Hello! It's me again! I know that I haven't published in a while, but what with finals and stuff... you're right, no excuses. Well, I've been working on this for a while. I'm actually up to a good 6.5k words currently. It was originally a one-shot, but it got so long that I decided to split it into chapters! So here is chapter one! If I get some reviews, I'll probably work faster. Deal?

Oh. WARNING. THIS IS TURTLECEST! As in SLASH! As in MikeyxLeo! Not my first t-cest fic, and hopefully not my last.

Summary: Mikey wants to prank everyone, but when it's Leo's turn, he decides to beat Mikey at his own game.

Dedicated to my dear, dear friend, Cndrow, who keeps my turtle-obsession going strong. This was her request. I hope she likes it!

Leo's Prank- Chapter 1

It was hectic in the turtles' lair the first few weeks of January. Splinter, deciding his sons were certifiably insane, had taken a much-needed spiritual journey to resolve inner conflict (he went on a vacation). He had requested that in his absence, his sons not leave the lair for leisurely purposes, limit patrol to twice a week, and not visit with April or Casey unless they came to the lair. Mikey, whose skateboard had been disassembled after he crashed into the TV (by a very angry genius turtle), was getting stir-crazy. And a bored Mikey can only lead to one thing… which is where our story begins.

"MIKEY!" Raph shouted angrily. He emerged sprinting from the hallway, searching wall to wall for his orange-banded pain-in-the-shell. It wouldn't take a genius to figure out what had happened. Leo appeared out of nowhere, the ninja-way, to see what was up, and couldn't keep from breaking into laughter at the sight of Raph.

"Are those… lips?" Leo asked, pointing to the unmistakable lips drawn in sharpie. He covered his mouth to stifle another snicker. That would not slide well with Raph, who's sense of humor only seemed to apply when he wasn't the victim. "And what does that on your forehead say? Hothead?" It took everything Leo to hold in his laughter. Think! Puppies dying. Shredder coming back. Karai. But Leo lost it anyway, despite his efforts, when his eyes traveled from Raph's furious face to his plastron. A short comic of the Turtle Titan (no doubt Mikey's work), using the divides in Raph's casing as the paneling. That was new.

"Unless you wanna lose that throat of yours, I suggest you quit your laughin'. It'll be really hard to kiss up to Sensei without it," Raph growled, shaking with so much anger it was practically visible. "MIKEY! GET YOUR DEAD SHELL OVER HERE!" Raph yelled again, turning away from Leo, who snorted at his baby brother's blatant signature on the 'hothead's' shell. Raph jerked his head in Leo's direction, ready to pummel him for laughing since Mikey wasn't in sight, only to find that Leo had left, thinking it was an excellent time to check up on Donny.

"Hey Don, what's u-" Leo's jaw dropped. Don was covered in what he hoped was syrup, dropping sopping wet papers and plans into a wastebasket dejectedly. An empty tub hung from the ceiling. When did that get there? Don lifted his head, squinting, before trying to wipe the syrup out of his eyes. It didn't work very well because his hand was also dripping with the substance.

"D-don't ask, Leo. I'm not in the mood." Leo flinched at Don's sharp tone. Those papers must have been important. Leo then noticed that the sickly-sweet ooze was layering Don's entire desk, as well as whatever half-complete contraption was sitting next to it.

"Can I help?" Leo offered, taking a step into the lab before halting at Donny's raised hand.

"No. P-" his voice wavered. "Please leave. I can handle this. But if you see Mikey, tell him I'm going to turn him into an office decoration." Leo nodded and left, shutting the lab door tight behind him. When Don got angry, he got really quiet and let it build up. And Leo wanted to be in the Triceratron Republic when he took out that anger.

Leo wondered where on Earth Mikey could be hiding. Maybe he'd gone to April's. But they weren't allowed there. He'd have to be in the lair somewhere. Sighing, Leo walked to his room, hoping for Mikey's sake that he wouldn't show his face until Christmas. First that stunt with Raph, then Donny… Leo shuddered at the thought. He would rather fight a thousand Raphs than be on his purple-banded brother's bad side.

Leo stopped in his tracks at the sticky note on his door as he finally reached his room. Confused, he pulled it off to examine it.

You're Next.


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