Addicted To Love

It took Eames longer than he expected to crack his Point Man. But then again, it was Arthur. He wasn't exactly known for his easy going and playful nature.

Eames decided upon his new goal when he and Arthur were forced to share a hotel room. he had sworn there was something maniacal about Cobb's grin, but he had shrugged while Arthur's face twisted into a frown.

They had barely lasted two hours before Eames was confined to a corner of the room (Arthur had actually made a line out of pillows) so Arthur could work at the desk in peace. Eames was fiddling with the hem of his shirt out of boredom when Arthur let out a sigh of frustration. His hands suddenly extended up, behind his head, and his back arched against his chair as he attempted to stretch out some tension. His shirt rode up a little and Eames, transfixed, was allowed a brief flash of pale skin. And then it was gone.

Arthur turned back to his computer and said, "Don't even think about crossing that line."

Eames huffed, but his mind was still reeling.

It took the next two weeks of carefully poking and prodding Arthur in the right places. Standing too close so that their shoulders were touching, letting his hand linger as he passed something to Arthur, allowing fingers to brush along an arm as Eames attempted to grab the other man's attention. At first Arthur's eyes would quint in confusion, and then Eames delightedly noticed he was beginning to blush (where Arthur was aware of it or not, he definitely was). Once, Eames let himself be particularly daring and gently slid his hand along Arthur's hip while they were sitting next to each other. Arthur promptly stepped on Eames's foot as he hastily stood, but as Arthur stalked off Eames knew he hadn't missed Arthur's cheeks tinging pink.

Finally, as Eames pressed himself against Arthur as he walked by (despite them being in the middle of the room, with no one around), Arthur quickly caught Eames, his fingers grabbing Eames's belt loops and pulled them together. Eames didn't even have time to blink before Arthur, in the most oxymoronic sense, softly crushed their lips together. When they parted, Arthur's eyes dark, Eames couldn't help the grin that spread across his face.

As he brought their lips back together, curling an arm around Arthur's waist, Eames realised that victory had never tasted sweeter.