Sonic was brushing off some old things in his apartment. He was a bit of a pack rat, the apartment had too much stuff in it, and he had to get rid of some things. But the problem with him was he wanted to keep a lot of things. Stacks of magazines, furniture, memorabilia of his older days, including a snow board, the Bounce Bracelet, a box of ammunition from the Ocean Tornado, and pictures from the aftermath of all his adventures. He traveled far and fast and left cities behind him in the dust, but he never wanted to forget a friend.

Surely there were OTHER things he could throw out though. Like books! Tails gave him a bunch of books a year back that he never read. He did read a couple, and those turned out to be more... "gripping" titles. He feared the day he would touch them again.

Looking in the closet, a box full of a lot of things caught his eye. Game cartridges from old systems, books, magazines, video tapes, loads of things inside that box. Interested, he pulled the box onto a table and began to search through it. He first pulled out a black GameBoy cartridge. It had no official label, only some tape Sonic put on and some permanent marker writing, which read, "Pokemon Black".

Oh god, Sonic thought. It's that game. He bought that bootleg game at some flea market years ago. It was basically Pokemon Blue, but you could have a ghost starter, which only knew 1 move: Curse. Curse wasn't a status effect, it literally instakilled any pokemon and trainers when it was used. But after you beat the elite four, everyone in the game disappears, your character is an old man, and when you return to Pallet Town you fight the Ghost with no pokemon, and die, even if you didn't pick it as a starter. -PRETENTIOUS HIPSTER BULLSHIT.-

Sonic looked back at the box. -This must be stuff that I found weird... Oh hello, what's this?- Sonic reached for the black book inside. He took a look at the cover, as the name of the book was embedded into the hardcover book's front, and any paint or such had crumbled off.

It read "King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table".


Sonic immediately put the book back in the box. Last time he had touched that book, he was sucked into it. He noticed a trend with pink haired humans in the books Tails gave him. He thought about that. -Are they really different people in need of help, or is it something else...?- Sonic wondered what it could have been. He shook the train of thought away when he thought that there could be a ghost possessing the books or something. He had enough of ghosts when Chip and him decided to take a stop at an abandoned mansion for the night.

He looked back at the book. -Didn't I end the world in there? What's the final pages look like?-Sonic thought about what could happen if he opened the book. -Nah, no way I'm opening it if it could suck me in. Wait a second, if I open up at the end, does that mean I get inserted at the end or do I go back to the beginning anyway? What happened to the characters after that? Caliburn, the Blacksmith, Lancelot, Gawain, Percival...-

After a moment of thought, Sonic picked at the book again. -I could use a vacation. Getting a break at my real life in favor of one where there's no evil scientist sending robots to kill me, no clingy obsessive girl, nothing like that stuff, would be great, even if for a day or so. -

Sonic gulped, and he opened to the last 5 pages.

-Blank. Okay, next one.- Sonic said as he looked at the other page. It was blank as well.

Sonic flipped a page again. Both the pages were blank. -Odd.-

Sonic turned to the last page. There was text on it, but not a lot. He brought it up to eye level and began to read aloud.

"Liar. You said you would fight with us. You said you would never back down, no matter how big the threat. You spent forever telling us that, in the end you just tossed it away. Like a lot of other things. Well, you were right about one thing, though." Sonic read. There was no text on the rest of the page. He looked at the back of the cover and found some large words.

"'Will is your master'. Coward."

Sonic let the book drop to his crossed legs. "'Coward'? 'COWARD'?" he shouted, shutting the book closed. He got up and thought about the books final pages. "Man, did they really think that when I left? Okay I did sound psycho toward the end because by then I realized I couldn't really die in the book... Could I do another run or something?" Sonic began to walk toward the book, but then stopped midstep. -No, I want to bring something with me. Make it more fun. But what?-

Sonic sat in his comfy computer chair for a moment and thought.

An ever so grinchy smile came across his face as he hatched an idea.

-A bit sadistic of me...- Sonic thought to himself, as he got onto his computer. He began research. For a lot of things. Things that could have been made in medieval times, giving the blacksmith more credit than he deserves. Items that could have been made, but no one had the right know-how. Sonic was going to bring that know-how in.


For days, he researched their characteristics, the materials needed to make them, when they were first developed, how complicated they were, he researched the items and studied them until he knew how they worked and what did what. When he met with the blacksmith he could get him to make the tools and gadgets he studied.

Sonic checked the time, and day of the week. The time was 12:36 PM, on a Sunday. Knowing he should finish the book within a week, Sonic will be experimenting if time travels differently inside the book, with time lapses and such.

Sonic walked into the closet and turned on the light. -I wonder if I could use the book to smuggle myself into other places. Like mail it to Eggman, come out inside his base, and wreck his shit? That'd be awesome. I have to tell Tails about that idea when I get out of there.- He was wearing a belt, so that he could hold scavenged swords -Hell I need to tell Tails that these books are cursed... No. NO ONE MUST KNOW OF MY SECRET.-

Sonic grabbed the box and pulled it out from under the coats. He picked up the book in it. -And another thing, can I bring anything out of there? Oh god I can imagine the look on Eggman's face when I pop out of a book he's reading with Caliburn in one hand, Lancelot's scimitar in the other, and Percival's rapier in my mouth, like Zolo from One Piece.-

He opened the book to the last page. He took out a pen, and began to write.

"You shouldn't have done that." was freshly written in ink when Sonic was done.

Sonic sighed, and turned to page one, and held it away from his face. Last time he was sucked into a book his face didn't feel delightful in the slightest. In seconds, his body shrunk to the size of a raisin and went into the pages. The book collapsed onto the ground, closed.