She's an actress

{you know}

She plays the part of someone else

For a living

She gets so absorbed, so wrapped up

In their tragedies,

She forgets to watch her own unfold


Because while she was crying

"Out out damn spot!"

He was slowly creeping

Towards the door

Tired of being neglected

Passed by for the stage

(the place of real magic

For her at least)

But he'll come to every performance

And sit in the back

Third seat from the left, yes, that one there


He's the kind of boy

Who's always been there for her

Loving her, cherishing her

Getting down on one knee and promising her

He'd love her forever

{forever's an awfully long time

Isn't it, silly boy?}


As devoted to her as he is

He can't watch

As she assumes the personality of someone else

Someone distinctly different than Rose,

His Rose

And he can't stay

As she heads out the door

A g a i n

For another rehearsal

("It's gonna be a late one, sweetie

Love you!"

She'll cry as she slams the door)


It's a serious discussion

Sitting late at night,

Her ring sparkling by the lamplight

"You need to choose" he whispers

"I can't keep doing this anymore" he confesses

"I love you" he pleads

{Choose me, his heart aches}

But she doesn't know who she is

Aside from an actress

She doesn't know herself

Because she looses it so often in the memories of someone else

And so she tells him "I can't"

And hands back the glittering ring


So that's it

He's l e a v i n g


And she hardly seems to notice

Because she's so wrapped up in

This month's production of

Little Shop of Horrors

But she does,

She does notice


She repairs her heartbreak the only way she know how

By tossing it onto the stage

And using it to play a convincing portrayal of Judas

In Jesus Christ Superstar


It's opening night

Two minutes before the curtains pull open

And the magical world crafted by the cast and crew is revealed

She takes a peak,

A glance, just in case

At the back row

Hidden in the shadows sits one lone figure

Hunched over himself

But, by god, he's h e r e


As much as he resents her

For choosing the stage over him

He couldn't stand to miss seeing her

At her best