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The Cat's Meow


Picture Purrfect

Chairman Meow purred contentedly in his patch of sunlight where he was sleeping, peaceful and happy with his feline life. He nuzzled his tiny head deeper into the couch, sighing.

The door burst open and he jumped awake, meowing lightly, looking around frantically. Magnus swung through the doorway, coughing and throwing his singed coat onto the chair. He plopped down onto the couch beside him, bloodied, dirty, covered in soot and grime. The cat sneezed, grimacing at the harsh smell of smoke radiating off of his master. He looked up at him, worried. The warlock smiled wearily and patted his head.

"I'm alright," he assured. "A hot shower and some tea and I'll be good as new." The cat nuzzled his face into his hand, giving what small comfort he could. He knew he was lying and that he was more hurt than he was telling. He wouldn't be bleeding so much if he wasn't. "You little pain in my ass," Magnus chuckled, still petting him. "You don't actually care, do you?" The cat ignored him, still nuzzling his hand. "You're lucky you're so cute…"

He sat there for a moment, breathing shakily, eyes closed.

The door opened again and the cat turned, sighing in relief when he saw Alec standing there.

"Magnus!" He rushed over to him, holding his face in his hands.

"I'm fine," he assured, patting Alec's hand. "Half of this blood isn't mine, dear. I'm okay." Alec wasn't listening. He was busily looking him over, checking wounds and the tears on his clothes.

"Jeeze, Magnus…" He sighed. "Come here." He gingerly helped him stand and hauled him to the bathroom. He sat him down on the toilet lid and started the shower before peeling his clothes off of him. Chairman Meow followed, making the giant leap from the couch to the floor.

"Don't even ask anymore," Magnus chuckled as Alec removed his pants. "Just have me whenever you want, eh?" Alec rolled his eyes. "What happened to the romance, baby?"

"You're beat to hell and still you use sarcasm," he grumbled. Magnus's bloodied fingers touched his cheek. He looked up at him.

"I'm alright, Alexander," he said softly. Alec kissed him.

"You worry me to death, I hope you know that," he whispered.

"It's you that needs the worrying," Magnus said bluntly. "You're far more fragile and much more precious than I am."

"Well. You're the most precious thing to me," Alec said. He kissed him again, helping him stand and get into the shower.

"Come with me?" Magnus asked, eyes full of desire and need. Alec nodded. Magnus steadied himself on the shower wall, watching the younger boy undress with a small smile on his face. Alec flushed a deep red when he caught the warlock looking. Magnus giggled.

"Get in here," he grinned. Alec's blush deepened, but he obliged, stepping in the warm water and wrapping his arms around him. The warlock pulled the curtain shut and rested his cheek against Alec's chest, shutting his eyes. He was achy and weary and wanted nothing more than to sleep.

"You gonna tell me what happened?" Alec asked quietly, holding him close.

"It's not important," Magnus sighed. "But everything's fine. I got paid, a murdering son of a bitch is dead and now I'm here with you." Alec sighed, shaking his head.

"If you say so." He kissed him gently, combing his hair out of his face and holding him tight.

Chairman Meow turned from the doorway and trotted back to the couch, lying down once more, happy that everything was alright. Alec could take care of Magnus better than anyone.

He shut his large eyes, part of him wishing he could thank Alec with more than a meow.

The boy was on his knees in the middle of the room, shaking, waiting. He kept his head bowed, flinching only slightly when the door opened.

"You prayed, boy?"

"Yes, sir."

The father sneered at his son, disgusted.

"You don't deserve the mercy God gives," he growled. "You deserve every ounce of wrath he possesses."

"Yes, sir." CRACK! A harsh hand on an innocent cheek. Despite the anticipation of the blow, the teen cried out, flinching away. "Don't you run from the righteous hand!" Another harsh backhand.

"I'm-m sorry, Father," he trembled, on the verge of tears. Another strike. "P-please!" CRACK!

"I don't think you've repented enough," the man said, voice harder than steel, and just as cold.

"Yes, I have father, I've repented, please!" The boy begged, tears streaming down his cheeks. "I have begged God for forgiveness with all m-my heart. P-please, d-don't make me stay here anymore, please! I-I just w-want my clothes back, F-Father." He buried his face in his hands, sobbing.

