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When we came across James, sitting dazed in a clearing, I ran and dropped down next to him. "James," I breathed, "what happened?"

He seemed to give a start and look up at me. "I'm fine," he said. "She knocked me down, but didn't stay for long."

My breath caught when I saw the stain growing on his shirt. "You're bleeding," I said, gesturing toward his chest.

His brow furrowed as he looked me over as well. "So are you," he said, sounding concerned. He stood and helped me to my feet, looking at Peter who stood a few feet away. "What happened?" he demanded.

Peter looked merely annoyed. "You two left the cave, that's what happened."

"She's hurt," James said, as if that explained everything. "She's bleeding."

"Which wouldn't have happened if you two had stayed put." Peter looked absolutely lethal.

My brow furrowed as I looked down at my wound. It was two overlapping lines. An X. I turned and looked at James' shirt where the stain of blood was spreading. Without another word, I rucked his shirt up to his chin.

"Whoa, now, Angel," James said, surprised.

James' cut was an X as well on the exact same place as mine; over his heart. I lowered his shirt and looked at him with wide eyes before looking at Peter. "What does that mean?" I asked, my voice shaky.

Peter's lips thinned and he looked more anxious than I had ever seen him. "It's a message for me," was all he said.

The next few days were more or less games of everyone avoiding each other. After that night in the forest, James and Peter both seemed ready to kill each other at any given moment. Neither of them regarded me.

The Lost Boys had gone out hunting while I tried my best to wash their shirts in buckets full of lake water. James had stalked angrily out of the cave after a hushed argument with Peter, who had flown out through the skylight a few moments after.

I was so busy angrily scrubbing at the clothes before me that I almost missed the heavy footfall coming from outside of the wall of vines. I paused in the middle of what I was doing when I caught the last words of someone talking.

"-sure that it's over here?" someone was asking.

"I'm positive. I can feel her."

My blood ran cold when I recognized the two voices: Nerezza and Giselle.

They were so close that I could see their silhouettes as they walked past the wall of vines. Any minute now they would come charging through the entrance to the cave and grab me. I stood as quickly as I could, dropping the shirt in my hands which landed in the bucket in front of me with a wet plop. I searched for another way out of the cave, but found none except for the sky light.

Gathering what was left of my courage, I ran over to the wall of rock and grabbed onto a jagged rut sticking out of the wall. As quickly and carefully as I could I scaled the wall until I had made it up most of the wall. My high hanging bed was just a few feet away from me.

Just then I heard a shout and looked down to see Nerezza pointing up at me. I bit back a scream and leapt into the air- just barely catching onto the side of my makeshift bed, hauling myself up into it.

I heard Giselle say my name sweetly, but didnt pause to string the whole sentence together. I stood shakily in my bed and looked up to where Peter's bed lay, swaying lazily above mine. I leapt-

and missed. I fell back to my bed, one of the vines holding it up snapping under the pressure, throwing me violently to the right and almost over the edge. I yelped and gripped onto one of the supporting vines, steadying myself.

"Grace, darling, this is ridiculous," Giselle yelled up. "You're going to get yourself killed and then all of us will be upset."

I took a few steadying breathes before leaping once more. This time my fingers dug into vines and twigs and I was able to hoist myself up with grunts of effort.

"Just shoot her in the leg," I heard Nerezza command.

I didnt wait to see if anyone would argue with that command, I was just able to reach up and haul myself out of the skylight above Peter's bed. I wanted to exclaim in relief when the heat of the sun hit me, but couldnt risk letting them know where exactly the skylight was in the mountain.

I stood, shaky, and looked around. I had no idea where exactly in the mountains I was. I closed my eyes and prayed that James or Peter or the Lost Boys wouldnt run back to the cave while the pirates were still there. I inhaled and exhaled slowly before opening my eyes again.

And screamed at what I saw before me.

"Well," Captain Hook said, looking just as he did my first day in Neverland, "it's been quite a while, hasn't it, Grace?"

He'd grabbed me before I could run.

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