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Summary: Bellatrix has met River before ( I'm currently writting their first meeting) there's instant dislike there...(surprise,surprise!) Anyway River's enjoying a nice quiet night with her team when Bellatrix and Lucuis show up and decide to ruin it! (wow i really suck at summaries!) there's a cat fight in here so stay tuned for that! :D

Chapter one:

It was half past eleven on an unusually cold summer's night when Professor River Song and her team of Archaeologists huddled next to the fireplace for warmth.

The cabin in which they were staying provided little heat but still their spirits were high. From no-where River's trusted pilot other Dave had conjured up a couple of bottles of wine and some glasses.

Even River herself was enjoying a glass. She was reminded of that time her and the Doctor had shared a night under the stars on a distant planet so long ago, but she couldn't tell anyone that...Spoilers!

River chuckled to herself as Anita stared at her curiously. River merely shook her head and gazed fondly around the room.

Anita, Proper Dave, Other Dave and Evangelista, all of the people she loved dearly in the universe, with the exception of the Doctor of course.

A heavy thud on the door brought the Archaeologist to her senses. Her team froze, all eyes on the door.

The there was a tremendous CRASH!

Followed by a large amount of dust that clouded their vision.

By the time the Archaeologists were able to see again they found the door lying on the floor, and a woman in the doorway.

She wore a black almost medieval type of dress which, with her heavily lidded eyes and wild hair (which made Rivers own curls look acceptable) gave the newcomer the look of a deranged and somewhat unstable person.

There was also the fact that she was brandishing a long black stick as if it were a weapon.

From outside the cabin River heard a male voice address the stranger,

"That will do Bellatrix now lower your wand!"

The woman named Bellatrix cackled madly, making Evangelista scream.

"Professor?" Anita cried, turning to River for guidance.

Bellatrix gave a jerk of surprise as she entered the cabin, "Professor?" she imitated mockingly,

"Teach at Hogwarts do we love? I told you they were Dumbledore's lot Lucius!" She spat angrily as a man entered the cabin.

He was also dressed in black which seemed to illuminate his platinum blonde hair.

"Who's in charge here?" he asked simply, glancing at each of the Archaeologists in turn.

"I am" River called out loudly.

Everyone turned to look at her. The man named Lucius frowned and tilted his head to the side,

"You look familiar, have we threatened you before?" He asked and Bellatrix fell into a fit of manic giggles.

Already knowing the answer to that question, River held her hand out as calmly as possible.

"Professor River Song"

The smile was wiped from Bellatrix's face while Lucius spat on the ground, somewhere near Other Dave's feet.

"Oh it's the songbird, remember her Lucius? Ms-I've-got-a-degree-from-Oxford, FILTHY MUDBLOOD!"

Although Bellatrix was once again mocking her face was livid.

"let's kill her now!" she cried, raising the stick in her hand.

A chorus of "NO!" came up from the rest of the Archaeologists and Lucius.

"We need her alive, for now! " Lucius snarled, emphasising the last two words.

Cue the dramatic music! :D

Btw the Doctor will make an appearance soon, can't reavel much more because...SPOILERS! :D