and our descent slowed. As we got closer to the ground, Charizard repeatedly flapped his wings, creating wind underneath. We landed with a light thud.

I dismounted with Pikachu following my example. I noticed a lake. I also felt a presence and saw what looked to be a shadow of a Pokemon. Then a flashback occurred: I remembered feeling something like this in Lake Valor and saw a shadow. But this shadow was different. I remembered Dawn mentioning seeing Mesprit. I'd seen pictures of it and I'm positive—the shadow looked exactly like the Being of Emotions. I realized that this must be Lake Verity. I also realized with a start that if this was indeed Lake Verity, then Twinleaf Town must be nearby.

I looked at Charizard and said, "You could go back to the Charicific Valley if you want to."

I was a little surprised at his response. He shook his head.

He never gets to visit me, I realized. "You want to stay, don't you Charizard?" I asked.

He grunted and nodded his head. I couldn't help but smile. We started towards Twinleaf.

As I walked, I was grasping my stomach and was panting. The pain lessened, but that didn't mean that it still hurt—which it did. By the time I could see a clearing, my breathing was uneven and sweat rolled down my face.

Pikachu and Charizard were walking on either side of me, both with worried eyes. I suppressed a smile and said, "No need to worry, right?"

"Pikachu.." my electric mouse said sadly.

I was about to explain the meaning behind Dawn's catchphrase when I heard voices. There were four and I definitely knew the voices. It was Dawn's and Team Rocket's.

She looked exactly the same: beautiful. Her fists were clenched, her eyes were wild—like she just wanted to punch the living daylights out of Team Rocket, and she had her teeth clenched. Beautiful.

Despite the situation, I smiled. It was really good to see her again. I could have stared at her all day if it wasn't for Team Rocket. Why do they always ruin my moments?

"What do you want now?" Dawn yelled to Team Rocket, who was on their Meowth-shaped balloon.

"Same as always." Meowth smirked. "We want your Pokemon!"

And with that, the cat-like Pokemon pushed a red button and two mechanical arms spouted from the bottom of the basket. I watched in horror as one grabbed Dawn, and the other grabbing Piplup, who was standing next to her.

"Pip, Piplup!" the blue penguin Pokemon cried in desperation.

Dawn and Piplup were struggling to break free. I had to do something! I then noticed Dawn wriggling her arm. Only later did I realize that she was trying to get one of her Poke Balls.

"Aha!" Dawn beamed and released the Pokemon inside. In a flash of light, the Flying Type, Togekiss, appeared.

"Togekiss!" the Flying Type sang.

"Togekiss!" Dawn said urgently. "I need you to use Sky—"

Before Dawn could finish her statement, I had Charizard use his Steel Wing on the arm that was holding Dawn. Both her and Team Rocket were surprised by the sudden event. And soon Dawn's shock was turned to sheer fear as she began to plummet toward the earth.

"Hang on, Dawn!" I yelled. I didn't know if she had heard me. She was probably too busy screaming to acknowledge me. Yeah, kinda hard to do that when you're falling out of the sky.

"Ash!" Dawn screamed. If she didn't know I was here, then why would she be screaming my name? I didn't have long to ponder this because... well, because Dawn was falling.

I ran as fast as I could. It didn't help that I was still injured. But that didn't stop me. My friends and Pokemon had helped me to get this far. I wasn't going to let a little pain get me.

In a flash I was out in the clearing and running towards Dawn.

It seemed, that in the next few moments, everything was in slow motion. Dread, I guess.

"Dawn!" I yelled once more. She was nearing the ground, and this was not good.

Her eyes were shut tight. If they were open, I would've saw fear—complete terror would've filled her eyes.

"Ash!" Dawn called once more. Again, why would she call my name if her eyes were closed and couldn't see a single thing? I didn't know. All the more reason to save her—to ask why that was.

I caught her, and her eyes were still shut. She was gripping onto me—tight.

"It's okay, Dawn," I said softly. "I'm here now."

I then turned my attention to Team Rocket. I shot daggers at them—the same stare that May had given me back at Hoenn. A look that surprised me as much as the wannabe thieves. I must've looked deadly, because Team Rocket looked nervous all of a sudden. I put Dawn down on the grass.

"Charizard, use Flame—" I hesitated. At the last second, I saw Piplup still struggling to get free. And it looked like the mechanical hand was squeezing him harder. I knew what to do.

"Charizard, use Steel Wing once more!" I commanded.

