You demanded a continuation, and you GOT it!


Ichigo woke up the next morning with his head pounding horrendously and his stomach rolling. He groaned and rolled over, eyes opening as he found himself with a mouthful of bright red hair. He coughed and spluttered, spitting out strands and sitting up quickly. He looked down at the reason for the strange hairy taste in his mouth with a scowl. Renji was asleep, had barely moved when Ichigo had collided with him. He was even snoring quietly, his eyes moving under his lids as he followed the path of a dream. Ichigo's scowl faded as he looked down at him, sighing a little. The night before was fuzzy at best, he could recall a vague image of himself licking hungrily at Renji's tattoos, but he couldn't seem to figure out if it was a dream or not.

He took his eyes off Renji to look around, realizing that they were on his bed, and he didn't remember getting there. Had Renji carried him? They were both still wearing the same pants from the night before, though Renji looked far more rumpled and tired. Ichigo carefully got off the bed, though he wasn't really worried that Renji would wake up. When the redhead was like this only a strong reiatsu surge would wake him up. Ichigo padded softly around the bed, heading for the door when he saw something in Renji's hands.

He had a pencil half falling out of his calloused fingers, and a sketchbook that Ichigo had given him in his other hand, laying open. Ichigo gasped lightly, curiousity sparking in his eyes despite the headache. Ichigo had given Renji that sketchbook a couple weeks ago, but Renji hadn't used it. He'd said he was waiting to draw something special. What had he finally decided on?

Ichigo crept up and carefully removed the pencil and book from Renji's grasp, giving the older man a pillow to hold instead. He immediately crushed the pillow to his chest and made an odd gurgling noise, rolling over and falling still again. Ichigo grinned at his sneakiness, flinching as the expression caused a pang in his temples. He went out into the living room and turned to the first page of the sketchbook.

There, in plain pencil, was a detailed rendering of Ichigo's sleeping face. Ichigo's eyes widened, taking in the immense detail in the expression. Renji must've been watching him closely to get this so perfect. He flipped the page, and there he was again, laying on his back with his head tipped to one side, drooling a little. Ichigo blushed, guessing that Renji had also had a model to work from here. He flipped the page again, seeing another four pages worth of himself in various sleeping positions. Renji must've been up until sunrise drawing all this...

He flipped the last page and his eyes went as wide as saucers, his blush returning tenfold as he gazed down at yet another close up of his face. But this was different, it wasn't as exact as the others, like Renji had the image in mind but couldn't look back on a model for reference. Ichigo's eyes were open, half lidded, a wanton look of pure lust and want, his tongue was out, licking down a jagged black line. Ichigo swallowed loudly, thinking that his "dream" might've actually happened, cursing his low tolerance for alcohol.

But Renji wouldn't have drawn something like this if he thought Ichigo was a freak, or if he was angry or irritated. No, this picture was all lust, almost desperate in its sharp portrayal of need. Like the artist had been left unsatisfied.

Ichigo frowned thoughtfully, wondering if maybe Renji hadn't liked his little outburst. And... Ichigo looked down at the book, feeling something clench and flutter in his gut as he thought that Renji had found him special enough to put in his book. He bit his lip, looking over at the bedroom door, beyond which Renji was still laying, sleeping, waiting. Should he... Could he... just... go for it?

He went to the kitchen and got himself some water, taking a few large gulps in an attempt to quell the excited butterflies in his stomach. He licked his lips, slowly, imagining the taste of Renji's skin under his tongue. He couldn't remember much from the night before, he couldn't remember things like taste, or scent. He had a vague recollection of some of the arousing sounds that Renji had made, but that was it. His teeth worried at his lip, tugging lightly as he thought. He wanted to know, all these things, what Renji tasted like, his scent, what sounds he made, what he looked like, quivering and aroused. Ichigo sighed and set his water glass down on the counter, his mind made up. Even if Renji was pissed at him, he just had to try.


When Renji woke up, it was to a tickling, wet sensation sliding down his stomach, making the muscles there tense and relax. He breathed out a sleep-roughened moan, eyes opening slowly. A look down revealed a blushing Ichigo, running his tongue between the grooves of Renji's stomach muscles. Renji moaned again at the sight, his sleepy mind losing track of whatever thoughts he'd had as he arched up towards that hot mouth.

"Hnngh, Ichigo..."

Ichigo looked up at Renji seeing his eyes open and glazed, looking down at him, with the most beautiful moans coming from his lips. The young man shivered, raising his head up to look back at Renji, raising his body up on top of him.

"Mornin'..." he murmured quietly, nervously.

Renji looked up into Ichigo's face, staring at him for a few long moments. "Mornin'." he finally said, closing his eyes and lifting his head up to press their lips together.

