and here it is, the final chapter :D


6 days after she was imprisoned in the Stormcage containment facility, Professor River Song escaped.

By the time the guard arrived to relieve the Graveyard shift he found a Time Agent by the name of Jack Harkness apparently dead, a lipstick smudge on his mouth.

A curious Hologram hovered over his lifeless body, an emerald skull with a serpent for a tongue.

The guard stepped over what was left of the door and into the cell timidly and prodded the other man on the shoulder. Jack's whole body shuddered before his eyes opened and he sat up, gasping for air.

"They left a note" he said after a few seconds, gesturing to the hologram,

"th-they?" the somewhat confused and shaken guard asked.

"Yeah, little Miss Songbird and the other one, black hair, kinda crazy looking. Said her name was Bellatrix"

There was silence for a few seconds and both men swore afterwards that they heard the sound of laughter, the maddening cackle of two women, before Jack began to speak.

"Captain Jack Harkness by the way," he told the guard, winking as he did so.

sorry, couldn't resist adding the last bit in!

Now, explanation time... so as you've just read, Bellatrix busted River out of jail, why? you ask, because they can't finish off there fight if her opponents behind bars! :D so i imagine they'll act all friendly until they find an audience that is willing to watch them try and kill eachother because both women are so badass! lol love them both! :D one last thing, I imagine that Lucius is already in trouble with the Missus cos Bella wouldn't waste any time filling Cissi in. And the Doctor? well he's just the Doctor!

Hope you enjoyed it! :D