Charizard complied. Its wings began to glow and struck the other arm. Piplup was happy to be free, but then realized that it was about to fall and tried to stay afloat by frantically flapping his wings. It was no use, though. Charizard caught him and put him next to Dawn. I mentally slapped myself. I could've just let Charizard catch Dawn.

That didn't matter anymore. Dawn and Piplup were safe—and that's all that matters.

Team Rocket gulped. They were scared out of their wits. Good.

"Charizard, Pikachu, let's finish this," I said calmly but sternly. "Charizard, use Flamethrower! Pikachu, you use Thunder Bolt! Now, max power!"



Charizard had unleashed his Flamethrower and it was aimed directly at the balloon. The Thunder Bolt Pikachu unleashed was following right behind the Fire Type move. The contact resulted in a huge explosion. And the last I heard of Team Rocket was them yelling, "We're blasting off again!"

I turned back to Dawn. She was smiling, and I saw those beautiful sapphire eyes that I so desperately wanted to see. She stepped forward.

I didn't know what surprised me more: Dawn hugging me, or the fact that I had tears in my eyes.

I happily returned the embrace. It was so good to see her again.

We made eye contact. "Dawn," I whispered.

"Ash," she whispered back.

She let go. She then said, "What are doing here? It's not like I want you to be here. It's just—what are you doing here? I thought you'd be heading off to the next region qualifying for the league or something."

"To be honest Dawn," I started, "I came here to see you."

"Really?" Dawn perked up.

"Wait," Dawn noticed. "Why would you come all the way to Sinnoh, from Kanto, just to see me?"

I hesitated. That was a good question. I said the first thing in my head, which was: "I promised you I'd come back to see you, didn't I?"

Dawn seemed to accept my answer, which was good. But it made me feel down. And unless I was hallucinating or something, Dawn was too.

I couldn't take it. I took a deep breath, then said, "Okay Dawn. Do you really want to know the reason?"

Dawn's eyes gleamed. She looked a little happier. "And what would that be?"

I took her by the hands—which was okay by me, and surprisingly, it seemed to be okay with her.

"The reason why I came back here was..." I started. "Was to—"

Dawn looked confused. "Was to...?"

I gulped. I made a split-second decision to say something else. I decided to just say it.

"I-I like you Dawn... but more than a friend! I know you can never like anyone like me. It's just your so-so beautiful and kind and nice and... and—"

I was stopped by Dawn's lips pressing against mine. Hey, not that I objected or anything. It was a shocker, is all.

She let go and she was smiling from ear to ear. And let's just say I was doing the same thing.

"Wow..." we whispered at the same time.


"W-why did y-you..." I stammered. "W-why did you do that?"

She smiled and giggled. I think I also saw a small tint of pink on her cheeks. "Because," she began, "you were babbling, and I wanted you to stop... And because I like you, too."

No other moment would've even compared to this one. It would be like if I won a league—no, even better than that. I couldn't think of any, and I was pretty sure I couldn't.

They say actions speak louder than words. I never understood that—until now. I kissed her, and she kissed back.

I was faintly aware that Pikachu and Charizard were watching me. But hey—I didn't mind.

She let go, I winced a bit, and for the first time, she noticed Charizard.

She also noticed I was wearing bandages. She then proceeded in asking me questions. "Why are you hurt? And when did you get a Charizard?"

I remembered May asking me what I was doing in a lifeboat and I answered her with a "Long story, or short?" option. Yeah, I said it again.

"Long story, or short?"

Dawn giggled. She said, "Short would be fine."

"Before I start, I have one question."

"Go for it."

"Where's Buneary?"


"Just send her out. I have a feeling she wants to meet someone." I winked.

"Oh," Dawn said, catching my drift. "Come on out!"

Dawn threw her Poke Ball and out came the bunny Pokemon known as Buneary.

"Buneary, bun!" the rabbit Pokemon stretched. She looked around and immediately saw Pikachu. Pikachu said something, ran, and Buneary was following him.

"Aw, love," Dawn said.

Pikachu stopped, then waited for Buneary to catch up. She did, and they ran off towards the forest.

"Hey Pikachu, don't stay—" Dawn stopped me.

"Just let them have their fun," Dawn stated.

I nodded. We walked hand in hand and started towards Arceus-knows-where. Charizard was following us—from a respectful distance, of course.

I faced Dawn. "You know, Dawn," I said, "there was always something that I felt was missing. Right after we parted ways, I felt like there was a void in my heart, and I didn't know who could—who would have filled it. But I didn't know that you were the one to fill it... Until now. When I went back home, it was my mom who told me what I was feeling. It was right then and there. And that's when I realized. Something was missing: you."

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