Ichigo gasped at the contact, not expecting it, but he soon melted against Renji's lips, kissing him eagerly and tipping his head to deepen the lip lock. Renji responded just as eagerly, sitting up onto his elbows and raising his forearms up to hold Ichigo's shoulders.

When they finally parted for air Renji chuckled. "I wondered what I was gonna do with ya, after you got me all riled up last night." he said, smirking a little.

Ichigo blushed, looking down at Renji's chest. "I don't remember much... I guess I passed out?"

Renji nodded and Ichigo grimaced. "Sorry..."

"It's fine, I just figured I was gonna have to jump you for it when I woke up. I didn't think I'd wake up with you already on top of me... What made ya so bold all of a sudden?"

Ichigo's blush deepened and he fidgeted, nearly forcing Renji to kiss the adorable look off his face.

"I... I saw your sketchbook..."

Renji's eyes widened, and he looked down, it was his turn for a blush to tint over his cheeks. "Oh..."

"Yeah... B-but we can talk about that later! Wouldn't you rather...?"

Renji looked back up at Ichigo, seeing his nervous anticipation and grinned. "Yeah, alright."

It was Renji's turn to push Ichigo down, to explore, to run his mouth over Ichigo's flesh, soft and firm, lips still moist from kissing. Ichigo's hands become tangled in Renji's hair, tugging with each wet pull of Renji's lips on his skin. But his fingers couldn't remain there for long, despite the silky temptation that Renji's hair provided, almost as fascinating as his tattoos... But not quite.

Ichigo stroked the lines going down Renji's neck, lightly tracing over a black lightning bolt. Ichigo was sure there was some sort of meaning there, some sort of primal symbolism that he couldn't quite grasp, and when Renji's fingers tugged lightly on his waistband he lost all track of whatever thoughts he might've had at that point. Feeling the fabric sliding down his hips had to be one of the most arousing things he'd ever felt in his life, along with Renji's large rough hands touching his skin.

And, damn, Renji was a sight to behold... Ichigo's hands couldn't stay still, wanting to trace every hypnotizing line on his body, wanting to feel that silky hair sliding through his fingers again, needing to feel his flat hard chest, fingers twitching along with the heartbeat underneath. Renji moaned for him and the sound alone made Ichigo's eyes roll into the back of his head.


"Ichigo." Oh, fuck. Ichigo had never heard that voice before. That growl was worthy of a jungle cat, a dangerous, black-striped tiger.

And then those tiger fangs bit into his neck and he cried out sharply, voice suddenly ragged and high, helpless prey before that devouring mouth. And that mouth was intent on devouring him whole, burning along his skin, teeth scraping, tongue lashing, lips sucking mercilessly, a note of desperation rising in both of them. His hands were in Renji's hair again, vainly struggling against the onslaught of pleasure on his frazzled nerve endings. It was quickly becoming too much for him, this burn, this ache, it was consuming him.

"Renji... Renji, fuck, hurry..." he murmured, voice low, trying not to beg like he wanted to.

Renji's eyes were dark and piercing and Ichigo nearly whimpered at the heat that lanced through him from just that look.

"Hurry what, Ichigo? What d'ya want?" And that voice was back, only it was darker, more demanding, and Ichigo didn't think he could deny anything asked by that voice, Renji could get him to do anything.

"Please... " Shit, he'd tried so hard not to beg. "I want to feel you inside me..."

The growl that erupted out of Renji's chest made chills run down Ichigo's spine, and he choked on his breath, fingers tightening and pulling hard on Renji's hair was about to apologize, but the moan that suddenly burst from Renji's lips was far too intoxicating. He tugged again, even harder, nails scraping against the redhead's scalp, drawing out another deep moan and a growl.

Renji's expression was scorching, an arm wrapping tightly around Ichigo's waist and pulling the younger man's naked body up against Renji's partially clothed one. The fingers of his free hand pressed insistently at Ichigo's lips, rough and demanding and exactly what Ichigo wanted. He sucked the digits in all too eagerly, savouring the slightly salty taste of his skin, moaning lowly and taking those fingers as deeply into his mouth as was possible. He tasted so good, but Ichigo couldn't help but rush, he was too eager to feel Renji stretching him open, he just couldn't wait much longer. There was drool dribbling down his chin as he sucked and licked Renji's fingers, thoroughly coating them in saliva until the liquid dripped down Renji's palm and wrist.

When Renji finally pulled his hand away, Ichigo was nearly whimpering with need, his eyes glazed and staring at Renji's body. The redhead wiggled slowly out of his pants, revealing a rock hard and impressive erection. And fuck if that wasn't tattooed too and just begging for Ichigo's mouth on it, but when he leaned forward to to just that Renji shoved him roughly back onto the bed.

"Nuh uh. After teasin' me like that last night you're gonna lay there 'n' behave yourself. Understand?"

