Author's note:

I never liked Adrian much, and Rose and Dimitri took up all my attention whenever I read VA books. But in Last Sacrifice Adrian was left heartbroken (?) and, how do I say it... I'm a sucker for the underdog *grins sheepishly*. So all of a sudden I started thinking about Adrian, and who would be the erfect one for him, bla bla. Reading the VA books before reading this isn't exactly necessary, but seeing that this is fanfic, almost everybody must have, so plz don't get fed up when i describe certain basic stuff we all know. Richelle Mead does that in every first chapter and I tried to make the writing style as close to Mead's as possible. This being my first fanfic, please R&R!

Of course I don't own Adrian, Lissa, Christian, Rose, Dimitri and Vampire Academy, no matter how I wish... They are all brain children of Richelle Mead =)


"And people thought I was crazy before," I muttered to myself, staring at the golden drink in my hand. The bubbles lightly rose to the surface. I dimly wondered how many glasses I'd already consumed and then shrugged. Hardly enough. It took a lot to get me drunk enough, though no one would guess that when they looked at me. Spirit was a pain in the ass, and not quite easily forgotten. Besides, swearing off drinking was what Rose always told me to...

My jaws clenched when I thought about her and I downed the glass in one go before slamming it on the table. I'd slunk out of court trying to get myself drunk - and a drink - and even here, she wouldn't leave my thoughts. She betrayed me. Those words were in my head like an infinite loop. She cheated on me. She lied to me. She betrayed me. And I was a fool- a blind fool to never see it. Dimitri was the world for her; I was just a toy, a temporary amusement. She left me all alone. To this.

I eyed the filled glass before me. The staff was efficient - and pretty. The human girl gave me a sly and dazzling smile as she turned away with the tray with my empty glass. She was gorgeous of course - only the best for the royals. You had to be a royal or the guest of one to be able to get here. The perks of being a royal. I extended a lazy hand to get that glass when a shadow fell over me. It was Lissa.

"Your majesty," I said in a very convincingly drunken drawl. "What a pleasure and surprise to see you here. Forgive me if I don't stand up. I don't mean any disrespect. I'm just too lazy and too drunk to get up." I wasn't joking or being sarcastic... much. Lissa - or Vasilisa Dragomir - was the queen of Moroi, the living vampires, the good guys. Yup, I can say that, 'cause I'm one of them. If the word 'vampire' causes you to tremble in fear and visualise monsters, then it's the Strigoi you're thinking about - the undead evil vampires, the bad guys.

Lissa became our queen in a series of history-making events after the former queen, my aunt, was murdered. Rose had been accused of murder, but little dhampir had done it again and not only proved her innocence, but also unmasked the killer. I stiffened when I thought of Rose once again. If Lissa was here, Rose, her best friend and guard, was here too.

Lissa rolled her eyes at my non-invitation and sat down primly in the chair next to me.

"She's not here." She said, smiling at me.

I raised one eyebrow. "Who do you mean?" I asked drawled, lazily turning my head to see four of her guards hovering in the background. So Lissa wasn't lying – Rose wasn't here, not physically, not even mentally now that her spirit bond with Lissa was broken.

Lissa gave me an exasperated look before shaking her head sadly.

"How long do you think you can go like this, Adrian? This is getting out of hand. It hadn't been this bad before – this drive to drink."

"So she's put you up to this, huh?" I grimaced, gulping down the drink and sighing as my thoughts grew fuzzy and auras around the people became less blinding. Drunk at last.

"Who do you mean?" Lissa said tartly, throwing my words on my face.

"Touché," I drawled, toasting my empty glass to her.

Lissa just sighed, looking at my sadly. This was a very old, very bitter and very familiar topic. No matter what Her Majesty Lissa did or said, it wouldn't change the fact that her best friend broke my heart. She did betray me, and Lissa wouldn't blame her, all because Dimitri was apparently the soul mate, the other half. Bullshit, if you ask me.

"It's getting worse, Adrian," Lissa said worriedly. I glanced at her with a raised eyebrow. "You forget I can see auras too." Not likely. Lissa was the most famous spirit user out there and we were the only ones trying together to figure our powers out. I merely shrugged.

"Adrian..." Lissa trailed off, staring off at nothing. I recognised the hesitation. So Her Majesty hadn't sought me out to give me friendly comfort. Favours – that was all I was useful for. Rose had always asked for them; by default so did Lissa.

"Anything, your majesty." I said drily with a salute. Not that Lissa had to ask me favours; she could order anything and I'd be forced to carry it out. But that wasn't Lissa; she was the gentlest and the most empathic person I'd ever seen. She won't force me if I didn't want to help.

Lissa looked at me guiltily and then away. 'It's about - about Jill.' she muttered, not meeting my eyes. I sat up straight, feeling slightly bad for all the drinks inside me when I wobbled. 'what about jailbait? What's wrong?'

Lissa had that conflicted look whenever Jill was around or mentioned. Jill was Lissa's recently disclosed half-sister, Eric Dragomir's illegitimate daughter, the only other living Dragomir and the reason Lissa could be the queen. We Moroi had a moronic rule that a candidate could ascend the throne only when another member of his or her clan existed. And Lissa not only felt she had to feel obliged to somebody else for that, the fact that it was her dad's illegitimate child made the fact worse. I watched her aura cloud up and a tinge of red and orange bordered her normally golden aura- the characteristic colour for spirit users. She was angry and hurt, and at the same time embarrassed and upset for feeling that way.

But Jill was a sweet girl, harmless yet determined and I knew she was going through a vulnerable phase too, and I tried to concentrate on what Lissa was saying.

"We have to move her to St. Vlad's now that the vacation is over. It'd be safer than even here, and you know why I feel so. After Tatiana's murder..." she trailed off and I nodded, stopping when the room began to spin.

"So what do you want from me?" I had to get to the point; my head was starting to resent my focus on this conversation.

"I don't want to send her away like an unwanted guest, Adrian. I can't accompany her personally, I have to finish off all this court stuff before I become the first queen to attend college, Rose is my guard and she can't leave me. Christian has the Tasha" Lissa's voice wobbled "the Tasha matter to worry about, so neither he can't go either. Adrian, Jill trusts you. And I want you to go with her to St. Vladimir's."

I sighed and ran my hand through my hair. "Of course." I muttered and Lissa smiled radiantly. Then a sudden thought went through my groggy head and I sat up straight again. "Jill isn't – isn't here, is she?" I asked, panicking. That kid was adorablt and I didn't want her to see me like this, drunk and wasted.

Lissa smiled again and shook her head. "No," she assured me.

I slumped back into my seat, my eyes drooping without my permission. "So when does she leave?" I mumbled.

"The day after tomorrow," she said.

I nodded, or tried to nod as all the alcohol inside me dulled my brain. I faintly heard Lissa get out of her seat. I think I heard her say, "I wish you'd get over her soon, Adrian," before the world the turned black around me.