"You're pathetic," the man spat on him, making him whimper almost inaudibly, "but I will show you mercy."

"Th-thank you, Father," he choked, never once daring to look up. "I d-don't deserve mercy." His worn clothes were thrown at him, but he didn't move.

"You don't. But I will drive the Devil out of you. I will make those satanic thoughts leave your mind, or you'll die while I try."


"DON'T YOU TALK BACK TO ME, BOY!" He screamed.

"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry…" He sobbed. "I won't do it again, Father, please." CRACK! CRACK! BAM!

"No you won't. Get dressed." The man left.

The boy curled into a ball, holding his bruised and beaten face, sobbing softly.

He prayed for warm and gentle arms to hold him. He wanted to please his father, and he prayed he could, and he prayed for forgiveness for his unholy thoughts and dreams. But what he wanted more than anything was for someone to say they loved him.

Chairman Meow curled at the foot of Magnus's bed, wondering if this would be night where he would have to leave him for awhile or not.

"You tired," Alec asked, kissing Magnus's shoulder and neck. Magnus rolled over, looking up at him. He smiled sleepily.

"I'm never too tired for you, darling." He hooked his arm around the younger man's waist, rolling them over. He hovered above him, skin barely touching.

"God, kiss me," Alec breathed, leaning up into his lips. Magnus kissed him back lazily, his hands trailing up and down his sides.

At Alec's first moan, the kitten's eyes snapped open. He sighed and stood, plopping off the bed, limbs moving sluggishly as he staggered into the living room.

He looked up at the couch and frowned. He'd slept there all day and desired something else, something different. A laundry basked filled with fresh, clean clothes caught his bright eyes. He went to it, using all of the might his little body could muster to get inside, scratching and clambering his way up. He sighed when he fell in, soft and warm in this giant bed of bright colors.

He nuzzled into a shirt, falling on his side, falling into a deep and peaceful sleep.

His eyes opened when sunlight hit them. He winced, frowning. He was terribly uncomfortable. The basket seemed to have shrunk profusely, leaving him squeezed inside of it. He looked down at himself, and gasped.

He wasn't looking at the body of a cat, but the body of a man. A very small man, but a man. He lifted his arm, ready to see a paw at the end of it, like usual. But he had hands, fingers, nails!

He touched his face. God, he had a face! He felt his nose and cheeks and lips, marveling. This had to be some kind of dream, or at least a joke. This couldn't be real. HE touched his head, feeling long pieces of hair fall through his new fingers.

"Holy cow," he breathed, then gasped. A voice! He had a voice! He looked down at himself again. He had skin and a chest and a stomach and legs and…oh.

His eyes grew and he blushed, blushed, and grabbed the first pair of pants he could find and yanked them on.

Magnus and Alec strolled out of the bedroom. Magnus grinned as Alec laughed and jerked away while he tickled him. "Isn't there some law that says Shadowhunters aren't allowed to be this cute?" He challenged.

"I'm not doing it on purpose," Alec giggled.

They froze when they saw him.

Magnus looked at the young man standing before him. His thick, platinum blonde hair fell around his face, almost white. His large, bright, blue eyes were startling in contrast to his sun-kissed skin, full of wonder and innocence, like a child.

He was small, very, very small. He couldn't have been taller than 5'3 and couldn't have weighed more than a hundred and fifteen pounds. He looked twenty, roughly. Not old enough to be out of college but not young enough to be in high school. His body was lean, clad only in a pair of his own skinny jeans that were entirely too long for him, and he was absolutely adorable, Magnus couldn't deny him that.

And at his stature he looked fragile, thin, statuesque innocence.

"Who the hell are you?" Magnus demanded. The young man stared at him, wide-eyed, almost fearful.

"Uh…um, uh," he stammered. "I'm, it…um…Magnus, it…it's me." Alec turned slowly, looking expectant and accusing. Magnus looked between them, laughing nervously.

"Alec, baby, if this happened it wasn't recent. I mean I'm not saying that it never happened, he's absolutely adorable, but-"

"Magnus, who the hell is this?" Alec demanded.

"No, Alec, it's not like that," the boy assured, bringing the attention back to him.

"Then who are you?" The warlock demanded.

"I'm, um…I'm your cat."

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