Ichigo nodded mutely, Renji's words were stronger than shackles on his body, holding him down, forcing him to be still. Renji smirked as Ichigo obeyed, and lowered himself over the younger man's body. The first moan he pulled from Ichigo's throat was from his lips sliding over the head of his cock. And who would've ever thought that Renji had such soft, supple lips? Or that the man was possibly the best cock sucker on the face of the planet? Oh, that mouth, those lips, that tongue! Why the hell had Ichigo missed out on this before? He didn't even notice the first finger entering him, and when the second was added it was just a lovely counterpoint to that godly mouth working over his shaft. It was hard to choose which parts of his body to listen to, which source of pleasure to focus on, and so he ended up stuck in a pleasure-hazed limbo where his mind kept switching between the two. He eventually forced his mind to focus on those long rough fingers deliciously penetrating him, pressing in deep and... oh shit, apparently Renji could deep throat too...

"Haaaah, fuck! S-stop it! I'm gonna cum, and I don't wanna cum until you're fucking me into this bed so hard I can't walk for a week..." he babbled, his attempts at dirty talk had always fell a little flat in his opinion, but Renji didn't seem to mind. He pulled his fingers slowly out of Ichigo (when had he added that third finger? Oh who cares...) and reached over to Ichigo's side drawer. As the redhead had suspected, that bottle of lube he'd found there a few months before was still there, and mostly full even. He poured the lubricant in his hand, warming it before stroking his cock with a low moan. Ichigo's eyes were wide and dark as he watched, so full of want you could barely recognize them. But Ichigo kept still, held in place by the spell that Renji's voice had woven around him.

Renji stopped, panting raggedly, looking at Ichigo with those predator's eyes. His arm went around Ichigo's waist again, pulling them together and using his other hand to position himself.


"I'm so ready, you have no idea..." Ichigo panted.

Renji grinned at him and thrust inside smoothly, a loud groan ripping from his throat. Ichigo gasped, body arching in a fluid wave, grinding up against Renji like a cat in heat. They didn't even wait to adjust, they couldn't, the wait would've been too unbearable. The pace they set was moderate at first, their bodies meeting carefully, testing this novel situation.

But as if they were synced they both increased their pace at once, Ichigo's hips rising to meet Renji's cock at the same time as their lips crashed together. They growled and bit at each other, Ichigo's nails raking down Renji's tattooed back and Renji's teeth sinking into Ichigo's throat. It was like a feverish pair of jungle cats, clawing at their partner in a mix of passion and violence. The heat was all-consuming and completely breath taking, and Ichigo could barely find the presence of mind to hold on for dear life as any sanity he might have possessed when this started disappeared entirely.

"Hnn, ya feel so fuckin' good..." Renji slurred against Ichigo's throat, the vibrations against his skin making him cling to Renji's shoulders, and, yes, his shoulders were bleeding, and, no, he didn't give a fuck. He just moved his lips down Ichigo's neck and returned the favour, biting down hard enough to taste copper on his tongue. And Ichigo's loud howl, sounding so overwhelmed, was music to the redhead's ears.

"Ren... Renji... I-I gotta..." Ichigo was desperate, writhing, unable to form the words in his mind, just knowing that he needed.

Renji understood, feeling that same desperation clawing at his gut, so he pulled one hand off of Ichigo's waist and wrapped it around Ichigo's cock, making him shudder and wail, eyes closing against the onslaught as Renji stroked him with that big, rough hand. But he couldn't keep them closed for long. He had to watch, had to see that tattooed back arch, see his muscles twitch and glisten as he drove inside Ichigo's body. Those tattoos, they were what had fascinated him from the start, and now they were just mesmerizing, pulling him into a maze of blurred sensation that he couldn't identify or keep up with. He couldn't stop staring, or moaning, or muttering Renji's name and when he came it was like a wave came crashing down on him, so unexpected and forceful that he was practically sobbing from the intensity of it all.

By the time he'd regained enough of himself to notice that Renji was still moving he was too spent to do much, not that he had to, since Renji came inside him then and collapsed on top of him.

They lay there like that, panting and sweaty and clinging to each other until Renji finally rolled off of Ichigo and grinned. "Where'd ya leave my sketchbook?" he asked.

Ichigo looked confused. "It's on the couch, why?"

"I wanna draw that sexy look on your face as ya were cummin'. I gotta do it while its still fresh in my mind."

Ichigo laughed tiredly, grabbing Renji before he could move to get up. "I'll give you another reference for it later. Just stay here for now."

Renji smiled a bit, wrapping an arm around Ichigo's shoulders and pulling him onto his chest.

"Fine. But ya owe me."

"You have no idea."


This took awhile, because I was trying really hard to make it good ' There are so many great writers in the RenIchi community, so I feel a little intimidated. But I still hope that everyone enjoys this. I know I did.