Remus's kisses taste like cigarettes and chocolate milk.

"If you had to choose between chocolate and me, Remus, which would you choose?"

Remus takes a drag of his cigarette and blinks slowly, thoughtfully. They're sitting by the lake on evening and the Sun lowly shimmers through the tree tops, basking the two of them in an orange glow.

Remus leans back in the grass, his shirt riding up to expose a pale slice of stomach, holding his cigarette off to the side. He laughs and replies, "The chocolate, definitely." He grins up at Sirius.

Sirius playfully nudges Remus's leg, melodramatically sighing and says, "Oh, I see. I'll just rethink that sex tonight then."

Remus makes an affronted noise and ays, "Like you would. I'll have you know I've been informed I'm quite irresistible."

Sirius loves it when Remus is like this, confident and almost cocky. He loves it when Remus is aware of the effect he has on Sirius and doesn't second guess himself.

Sirius leans down to kiss Remus's forehead and Remus softly tugs him closer by the front of his shirt, lacing his fingers through Sirius's hair and pulling him in to an actual kiss. The kiss is sweet and tastes like all the things Sirius associate with Remus: books, chocolate, warmth, and cigarettes.

Remus trails his fingers along Sirius's neck as they part, and Sirius grins.

The next morning at breakfast Sirius will steal Remus's chocolate milk because Remus stole one of his shirts earlier that morning. Remus will threaten to hex Sirius's toast and they'll argue until either James or Peter tells them to shut up and quit acting like they're married.

As they're walking out of the Great Hall, James nudges Remus and asks, "Isn't that one of Sirius's shirts?" Remus laughs and Sirius rolls his eyes.

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